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Hire a Digital Agency that Knows How to Get You Ranked on Google, Increase Relevant Traffic, Generate Tons of Leads, Online Sales & Fulfill Digital and Business Objectives

Best SEO Agency: Grow Your Organic Traffic & Revenue with Digital Strategy Consultant’s SEO Services

DSC being one of the premium SEO service providers in India, we aim to increase our client’s digital revenue exponentially with the best SEO strategies customized for your Business. Some of Our strengths that help us to grow the SEO industry

Project Manager - Digital Strategy Consultants
Dedicated Project Manager

Every Project & Brand has a dedicated Project Manager with sole objective to create success stories by delivering Results & communicating way forwards

Strong Team of 10+ SEO Experts - Digital Strategy Consultants
Strong Team of 10+ SEO Experts

Efficiency at its best. With expertise across industries our SEO experts implement White Hat SEO Strategies for your business. Semi dedicated method of handling projects makes it even more effective

Data Centric Approach - Digital Strategy Consultants
Data Centric Approach

For us Data is Queen, Period. A strong data centric approach enables us to measure our efforts, customer interaction and engagement with your assets & brand. This enables us customize and pin point our focus on issues at hand systematically boosting results

Innovative SEO Strategies - Digital Strategy Consultants
Innovative SEO Strategies

With constant Skill development, Strong SEO Frameworks & SEO experience from across the globe & industries, innovating SEO Strategies is our strength. Why to continue with your old seo methods? Implement SEO strategies that make your website future ready

Industry Experience - Digital Strategy Consultants
Industry Experience

With a combined experience of 40+ years in Digital projects implementation across industries, brands, including Govt Projects, our SEO experts know exactly how to use inter-channel data boosting Your overall Digital Marketing Returns

Brain Storming & Detailed Reporting - Digital Strategy Consultants
Brain Storming & Detailed Reporting

Monthly Reporting with fortnight brainstorming clubbed with regular exchange of project data over Email, WhatsApp groups & Scheduled calls, keep our clients updated with the latest SEO reports. These Reports help us draft our way-forwards to boost our results for your brand

How We Help

Experience Organic Growth

DSC’s aggressive mindset and working methodology clubbed with our best SEO services and strategy customized especially for your business belonging to any Industry and Geography are equipped to serve all the segments. Hire seo professionals from DSC With Right SEO Consultation and best digital marketing strategy boost your digital brand visibility, credibility, traffic, lead generation, and sales. Being a result-oriented SEO Agency in India, we keep our SEO knowledge updated and help you reap benefits of partnering with us – the #1 offshore seo company india

SEO for Startups

Knowing initial difficulties, a Start-Up faces and requirement for Best SEO Services bolstering presence in market. We are here to support your digital initiatives and help overcome your organic SEO challenges with our affordable SEO services

SEO for SMEs

Keeping your market position & turnover in mind we can help you achieve your goals with our best SEO Services and SEO Strategies. Understand your Competitors to gain that competitive organic edge supporting your quest for ROIs


Increase sales of online products across the globe with our best E-commerce SEO Services. We have the expertise that you need to rank fast for product relevant keywords increasing profits making us best e-commerce SEO agency in Kolkata India

We Generate Organic Results

with Strong SEO Frameworks 

End to end expert SEO Services to dive deep into SEO Projects across domains & industries with Workable & result oriented SEO Frameworks that Guarantee Quick Turn around of results with White Hat SEO Strategies growing your business organically & sustainably

Achieving Organic Goals

Marketers, Business Owners all around the world are adding SEO in their marketing arsenal to gain profitable Return On Investment (ROI) going full speed ahead with SEO Services

Targeting the Digital Journey

With content available forever, organic SEO & Content Marketing Strategies ensure solution that connects to your audiences at every stage of the Digital Journey

Thought Leadership in Business

Time to deploy Data Magic into marketing initiatives via SEO to improve Customer Experience is now. Business with Thought Leaders & Visionaries deploying Strategic SEO Services

Sectors & Industries We Specialize

DSC’s Search Engine Optimization
Working Methodology

  • Understand Market Availability
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Discoverability
  • Planning SEO Strategy and Optimization
  • Relevant Content
  • 24 Parameter check to start with
  • Structural SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Social Book Marking
  • Website Modification Suggestion
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Blog & Article Suggestions
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently Asked Question

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services) are Digital Marketing Services that enables SEO Agency experts like DSC to improve the rankings of your website in search engines relevant to the search terms used by the searcher or your potential customers in correlation with your business.

Keywords & Keyphrases tactically used in the content of your website along with other SEO & Algorithmic Parameters (more than 300) when done correctly & consistently helps with improved website visibility and drives traffic generating millions of leads, contracts & online sale of products

Keywords & Keyphrases are the search terms that used by your potential customers to look for your services and products online when they are seriously looking for solutions. Right SEO Keywords allow search engines to understand the relevancy between what the searcher is looking for and how your business solves their problems.

Keywords Research is one of the most important factors making your website rank in the top slot of tee arch engine results page (also known as SERP)

They are different types of Keyword Research Categories:

Brand Specific Keywords

Service Specific Keywords

Product Specific Keywords

Location Specific Keywords

Generic Keywords

Combination of the above

Long Tail Keywords and many more


Usage of it varies based on business, objective, changing search pattern, online customer behavior, changing like & dislikes of your audience to name a few


DESC SEO experts dive deep into all aspects & nuances of the SEO Keyword Research to start with content writing for your website that becomes the basis for future growth in organic traffic per month. Talk to our SEO Service experts for generating the Right set of Keywords today!

With over 40+ years of cumulative experience, SEO Consultants here in Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) have generated tons of Organic Leads & Sales supporting various businesses belonging to various strata of the economy. DSC SEO Services expertise company’s belonging to manufacturing to Consulting, IT to ITES, Finance to Technology, Online to Offline Stores


If you have a serious requirement of SEO Services and looking for an SEO Agency in India that will help you grow organically, then just Talk to our SEO experts initiating Search Engine Optimization for your website today. You don’t have to ever look for any other SEO agency with our Customized SEO Strategy & Campaigns

Well, that depends on your objectives, market competition, number of keywords you want to rank for, challenges that your SEO agency will face to rank your website, any previous seo strategy used that might have impacted your website’s health and performance and many more factors.


Its best to discuss with our SEO Agency consultants and digital marketing strategists.


As one cap doesn’t fiat all, we will be happy to handhold your project and take it to the Top of SERP with a custom SEO Strategy crafted for you.

We have a team of content writers with experience working for various brands and industries. We surely can help you with writing of SEO Optimized Content for your website & ecommerce business yielding results.


Content marketing plays a serious role in doing Right SEO. Based on our SEO campaign strategy for your business our seo experts will plan out content marketing project as well based mutual discussion

With detailed reporting month on month and continuous follow up and brainstorming meeting on the ongoing seo campaign, our experts will always keep you in loop. Partnering with DSC is going to be knowledge enriching Journey for you as well along with the concrete results your were looking for

Search Engine Optimization takes time for its results to show and impact your overall marketing strategy. Though it depends on a multitude of factors but Keywords selected, Your Industry and Niche, Competitors’ SEO Strategy, for how long Right SEO has been done or not done on your website, how aggressive your competitor’s seo strategy is and for how long have they been implementing including many others factors


But in general SEO when done right, starts giving results from 6th -9th month onwards, though our monthly report will help you understand the work done and progress achieved consistently

Yes. DSC is equipped with website designers, developers & coders. We can support your web technical for SEO growth project. Not just that, we can also also take you to next stages by implementing CRO Projects on your digital assets and help you develop innovative Digital products.


Talk to our Website Analysts & Digital Strategies. They are experts in implementing digital projects and success stories across industries and geographies (both internal & external projects that impact growth)

Yes, Absolutely. SEO expertise allows us to implement SEO Strategies for your Business Website and Ecommerce business to make it rank in foreign markets. You simply need to share your Target Market with our Project Managers and Just Relax.


Ranking Keywords, generating online Traffic, Leads & Sale Conversions is what we do with SEO. Talk to our Digital Expert and they will guide your project helping you capture new markets across the globe

Countries We Partner With

Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Dominate your search results
  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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