Why Mobile Marketing is the Best Solution for Your Business?

Why Mobile Marketing Is The Best Solution For Your Business

With advances in technology, businesses need to start adopting newer methods of marketing in each step of their way. With sudden surge in mobile device adoption rates that day is not very far when smartphones will rule the marketing industry. Hence, the need for shifting to mobile marketing is must

Before you start your business and rush to adopt a marketing strategy, look carefully around you; every third person you notice would be glued to a mobile phone. Why so? Well, of course because it makes life simpler. Online shopping, ticket reservations, e-books, bill payments, money transfer, etc. Just name it and you can do it using a smartphone. This is what you must make use of being a business owner, an enterprise or an entrepreneur. Making your business mobile-friendly will be the most effective as well as direct method of marketing. Of course, there are expert digital marketing agencies to guide you by providing fully integrated app store optimization services

Now, going back to the question – why mobile marketing is a best solution for your business? Well, there are many reasons. We have listed a few of them allowing you to have a clear idea of how to make your business most noticeable

  • Increase in mobile usage: Today’s users are spending far more time on their mobile phones than on any other medium. Surveys and researches have shown that mobile users in India are consuming 1 GB data per day as compared to 4 GB a month ago overall which is a staggering 25%. Going by this statistic, it is a given that mobile marketing would be an ideal way to make your business prominent
  • Increase in online purchase: Mobile technology gives consumers the opportunity to purchase products and services just with a click. Now businesses that have effective mobile marketing campaigns catch attention more easily. Once the impression is created, the consumers further move on to downloading apps, thus, making the relation between the customer and your business a stronger one
  • Higher open rate of short message service (SMS): As per routine surveys, text messages have an open rate of 98% as compared to a 20% only for emails. Now you know why, most digital marketing agencies offer app optimization services. Reaching out to customers through a simple text message would be far effective than any other medium. Also, since the open rate of SMS is high, customized text messages sent by your company would compel consumers open and read the messages as well as further research your products and services
  • Ability to reach a wider market: Smartphones are increasingly becoming popular tools for communication. People are more comfortable buying and carrying smartphones compared to laptops and computers as they are smaller, lighter, cheaper and more portable with the added advantage of having nearly the same technical specification for the purpose of use. Mobile phone manufacturers are also responding to consumer demands and updating their technology every moment by providing more powerful and less expensive mobile devices. This gives enough opportunities to marketers and allows them to advertise as per prevailing smartphone technological trends, thus, reaching out to a wider market 

Keeping these aspects in mind, it would be appropriate to say that digital marketing is evolving rapidly and so are its marketing strategies and methodologies. Mobile marketing is one of the strategies that play a key role in influencing your business visibility and profitability.

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