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We Build Custom ERP Solutions from Scratch Focused on Optimizing Workflows, as Per Your Unique Business Requirements Empowering Employees & Stakeholders with Performance Enhancement with Seamless Integration Solutions with Existing Systems

ERP Consulting Services

As a preferred ERP Consulting & Developing company in India with team experienced in handling multiple, varied & complex ERP projects across industries to bring in evolution in the process of Business Management & Data based Decision Making, our ERP Consulting methodology is simple & systematic, yet efficient. We analyse business environments & processes, identifying loopholes to come up with BPI strategies helping implement, integrate & migrate critical ERP software solutions as per business objectives.

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Customizing ERP Software Solutions

Perfect ERP Software solution is built for your business requirements customizing automated workflows, integrating data, creating & upgrading modules mixing next gen technology, expert data migration strategies supported by our ERP consultation expertise. This allows us to construct designs for predictive analysis, decision making based on right & timely data across departments tracking KPIs, performance & consumption. Leverage Best ERP Software Development Services with Post Development Support availability.

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ERP Migration Solutions

Our ERP & CRM software developers along with dedicated Project managers ensure data integrity across existing & new systems in your organization. Implementing advanced & systematic ERP data migration & infrastructures, our ERP software development company supports you with flawless workflows and perfect customer service. We aim for a smooth ERP transition that allows for strong data analysis to optimize business management processes across divisions enabling futuristic vision of Business Leaders turn into reality.

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ERP Implementation

We help Businesses with ERP Consultation & ERP implementation Services specifically designed to help them execute proficient business management, smarter. Our Custom ERP development occurs acknowledging your integral business regulations, existing softwares & business operating procedural strategies. While deploying, we provide ERP ready infrastructures and ERP Modules customized with features unique to your business & operations with introductory training & knowledge transfers.

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ERP Extension & Plugin Development

Designing, Implementing & Upgrading ERP Modules, Extensions & Plugins customized specifically improving Your ERP system with added advantage of Features, Functionalities, Data Sets, helping Analyse Data the Right way for an informed decision-making process implemented from streamlining your Finance Management to Team Collaboration to Business Operations Management to Warehouse Management to Sales & beyond. We are your true 360° digital partner.

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ERP Application Development

ERP systems are typically complex for the uninitiated & inexperienced user. Our qualified ERP consultants & developers help keep your ERP projects on Track with crucial business operations & functions adjusted with ERP implementation. We build feature rich, web based & mobile applications using advanced & updated technologies including Java, .Net, Python & more to help growing enterprises smoothly with information management suitable for diverse companies wanting to expand & explode.

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ERP Integration Services

Wanting to leverage ready to use solutions or hand-crafted ERP solutions from scratch integrating your existing processes! Our ERP consultants analyse details of your project before our expert ERP development teams start coding for your front-end & back-end enabling impeccable data exchange between systems for that smooth data migration. We design softwares for specific roles, business intelligence, modifications, enhancements of dashboards, features & more.

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Technical Expertise & Custom ERP Software Development Process for Complex Technology Projects Enhancing Business Performance

Business Situation Analysis

Identifying Existing Challenges to Rectify

Planning & Custom ERP Development

Budgeting, Schedule & Development

Data Migration & Integration

Data Mapping, Verification & Transfer

Beta Testing &Training ERP User Base

Role Based Training & Modifications

Implementing ERP & Assessment for Upgrades

Pre & Post Go-Live Testing & Maintenance

Integrate. Collaborate. Analyse. Realize Exponential Growth

How Companies Benefit DSC’s ERP Consultation & Software Development Services in India


Process Automation: Implementing ERP development services across your company helps improve your company’s overall business efficiency. Minimalized manual operations with easy data collection & implementing various internal Business Process Improvement strategies.

Keeping All Data in One Location: With all the company data accumulated at one place from every function of your departments, it becomes easy for the company Management & Leadership to analyse performance data to help identify lacuna in the system, plan & build operational efficiencies.

Regulatory Compliance: Regulatory compliance are an essential part of any good enterprise that is wanting to build a strong brand recognition with enhanced stakeholder (internal & external) trust & performance metrics. ERP systems help easy achievement with good governance.

Enhanced Security: Data security & management is essential with rise in cyber cases especially for large corporations & enterprises. With a robust ERP system in place with controlled user access, data accuracy & consistency improves eliminating potential threats for leakages.

Customer Service: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions help improve Sales and CRMs to interact more effectively with customers. Offering easy access to customers’ information, a comprehensive ERP system increases the overall quality of customer service.

Comprehensive Reporting: Customizable reports can be generated by every user based on their role & authority with ease using custom build ERP Systems unique to your organizational requirement. This enable Swift Decision making, Transparency with Faster Data Collection & Analysis.

Scalability: All our ERP Softwares & Solutions are build in association with your team members for the individual Business Units or entire organization as the need be to heighten operational efficiency & decision making. Scalablity is focused while our ERP Development services providers build you the solutions for future growth to remain in pace with market demands & challenges to overcome.


Industries Benefiting from DSC’s Custom ERP Development & Consultation Services Helping Propel Efficient & Faster Business Growth:

  • Ecommerce
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Electronics
  • Logistics
  • Service Providers
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Manufacturing Companies across different sectors & others


Custom ERP Software Consultants & Developers at DSC with their Business Strategists work in sync with your team to build & manage the best ERP that boosts your processes, implementing ERP best practices.

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Manage Your Business Easily

With Our
Custom ERP Development Services

At DSC, our ERP experts help your business revolutionize & stand out from your competition, implementing ERP best practices & Business Process Improvement Strategies & principals like Business Score Card, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Business Management & Business Process Re-engineering Methodologies, Kizen Principal among others using advanced yet easy to use technology through custom ERP Consultation & Development Services.


From Developing any ERP Software Solution belonging to various industries to achieve business objectives, our ERP Consultants & Developers will be with you to support across all the stages of ERP development & implementation. Our Honest, Skillful & Patient team members with domain knowledge infused with innovation & strong communication are dependable to find solutions no matter what the situation or challenge or complexity of the project be.


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Custom ERP Software Development Solutions with Enhanced Features Supporting Business Process Management Across Departments Via Updated Modules

We Implement Extensive & Robust ERP Modules Integrating Data Bringing them to One Place Boosting Efficient Decision Making Supported by ERP Development Services Customized According to Your Operational Procedures Following BPI Best Practices

Business Process Management System

Our ERP development company can develop different custom Business Process Management (BPM) & Assessment systems that can track staff performance level, manage business processes for improvement by applying different BPI Best practices & principals keeping a track on the KPIs to help optimize organizational performance adding value to overall ATL & BTL of your company.

Human Resource Management

HR functions have been evolving with pace to become HRBP. With organizations increasing their operational size with time, implementing HR policies, employee & candidate management, payroll management & other KPIs as per organizations requirement to help improve smooth & automated HR administration performance is a must. Our ERP consultants for HR Management can help your internal HR processes to get smooth.

Facility Services Management

Our expert ERP development team helps in composing the relevant custom Facility Management Software for your business that can control visitor registrations, reservations, work incidents & other internal management procedures of your business that may deem fit arising time to time. We can also support with timely maintenance & upgradation of different modules & functionalities.

Document Management Software

Performance enhancement in an enterprise occurs with its staff working closely with their clients managing all documentations correctly & systematically following regulations & company policies. Our advanced document management ERP software development team can build you tools that manage daily tasks, track documentations, collaborative work space with corporate documents & automated report generations

Accounting Software as ERP

Our Accounting software developer’s expert at building custom accounting tools help our clients with automated book keeping, expense tracking, classifications, point of sale with inventory management etc. manage your financial & banking activities solving tasks in real life with risk management & fraud management systems is place as part of our custom solution development as per your accounting & business needs.

Project Management Software

DSC’s ERP & Software development team has broad custom project management software development understanding. Coming from the core of Business Management & Project Management our Strategy Consultants have varied exposure & expertise allowing automate & simplify business performance, with real time dynamic information for forecasting etc. Our skilled team can build you exhaustive project management tools to manage employee records to project task execution & data with KPIs to analyse better among other functions.

Custom ERP for Supply Chain Management

Building custom ERP solutions partnering with DSC to manage your Supply Chain can help your business track suppliers with due diligence, product & service quality rating as per your rating scale building new benchmarks. With experience in deploying Supply chain management best practices for enterprises to optimize savings & operational challenges & risk management, our Strategists & developers will be boon to your team.

ERP for Custom Inventory Management

Starting from Logistics, to Operations to Inventory & Material consumption data all in one place with tracking ability of your inventory from supplier to your warehouse gives your purchase team ability to not just manage inventory correctly in a timely manner but also maintain optimum raw materials at every stage helping improve operational efficiency multifold with Improvement in Savings Margin that you could be wasting unnecessarily elsewhere.

ERP as Purchase Order Management

We help you from Purchase Requisition (PR) to Purchase Order (PO) & beyond. All in one ERP Software built as per your custom needs. Now be in full control of your Purchase cycle with Time Management, Raw Material Quality documents from Suppliers to Logistics Service Providers, Negotiations & Tendering to making right purchase decisions & planning executions correctly maintaining transparency throughout the process following company & government compliance.


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