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SEO Services for Ayurvedic Products, Hospitals & Clinics Help Increase Organic Visibility & Traffic on Google Search

Organic Ayurvedic SEO Strategy to Boost Your Online Presence & Credibility, Building Brand & Customers


Expert SEO services for selling Ayurvedic Products online like Ayurvedic Hair Products, Ayurvedic Skin Care products by Ayurvedic Medicine manufacturing companies in India. We help You Rank Your Website in Target Locations for your interested Keywords. Our SEO Strategy for Ayurvedic Products and Ayurvedic Hospitals & Doctors include Keyword Research as an integral part of our SEO Strategy. Hence, no need to worry if not sure which Ayurvedic keywords you want to start ranking for


To start with, we dive deep into more than 24 Key SEO Parameters & factors of your Ayurveda Business Website. Being a Mid to Long term approach, SEO strategies need to be future oriented always performing consistently. This supports your initiatives to be a Market Leader in the Ayurveda Industry in India

Let Your Prospective Customers Find You Online, a Healthy Ayurveda Product Marketing Strategy & Strong Search Data

Rank in Google SERP for Search Terms Used by Ayurvedic Customers & Buyers with Changing Google Search Techniques


Ayurveda Industry is growing at a rapid pace with global recognition & acceptance by consumers of all age category. Rise in conscience about the Natural way to take care of our health & treat illness for varied diseases & health problems across genders is increasing market competition in the Ayurveda Sector. Is Your Business Gearing up for the Battle?


Reaching out to your targeted customers using online marketing is one of the fastest & cost-effective methods. It supports Integrated Digital Marketing for Ayurvedic Products & Manufacturing companies. Nutrition & Supplement segment is showing tremendous increase in Ayurvedic Health Products. Detailed Search Engine Optimization strategies especially designed for Ayurveda Businesses, Ayurvedic Doctor & Hospitals will yield Results helping Your Firm & Hospital generate not just revenue, but also strong digital visibility & brand recognition with DSC SEO Agency experts for Ayurvedic Industry


Patients & Consumers today are searching for you online. Are you available to them?

SEO Services for Ayurvedic Hospital & Doctor’s Website Generating Quality Leads & Appointment Bookings

Traditional Marketing Needs Digital Push for Connecting with Your Potential Customer Searching Online


Increase in Ayurvedic Hospitals & clinics & their demands, your traditional methods of marketing are not sufficient enough to retail your market share or capture new. From MSMEs to Brands & Organic Start-ups, having majority of SERP Real Estate covered by Your Brand helps instil Trust & loyalty with your Brand. Appearing in the First Page of Google Search for Ayurvedic keywords will enable DSC to bring in flood of Leads & Appointment bookings


Content Marketing Strategy clubbed with Strong SEO Expertise for Ayurvedic Hospitals & Clinics is the way forward. Eliminate the chances of Google Penalties for your Ayurvedic Website with Digital Strategy Consultants – DSC


Start Your Digital Journey Partnering with DSC for a Custom 360° Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design & Development Services

Revamp your Local Google My Business (GMB) SEO Strategy Ranking for Keywords in Your Locality

Generate More Quality Leads with Tactical SEO Targeting Your Local Market with Google Pack of 3


Google Algorithms are Changing & getting Stringent with SEO Rules Online. Here at DSC, our SEO Experts are well versed with the updating Algorithmics Structure, Website Hierarchy & Architecture


We use multi-pronged SEO strategies custom for every Ayurvedic Hospital, Clinic or Ayurvedic Herbal Products Manufacturer. No Two SEO Strategies or Execution Methodology is same. After all every business model, its operational mindset & USPs are unique


Local SEO selling online Ayurvedic Skin Care products, Ayurvedic Herbal Hair products, Ayurvedic Nutritional & Health Supplements on one hand & on the other Ayurvedic Hospital & Ayurvedic Clinics Looking to generate Organic Local Traffic for Quality Leads & Appointment Bookings is a must


Consult with Our SEO Strategists Partnering for Your Digital Dawn. The Evergreen SEO & Content Marketing Strategy

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals SEO Agency in India

DSC – SEO Agency in India & its SEO Experts Implement Advanced SEO Techniques & Strategies for Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals in India & abroad. With a systematic SEO plan execution we help increase relevant web traffic generating more quality leads, conversions & sales aligning SEO KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Understanding Market Availability
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Discoverability
  • Planning SEO Strategy and Optimization
  • Relevant Content Writing
  • 24 Parameter check to start with
  • Structural SEO
  • Local SEO Strategies
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Social Book Marking
  • Website Modification Suggestion
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Mobile SEO Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Blog & Article Suggestions
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently Asked Question

Ayurveda Industry is booming in India and also all across the globe. People have understood the importance and benefit of Ayurveda maintaining healthy lives. Thereby, searches online for Ayurveda Products, Ayurveda Hospitals, Ayurveda Clinics and Wellness Centers have shown a drastic increase & its going to keep booming.


As a progressive and passionate Ayurveda Practitioner interested to scale your business and help remedy millions across the globe, having your own digital presence via Ayurveda Website Developed is a must. Partnering with Right SEO Experts and SEO Strategists for Ayurveda Businesses will enable you to get your Online Ayurveda Business start flying with increase in online organic traffic landing to your website when Keywords in your website start to Rank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in various Search Engines.


For a website to start Ranking for relevant keywords and then maintain its position against your competition various SEO factors, parameters and KPIs need to be worked on consistently


From Market Research to Keyword Research, From Content Strategy to Search Pattern Behavioral Study of your searchers, from Website UI/ UX to Customer Experience on your Ayurveda Website to your business processes and google algorithmic factors etc all need to be managed consistently and continuously following the White-Hat SEO Techniques to keep your website’s health at peak performance


For any kind of Ayurveda Business – like Ecommerce Ayurveda (selling Ayurveda products and medicine online), Ayurveda Hospitals & Clinics (Ayurveda Start-ups, Ayurveda hospital chains, Ayurveda Brands) and others, Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) SEO professionals help you and your business scale digitally.


To know more about Professional Ayurveda SEO Services that yield results, book your SEO Consultation Slot with our Digital Expert Strategists. Start growing with your Best Ayurveda SEO agency in India

DSC is a Hybrid 360° Digital Solutioning Agency. We specialize in helping your clients and partners across industries with various IT Consultation Services like Website Design and development Services (both Business Websites and Ecommerce Websites), Mobile App Development Services, Website, Web Application and Mobile App Maintenance and Upgrading your digital assets with Redesign and Redevelopment services.


Advanced Integrated Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Marketing Services boosting your Online Brand Awareness, Online Ayurveda Product Selling, Traffic Increment to your Online Store & driving footfall to your Local Outlet or clinic. Our Digital marketing agency experts and Branding experts help you integrate your Offline Marketing efforts with your Online Marketing initiatives


Various Internal Business Process Improvement consultation projects can be implemented to identify existing challenges and finding their solutions. Implement desired projects or combination of projects accomplishing objectives (Business & Digital) which not only boosts your Brand Value, Increases Online Product Selling, and other advantages but also helps in improving your business efficiency, Increasing Savings margin, and helps in stopping wastage of funds


Book your Ayurveda Ecommerce SEO Services Consultation today with Best Ayurveda SEO Agency in India to plan your digital growth journey the Right and Effective way with DSC

DSC’s SEO Keyword Research for successful SEO project is a very important aspect of Ayurveda SEO Services. Our professional SEO experts dive deep during the keyword research phase to find you the right keywords that need to be worked on strategically to rank your website in the top searches for your customers and buyers


Content Strategy is the next important phase, but it will be effective only with effective Keywords (and their parameters) used for your Ayurveda SEO project


As every SEO project is unique, it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of your business model and products, USPs and marketing strategy before starting an effective SEO project.


We can help you rank for “N” number of keywords based on your aggressiveness of your SEO project that you want to implement and rank for


Talk to our Advanced Ayurveda SEO Professionals booking your SEO Consultation to plan and start your Organic growth journey with DSC today

It totally depends on how fast and aggressively do you want to achieve your goals.


Based on the market challenges (various), your target audience mapping and behavioral analysis, Difficulty of Keywords to rank, Website technology and health factors (on-page & off-page), Budget for SEO project etc, Best SEO Agency in India will design and implement Custom Ayurveda SEO strategy for your business to scale organically on Search Engines.


In general DSC’s SEO experts will be able to help you start ranking for various keywords within 3-6 months, but based on the type of keywords and other SEO factors, till may take some time. As SEO is a continuous process, your SEO Strategy will be crafted in association with your 360° Digital Marketing Initiatives to give your Ayurveda business (ecommerce, Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Clinics and other Ayurveda sub-sectors) a boost and help increase your Market Capitalization


Let’s Connect over a Consultation call to understand and plan your Ayurveda Growth Journey

As every SEO Project is different with different challenges and marketing objectives, our SEO Service charge varies based on the type and aggressiveness of your Ayurveda SEO Project. There are different types of SEO Services available in-house starting from SEO Audit, Website Technical Audits, Keywords Research Services, SEO Project Consultations, SEO Project Implementation, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Projects and others.


Book your SEO Services Consultation session with our Ayurveda SEO professional experts to plan your SEO Growth Journey with DSC

Obviously! SEO is one of the Digital Marketing Channels. Having a well thought-out & strong Ayurveda SEO Strategy implemented supports your other Marketing Channels results. It supports: Google Ads for Ayurveda Strategy to improve Budget Management & stopping its wastage, CTR improves, CPC is affected positively etc. Also, your Social Media Marketing gets supported helping your overall Brand Impact in your Target Market.


Clubbing above strategies with Retargeting Ad Campaign strategies across marketing channels including your offline Marketing Channels will definitely have a massive positive effect on your Brand Value and Brand trust


Consulting with best Digital Marketing Agency for Ayurveda business like Ayurveda Ecommerce, Ayurveda Hospitals and Ayurveda Clinics, will help you have a clear understanding of our Digital Marketing initiatives to boost your ROI (all aspects of Digital & Business) 3X-4X over 2-3years. Partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) will Transform your Business Growth into a Scalable & progressive Ayurveda Business

Increase Sales, Leads Generation & Appointment Bookings for Ayurvedic Products, Ayurvedic Hospitals & Clinics in India

Running Profitable Google Ads & PPC Ad Campaigns Boost Ayurvedic Marketing with Increased Revenue


Targeting Audiences with Google Ad Campaigns Generate Quality Leads & Online Ayurvedic Product Sales. Using dedicated Ayurvedic Google Ads campaign optimization strategies here at DSC, our Google Ads & PPC Ad Experts help You Generate Leads for appointment bookings consistently for Ayurvedic Hospitals & Clinics profitably


Ayurvedic Hair products, Ayurvedic Skin care products, Ayurvedic Health Supplements, Ayurvedic Health Wellness Centres, Ayurvedic Hospitals & Clinics is growing with its demand. From Google Search Ads to Advanced & Multi Channel, Multi Objective Campaigns, DSC Google Ads Services help you overcome your competitors

ROI Based Google Ads Marketing Campaigns for Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers & Distributors, Ayurvedic Wellness Centres & Hospitals

Higher ROI Focused Google Ad Strategies Generating Improved ROAS for Ayurvedic Industry. Targeting Over 3X Return Sustainably


DSC Experts have over 15+ years of Google Ads, IT & Software Development, Business Consultation expertise across different domains; supporting & navigating through Google Ads & PPC Strategies that are data centric work best for your Ayurvedic Products Online Sales, Brand Visibility, Generating Quality Leads for Ayurvedic Hospitals & Wellness Centers. Following Google Ads best practices keeping ourselves updated with new updates & Ad formats. A/B Testing of Campaigns & Landing Pages is an integral part of DSC Google Ads Strategies helping your business generate ROI over 3X sustainably online

Best Google Ads Agency for Ayurveda Industry. Perfect Online Marketing Solution Your Ayurvedic Business was Looking for

Google Ad Campaigns Achieving Your Business Objectives. Your Journey to Market Leader Starts with Digital Strategy Consultants – DSC


Increase in Market competition in the Ayurveda Industry, calls for a Futuristic Marketing Strategy that is sustainable & scalable. This helps increase your Business Potential & Revenue in India & Globally. Natural Ayurvedic Treatments, Ayurvedic Hospitals & Wellness Centers along with Ayurvedic Products Manufactures & Distributors in India wanting to expand in Foreign Markets with Lower Costs of Investment in comparison with other Marketing channels like the Print Media, TV Advertisements & Commercials yet being able to generate Revenues & Profits consistently, running Google Ad Campaigns with strong & systematic DSC efforts is eminent.


Different Google Ad formats your business can leverage partnering strategically with DSC:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • In Mail Ads
  • Branding Ad Campaigns
  • Local Google My Business Ads
  • Remarketing Ads & more

Cross Channel Integration of Ad Campaigns Yielding Better Performance Targeting Your Potential Customers

Market Your Ayurvedic Brand Targeting all the Segments of Digital Customer Journey Including Remarketing Ads Strategies


Our Google Ad Strategies & PPC campaign executions are done keeping the AIDA Marketing Funnel clubbed with the SMART Goals Strategies customized especially for your Ayurveda Business belonging to any of its Sub-Sectors helping you beat your competitor or convert you into a Trusted Ayurveda Brand with Loyal Customers & Product Sales with time


Your Digital Assets mature with our systematic Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy(s), implementation & optimization. With our Basic to Advanced Google Ads and PPC Ad Strategies, Level of complexity of Ad campaigns & no. of Online Ads managed both can be scaled synergizing with your Business Objectives. Scaling & Implementing Cross Channel Marketing or Omni channel Marketing Strategies for your Ayurveda business is our ultimate Goal by not just increasing Online Sales of Ayurvedic Products, but also increase Footfall to your Local Business center multi-fold impacting your Market Brand Value, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Optimized Media Budget Spent, Targeted Reach & other business and digital factors

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals Google Ads Marketing Agency in India

DSC – Google Ads Agency in India & its google ads experts Implement advanced google ads techniques & strategies for Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals in India & abroad. With systematic ROI centric Google Ads plan execution, we help increase relevant web traffic, generating more quality leads, conversions & sales according to Google Ads KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Market Research
  • Product / Service Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Idea
  • Campaign Recommendation
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Goal Set Up
  • Performance Matrix Set up
  • KPI Set up
  • Lead Generation
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Branded Traffic
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Landing Page Designing
  • Landing Page Optimization

Frequently Asked Question

Google Ad Campaigns are the Sponsored Advertisements used to run on Search Engines. They help in the following:

Increasing Search Visibility of your Ayurveda Website and Ayurveda company online

Help in generating relevant traffic flow to your website (Ayurveda Business website or Ayurveda Ecommerce website)

Helps is increasing Online Ayurveda Product Selling

Increase Online Lead Generation and Appointment Bookings

Improves Brand Building Exercises to give better results

Helps with Remarketing Projects for your Target Audiences

Helps in Brand Recall

Helps improve Profitability and Revenue Generation

There are many other benefits of running Google Ad Campaigns when implemented strategically partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Google Ads Agency for Ayurveda


Book your Google Ads Consultation Session with DSC’s Google Ad Experts to scale your Ayurveda Business today

DSC’s Google Ad Experts are efficient are setting up, running, optimizing and managing your Google Ad Campaigns to yield the best results that boost your Online Sales and Lead generation activities in association with other digital marketing benefits


We can run different types of Google Ad Campaigns for your Ayurveda Hospital, Ayurveda Clinic and Ayurveda Ecommerce Business as follows:

Google Search Ad Campaigns

Google Traffic Campaigns

Google Display Ad Campaigns

In Mail Ad Campaigns

Google Shopping Ad Campaigns

Google Branding Ad Campaigns

Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Local Ad Campaigns for Google My Business (GMB)

YouTube Ad Campaigns and many more as per your Marketing Budget and Marketing Objectives


Book your Google Ads Consultation Session with our Digital Marketing & Google Ad Experts to chalk out the best Google Ads Strategy your Ayurveda Business should take scaling your business to next level

Well, based on your business and digital objectives, Digital Asset Maturity level, Business and brand stage in market and in digital, Competition spend and their Google Ads Strategy implemented etc. your Monthly Media Budget for Advertisements will vary. It will also depend on the Types and Number of Audiences Segments & Target Markets (geographies) that your plan to market in


It’s always best to take our consulting services first with our Google Ads Agency experts to plan your Media Budget for Successful Marketing Ad Campaigns planning and running them strategically building higher revenues and profits

As every business is different, so will the Business Model, Challenges (Market, Marketing, Digital, Business, Technology), Strategies Implemented, Budget Requirements and also the Digital & Business Objectives. Hence, it One Cap Fits All Approach is never a good practice.


Only based on our initial Google Ads or Digital Marketing Consultation Service Session, our Digital Strategists will be able to help you craft with the Best Custom Google Ads Marketing Service Fees for you to choose.


Partnering with DSC, You Always take an Informed Decision to grow your Ayurveda company in the Right Direction at every stage

Here at DSC, we 1st dive into your Business & Digital researching and understanding the nuances of your business. Followed by Your Website’s Analytics Audit we start with Keyword research for Google Ad Campaigns


Only after all these stages are under taken and brainstormed with your marketing team with your approval, we start launching Ayurveda Business Google Ad Campaigns


Within 15-20 days your Google Ad Campaign launches with Right Data Tracking and Analytics in place. As the Campaigns go live you will start getting leads and see you digital KPIs getting fulfilled.


As Google Ads require optimization strategies to be implemented with check-up every day, just like any other marketing campaigns, it requires continuous efforts to gather crucial Customer Behavioural data and Advertisement data to optimize for generating Better Quality Leads at Cost Effective Click Rates over time


DSC assures that over time running Google Ads with us following our Google Ads Expert Consultation you Ayurveda Business is bound to achieve all Digital KPIs. This will enable us to help you build a strong marketing Ecosystem for your Ayurveda Business targeting your existing and new customers turning them into Revenues.


Start Your ROI Building Digital Growth Journey with DSC today

Social Media Management Services for Ayurveda Industry. Communication Connecting People

Reaching Right Audiences, Growing Followers & Brand Engagement with Ayurveda Customers


People are on Social Media platforms & they See, Engage, Interact with Brands & Companies online. Building your community there is important. Success Mantra these days for the companies is to be interactive with their customers always. Hear them out, listen to their pain & solve it. There is nothing better than being able to develop a Strong Ayurvedic Loyal Customer base on social. It supports & boosts Social Media Marketing Ads yielding better ROI, Cost Effective with better Conversion Rates, Brand Management, Generating Quality Leads & Selling more Ayurvedic Products & Booking more Appointments.

Successful Ayurvedic Social Media Marketing Campaigns Achieve Your Business & Digital Objectives

Strong Brand, focuses on Effective Branding Strategy. Data, Analytics & Creativity is Our Core Strength


Target & connect with customers at every stage of the customer journey. Here at DSC, we use data & Analytics to design & layout marketing plans, strategy. It also influences Creativity to target your Audiences fulfilling the desired objective of every marketing funnel


Data Sciences & analytics helps us manage Social Media Optimization (SMO) & run Social Media Marketing & Advertisements (SMM) Campaigns that can be scaled to achieve every objective in sync with your business goals & challenges. Starting from Branding Strategy & Sponsored Brand Campaigns to Remarketing Campaigns for Online Ayurvedic Product Selling on Ayurvedic Business Websites to Ayurvedic Ecommerce Websites & Ayurvedic Marketplace dedicated for all the Manufactures & Distributors

Best Social Media Marketing Agency in India Uses Right Social Channels for Ayurveda Businesses in India

Channel Selection, Budget Allocation, Strategy Implementation is Dynamic Changing Time to Time. Is Your Social Strategy Stagnant?


There are multitude of Social Channels. All should be used & leveraged. But, is that the Right Approach? Absolutely NOT, Period. Based on Social & Business Factors, Channel Selection for Ayurvedic Social Media Management differs. So, which channel(s) should your business acquire for Marketing and at which stage!?


Starting from Social Media Audit & Competitor Social Analysis, DSC helps you frame & execute dynamic Social Media Marketing Strategies yielding Results, ROAS & Digital ROI

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing 
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing


DSC specializes & will help you with custom social strategy increasing aggressiveness & effectiveness of Our Social Approach for especially designed & implemented from your Ayurvedic business. Ready to Leap into the Future of Marketing?

Integrating Your Social Strategy with Overall Digital Strategy, Including TV, Media & OTT Platforms & Stores

Increase Effective Campaigning Across Digital. Inter Connect Messaging Strategy Across Channels – Digital & Non-Digital: The Omni Channel Approach


Markets & Audiences are connected via Digital Web. Why do you want to hold yourself back only at Facebook or Instagram marketing with just some social posts & running some ads? Explore the full potential of Ayurvedic social media marketing with consistent marketing across channels enabling yourself a strategic move that is effective today & yields results strengthening your future business scaling opportunities


Reach More Customers, Repeatedly, Cost Effectively with Integrated Channel Data. Optimizing Advertisements & Messaging Crafted Especially for your Target Customers in Your Target Markets across the Globe


Ready to Commit to a Strategic Approach for Ayurveda’s Future, Becoming a Market Leader in Your Specific Segment!?

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals Social Media Marketing Agency in India

DSC – Social Media Marketing Agency in India & its Branding Experts implement advanced social ads techniques & strategies for Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals in India & abroad. With systematic ROI centric Social Media plan execution, we help increase relevant web traffic, generating more quality leads, conversions & sales according to Social Media KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Social Media Audit & Analyzing existing Account and Campaigns to know As-Is scenario
  • Social Media Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Building Exercises
  • Researching for new and better Campaigns
  • Optimizing existing Campaigns
  • Measure – Analyse – Optimize
  • Work on yielding ROI
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Reach to Right Targeted customers with Right message at the Right Time
  • Brand Re-Call Campaigns
  • Sharing Product/ Service/ Company USPs
  • Increase Sales, Quality Lead Generation, App Downloads
  • Organic Brand posts
  • Customer Engagement
  • Review Managemen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Social Media Marketing for Ayurveda Industry is extremely important. Ayurveda being a part of cultural heritage of India, it has been practiced for over centuries. Now with the spread of Ayurveda knowledge & its positive effects, being natural herbal medicine, its demand is on the rise all across the globe including pan India.


Social Media Marketing for Online Ayurvedic product selling helps connect your Ecommerce business directly with millions of Patients, Buyers & health and fitness companies like Gyms, Spas, Nutritionists including Ayurvedic Doctors – your end consumers directly. This enables your Ayurvedic product manufacturing & Online business to develop Authority in the Market by improving Brand Visibility, Brand Engagement, Increasing Online Sales (from your Professional Business Pages in social platforms & Ayurvedic Ecommerce Websites as well) to scale faster and strategically


With increase in Social Media Brand Management partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) – Social Media Marketing Agency in India, your business and brand will scale up the ladders based on data driven Social media marketing strategies


To know more about how Social Media Marketing will help your Ayurveda Ecommerce Business transform into a World Recognized Brand, Book your Social Media Marketing Consultation Session with our Social Media Marketing Agency professionals to plan and start growing the Right way today!

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is part of Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMO as the name suggests, focuses on the Organic front of Social Media. It involves Social Media Posting, Social Hygiene Maintenance, Brand Communication & others, all organically on the social marketing platforms that fits Social Media Strategy for your Ayurveda Business. Every Business depending on its stage(s) will require a different approach & Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy


Here at DSC, we believe in a holistic approach as Social Media Marketing for Your Ayurveda Business is a consistent marketing strategy that will keep on evolving with time as your customers, your competitors and your business itself keeps evolving.

As, Your Ayurveda Business (Ayurveda Ecommerce Business, Ayurveda Hospital & Clinics and its subsidiaries) keep evolving with time, your Social Media Marketing strategies are dynamic in nature and they too will keep changing time to time based on various market factors (both intrinsic & extrinsic)


It will also depend on your objectives (business & digital), Budgets allocated and competitors in the market to name a few.


Hence, its best to Book your Social Media Marketing Strategy Consultation Session with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Digital Strategists to understand the Right way to Start and progress with your Social Media Marketing plan and project execution with us

As shared in above points, Ayurveda Ecommerce Businesses selling online ayurvedic products have a great deal of opportunity to reach millions of customers all across the globe and bring positive changes


Connect with your Existing & Potential Buyers online with a strong Social Media Marketing & Brand Strategy in place. This enables you to establish a Strong Brand Recall Value that inturn helps your customers to buy repeatedly from.


Social Platforms are also comparatively cheaper than running Marketing Ads using Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Programmatic Ads etc that DSC’s marketing and advertising professionals also expertise in. We can help you run various types of Social Media Marketing Campaigns from Branding, Awareness Spreading, Conversion, Selling Campaigns and even Traffic Campaigns that help your customer reach your ecommerce website to keep buying repeatedly thereby improving our Life Time Value (LTV) of your customer & buyers


DSC experts help in strategizing Marketing strategies with different type of marketing campaigns across ad platforms enabling data integration targeting and Retargeting customers building your Marketing Ecosystem with helping increase customer footfall in your Physical Stores all across systematically

Absolutely! DSC is a Hybrid 360° Digital Solutioning Agency. We specialize in Integrated Digital Marketing & Advertising across digital platforms that are valuable. Marketplace Optimization across Marketplace aggregators like Amazon & Flipkart is also within our expertise arena.


Amazon Marketing & Flipkart Marketing process and algorithms are different than Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Bing etc Hence, the Marketing Strategies and Challenges also vary. Amazon & Flipkart SEO Services, Amazon & Flipkart Sponsored Ads Services for selling your products from these digital platforms require special expertise and strategies and creatives. Just by opening an Account here with normal amazon marketing will only lead to wastage of time and marketing budgets


We can help you Sell Ayurvedic Products online via these platforms. Not just that, we also can help you integrate your marketing strategies for optimum marketing results inter connecting all the digital channels including these marketplaces with that of your Ecommerce Website with Google Shopping Campaigns, Google Ad Campaigns (different types) & Social Media Marketing projects and many more. It all depends on how fast and aggressive your business and digital objectives are.


Book your Amazon Marketplace Digital Marketing Consultation Session to understand the Right ways to plan your Digital Projects that allow DSC to help you transform into a real Progressive Brand in the Segment

Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) being a specialised 360° Digital Solutiong Agency is a combination of Digital Marketing Agency + IT & Software Development Agency + Creative Branding Agency + Business Strategy & Consulting Agency.


Social Media Marketing Agency professionals in DSC are experts in helping progressive businesses transform into True Brands over time guiding and implementing Business & Digital Tactics, Marketing Strategies, Advertisement Campaigns etc. We can also help you with Marketing & Business Automation Projects that increases overall Business Efficiency by 30% with right Strategic project implementation.


Ayurvedic Hospitals & clinics in India & abroad are growing fast. To take the lead in the sector you need to partner with a Digital Marketing Partner that has expertise across multiple domains like Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). This will strengthen your over Business & Marketing & Brand presence all across helping you be at the forefront of the Industrial Transition that occurring now and be ready for your strategic future business growth as well


Book your Integrated Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Agency Service Consultation to understand, Plan & Execute your Digital Projects with DSC now!

Digital Marketing is one of the major marketing arms besides Offline Marketing. Digital Marketing includes various marketing strategies and platforms like Ecommerce SEO, Google Ads (various Ad formats), Social Media Marketing (various social platforms), Display Ads, Programmatic Ads, Digital Branding, Digital PR Activities, Reputation Management, Brand Management, Amazon Marketplace Management and others.


Based on the Ayurvedic Ecommerce Business target locations, digital marketing services from DSC enables us to systematically & strategically based on data understand your Target Audience & their buying behavior to craft Impactful Adverting Messages across Ad platforms online.


With strong Digital Marketing fundamentals and expertise, our Ecommerce Marketing Professionals can very easily help your Ayurveda Ecommerce Business or Ayurvedic Hospital & Clinic chain expand in Foreign Target Locations.


Though a successful Digital Marketing Project depends on various factors, but one of the most common determining factors is Budget. It controls the success or failure of overall Ayurveda Marketing Strategy. Though results will start showing up with partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Digital Marketing Agency for Ayurveda in India, its always recommended to plan your Marketing projects the right way for a year. This allows the best Digital Marketing Agency in India to Support your Marketing Projects that help you overcome various marketing challenges (Short, Mid & Long Term) & help you generate higher Returns and profits, winning over competition maintaining the #1 Ayurvedic Brand Presence in your Targeted Location


Book your Digital Marketing Consultation Session with our Digital Marketing Strategists to understand, Plan & Execute the Right Digital Marketing Strategy that Your Ayurvedic Business deserves may it be an Ayurvedic Ecommerce business or Ayurvedic Hospital & Clinic chain

Well, Your Social Media Marketing Budget depends on various factors – Intrinsic & extrinsic. Your Business & Digital Objectives, Challenges that exist and need to addressed, Your Competitors Marketing strategy, Digital Maturity of your Assets, Technology used, any previous marketing strategy, that might have led to penalties and issues, How Consistent and Relevant your Previous Marketing Campaigns have been, Marketing Budgets, etc to name a few.


As every business belongs to a different stage in the Life Cycle of the Business & its Digital Evolution, Social Media Marketing Budget for Ayurvedic Businesses & Hospitals or your overall Digital Marketing Budget will vary from time to time.


At DSC, we generally start Marketing projects with allocating Certain Amount for Social Media Campaigns run per month. This allows us to understand what should your base marketing budget be that will allow us to implement the Right Social Media Marketing Strategy for your ayurvedic business.


Our Marketing Strategies & expertise will help your business Not just to run Marketing Campaigns Efficiently, but will also help in increasing your Savings Margin by reducing Budget Wastage as the marketing campaigns continuously are optimized. Thereby making your Ayurvedic Marketing Strategy generate over 4X Returns on Investment (ROI) & above 8X Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) easily adding to your Overall Marketing Efforts (Offline & Digital)


Book your Social Media Marketing Consultation Session with the Best Digital Marketing Professionals to plan the Right Social Marketing & Digital Marketing Efforts for your Ayurvedic Business to Scale faster

Ayurvedic Ecommerce Businesses or Ayurvedic Hospitals & Ayurvedic Clinics or Ayurvedic B2B Businesses, every business based on their Business Model, Target Customers, Pricing Strategy etc. vary significantly. Hence, every project is different with different challenges, objectives & SWOT. So does our Social Media Marketing Service Fees.


Based on the Phase of your Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing, our Digital Marketing Strategists and experts will love to guide your Ayurvedic business to growth with the Right Marketing Services Fee suitable to your Project


Book your consultation session with our Digital Marketing Experts today initiating your Ayurvedic Business’s Growth Story with DSC

Integrated Digital Marketing for Ayurveda Businesses. Take Your Ayurveda to the Next Level


Digital Marketing for Ayurvedic Manufacturers, Ayurvedic Hospitals & Ayurvedic Doctors to Cure the World Reaching More with Targeted & Systematic Digital Approach


Boost Your Brand Visibility & Reach more Targeted Audiences with Integrated Digital Marketing Frameworks Customized for your Ayurveda Business. No matter whatever your digital objective be, here at DSC, our Digital Marketing Experts take you through the Digital Journey Your Business has been awaiting


Stabilizing your digital assets on all front via digital data sciences & touch points across marketing channels using SMART Goals Tactics clubbed with Creatives that capture & help Communicate Brand Messaging/ Offers Relevantly bring customers to your Door Steps

Ayurvedic Digital Marketing Channels that Impact your Business from Start to Help You Scale

Using Digital Channels that Yield Results Specifically for your Short, Mid & Long Term Business Goals


Business Objectives & Challenges keep changing, so does your Digital Goals, Challenges & Audience Search Patters for your requirements. Is Your Business gearing up to face those challenges too?


There are multitude of Digital Marketing Channels. Invest where your Audience is Looking for you, that makes sense


  • Google Ads – Different types
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • Display Ads
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Email Marketing and others


Consult with DSC Digital Marketing Experts for the Customized Digital Marketing Project for your Ayurvedic Business to Increase Online Product Sale, Online Lead Generation, Booking Appointments, Increase hospital & clinic Footfall impacting your Business Revenues & Achieve Goals

Improve Traffic, Leads & Sales Management with Customized Business Automation & Marketing Automation


Digital Marketing Campaigns Run with Sole Objective of Optimizing for Better Returns & Greater Media Budget Management


Increasing Leads, Appointment Bookings & Product Sales – Organic or Sponsored across multiple channels as per the Digital Strategy implemented may cause your business to be over powered by Lead management challenges when project is managed by DSC. Now coping is Simple!


Using Business Automation, Marketing Automation Strategy & Tools in sync with your dynamic Digital Marketing Strategy & your constantly evolving Business Strategy DSC Digital Solution Experts systematize all aspects of your business giving your Ayurveda Business more authority & time to handle all your customers with care.


Now No need to worry about Scaling with DSC !

Digital Brand Management for Ayurvedic Hospitals, Product Manufactures & Ayurveda Practitioners in India  


Improved Brand Recall & Brand Association for Your Ayurveda Business. Touching Prana All Across the Globe


Innovation in Technology & Marketing Sphere has evolved. Ayurveda is No longer restricted by Geographical Boundaries. So, has Market Competition evolved & is becoming aggressive day by day. Ayurvedic Businesses like Ayurvedic & Natural Product Manufacturers, Ayurvedic Hospitals and Clinics, Ayurvedic Doctors are taking advantage of the Digital Revolution.


Digital Branding is Your Fast & Cost-Effective Solution to make it big helping Patients & Customers all across the globe. Branding for Ayurveda Industry plays a significant role in Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Product Sales online with the Strong Market Authority & Brand Recall


Is Your Ayurvedic Business doing Digital Branding the Right Way touching All Digital Touch Points Across the Digital Customer Journey aligned with Your Business Objectives Sustainably helping you Scale?

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Ayurveda Products, Hospitals & Clinics Digital Marketing Agency in India

DSC – Digital Marketing Agency in India & its integrated ads experts Implement advanced digital marketing techniques & strategies for Ayurveda Products, Clinics & Hospitals in India & abroad. With systematic ROI centric Digital Marketing plans, we help increase relevant web traffic, generating more quality leads, conversions, footfall, sales & brand building according to all DM KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Digital Marketing Channel Auditing
  • Website Audit and recommendations making it market ready and optimize
  • Analyzing existing Accounts and Campaigns
  • Use Best Digital Marketing Practices  (SEO |Google Ads |Social |Branding | Media Buying etc)
  • Keeping abreast with latest Marketing Trends
  • Brainstorming new and Better Campaigns
  • Optimizing existing Campaigns
  • Measure Analyse Optimize
  • Work on yielding ROI
  • Market Study & Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Campaign Structuring and Tracking Results
  • Social Media Campaigns and Brand Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Bringing relevant Traffic to the Website or Social platforms
  • Generating Sales and Quality Lead generation
  • Understanding Right Channels to work
  • Sharing Product USPs
  • Monthly Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising whatever we call it, marketing your business online is one of the main advertising processes in the gamut of Marketing. As the use of the internet has been growing drastically over the past decades & this change has enormously effected the research & buying behavior of customers with that of the Brands.


So, what is Ayurvedic Digital Marketing? Ayurvedic Digital Marketing is like any other kind of advertising, it is a technique used to connect with Audiences, Patients, Buyers & Consumers via brand messaging & impact our possible clients. The actual variance is, we can attach with & impact with those clients online.


Digital marketing is the marketing & advertising of a business, person, product, or service which is using online pages, electronic devices, & digital technologies. Some examples of digital marketing are email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click (PPC), etc.


Digital Marketing Assets for Businesses in Ayurveda Industry

Nearly everything can be a digital marketing asset. Simply put, these are the marketing tools that we need to market online. Many people are not aware of how many digital marketing assets they have.


  • Your Ayurveda website
  • Your Ayurveda brand assets such as icons, logos, acronyms, etc.
  • Video & Messaging content
  • Images such as info-graphics, company photos, product shots.
  • Written content such as testimonials, blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions, etc.
  • Online Ayurvedic products or tools
  • Reviews
  • Social media pages

These are the tools assets that every digital marketer needs to market their product online. Most digital marketing assets fall into these categories. But there are some clever marketers who come up with new, creative ways to market their product online and reach to more and more customers online, so this list keeps growing

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Ayurvedic businesses:

Cost-efficient: You can plan a positive online marketing approach with the Right budget by implementing digital marketing strategies which can offer a comparatively low-cost method in contrast to the other marketing networks such as radio, TV, etc… A well-organized & well-managed digital marketing campaign can spread to a large viewer at an inferior cost than traditional advertising.

Better exposure: Reach many prospects by shifting or integrating strategic digital marketing campaign(s). Be found about where your viewers are searching for you and your services or products. You can notice the long-term positive outcomes by using digital marketing help your business scale faster & larger than your competitors.

Save Time: Digital marketing offers real-time outcomes. Time is valuable for all of us. Advantages of Digital marketing bids you a chance to see the amount of guests/ traffic to all your website, what is the engagement rate, where does issues exist in your digital assets or how can the alterations be made in your digital assets and marketing campaigns based on data (Customer Behavior, Market Psychology, Engagement Metrics, No. of Reach etc), what is the highest Bounce Rate, and how many subscribers have added you in a day, Leads Generated, Conversion Rates. Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Ad Spent (RoAS).

Social Currency: Digital marketing gives a chance to generate attractive movements using dissimilar kinds of media. These movements can go viral on social media platforms, passing on from one person to another, & hence gaining social currency.

Brand Building: Brand building is what business attempts to achieve & digital marketing helps you to grow your brand by endorsing it on numerous platforms. The more viral your brand goes, stronger reputation your brand will earn in the eyes of search engines as well as your customers.

Increase ROI: With strong Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Marketing Strategies & Frameworks in place, Budget Management for Marketing projects becomes much more relevant and clearer. Understanding which campaigns are working and which need tweaking and how, based on data becomes extremely efficient as the project continues to evolve. Profitable marketing campaigns clubbed with improving Savings margin helps increase the overall Return On Investment (ROI) and provides opportunity to scale and expand business virtually and physically to all those markets across the globe


All the advantages of digital marketing have the potential to add up to more income & sales. So, wait no longer get started with digital marketing facilities that give you access to mass media, all within your budget

DSC is a 360° Hybrid Digital Solutioning Agency. We help Businesses to solve their Business, Digital (IT & Software) & Marketing Challenges in a strategic manner that helps boost Revenues & profits by making your Digital Assets evolve with the market & business requirements.


Here at DSC – Best Digital Marketing Agency in India for Ayurveda, we support progressive Ayurvedic Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Brands belonging to the following Segment:

  1. Ayurvedic Ecommerce Selling Online Ayurvedic Products
  2. Ayurvedic Hospitals & Medical Tourism
  3. Ayurvedic Clinics
  4. Ayurvedic Natural Spas
  5. Ayurvedic Tourism

From selling ayurvedic products online on ecommerce websites to Amazon Marketplace product selling and management, from Generating Leads and Booking Appointments online for Ayurvedic Hospitals, Clinics & Ayurvedic Spas.


With increase in Ayurvedic Wellness Tourism across the country, demand for Ayurveda is on an increase post pandemic era. Kerala Medical Tourism is bound to benefit from this. But, need to fast to take required steps as our neighbour Sri Lanka has already opened doors & tourism has started to flourish the state including Ayurvedic wellness & Medica Tourism


Book your Digital Marketing Consultation with our Digital Strategists to understand the nuances of Right Digital Marketing & Plan your Ayurvedic Marketing and Advertising executions with DSC to be the Market Leader

Integrated Digital Marketing Services from Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is always preferable for Progressive Ayurvedic Brands and Business Models

Here our Digital Experts help you with the following Marketing Channels taking your business through the Digital Evolution Journey starting from Basic process to Aggressive strategies:


Google Ads

Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing)

Lead Generation Campaigns

Traffic Campaigns

Conversion Campaigns

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Digital Marketing Strategy among others


As every business is unique, so does their Digital Marketing Strategies. Also, the Algorithms keep changing with change in Customer’s Buying Behavior. New features get added in the marketing platforms themselves. Your Competition & most important of all Your Business, Digital Objectives and Budget Allocations play a significant role in the success of your Digital Marketing Projects


Hence its always better to book an Appointment with DSC’s Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Marketing Strategists to understand and plan a successful Digital Project Implementation to scale your business future

Absolutely! Partnering with India’s 1st 360° Digital Solutioning Agency, now Business Owners, Marketing Heads or Technology Heads and others need not require to look any further for any kind of digital requirements


Partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) enables you to run your business smoothly and overcome all challenges as and when they arise;

  1. Website Design & Development Services
  2. Mobile App Design & Development Services
  3. Web Application Design & Development Services
  4. Annual Maintenance Contracts
  5. Upgradation & Addition of New Features & Functionalities
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Google Ads (different types)
  8. Social Media Marketing across platforms
  9. Amazon & Flipkart Marketplace Management Services
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Display Ads
  12. Programmatic Advertisements & Media Buying
  13. Logo Designing & Explainer Videos
  14. Marketing Collaterals Development
  15. Business Process Improvement Projects
  16. Digital Branding
  17. Other Business Solutions and many more


With all your requirements getting fulfilled partnering with DSC, enables your team to focus on the core of your business. Also, this enables our Digital Experts to craft stronger and successful brand presence and market penetration helping your Ayurvedic Business to Scale faster

Website Design & Development Agency for Online Ayurveda Businesses. Taking You to the World Stage


Customize Your Digital Presence with Market Ready Websites Developed to Influence Your Target Audiences become Your Loyal Customers & Clients


Creating seamless shopping experience for customers. We ensure your Ecommerce Website is engaging, enticing offering multiple opportunities to sell multiple products online. All our efforts go in performing Right & Relevant User Experience making your online store simple, effective generating more sales & revenue.


Coder’s Den at DSC, is composed of Website Developers who can help you have Best Technology for your Website & Mobile App with tinge of Creative Proves Converting your Audience into loyal customers

Selling Ayurveda Products Online Boosting Your Digital Brand Supporting Advanced Ecommerce Marketing Strategy with Ayurveda Ecommerce Website Development Agency


Scale Your Online Ayurveda Product Sales Targeting Right Customers Bringing Them on Your Ecommerce Website & Mobile Apps


Implement Advanced Ecommerce Marketing Strategies dynamically capturing various Ecommerce Marketing Data Points for Strong & effective Ecommerce Marketing for Ayurvedic Products Online


Crafting Offers to Brand Communication to Product & Catalog Management of Products on Your Website, all done under one expert roof of DSC – Website Design & Development Agency. We handle your Payment Gateway Integration Challenges to Courier & Shipping Integration with your Ecommerce Ayurvedic Product Marketing Website

Customize Your Ayurveda Hospital Digital Automation with Digital Solutions Gearing Up Your Team for the Future Markets


Scale Your Ayurveda Hospital & Clinic to Function Smoothly & Efficiently Across Departments with Business & Digital Automation


With Digital Automation Revolutionize your way of Operating Hospital Business. Integrate all departs across the same the system enabling monitoring your teams’ activities & gather data to optimize operation efficiency improving your savings margins effecting your BTLs


Digital with DSC Helps Your Ayurvedic Hospital Boost Up its Performance at Multiple Levels Supporting your Business Scaling Efforts

Building Innovative Digital Solutions to Revolutionize Ayurveda Industry. Your Ideate, We Create


Changing Market Requirements Demand for Revolution of Systems & Innovation is the Key. Take the 1st Mover’s Advantage Innovating Solutions to Revolutionize Ayurveda Industry


We create powerful CMS websites making it easy for your team to manage your Ayurvedic Hospital content. Custom Websites with CMS integrations clubbed with creativity and effective User Interface makes it simple for all users to manage your website in the backend without needing major technical skills plus makes User Experience of your Traffic & Patients seamless & easy to Navigate across the site. Essentially, CMS streamlines your website and content management efforts!


Innovation is the Key to Success. Revolution in industry is occurring quite frequently. With increase in Market Competition Day by Day, Your Innovations are going to be the differentiating factors between you & your competition. We at DSC, understand this. So, wear your Ideating Hats & start your Revolutionizing the Ayurveda Industry at every level of the Customer Process.


If you can think is, DSC will bring it to Life digitally. Are Your Ready to take the 1st Mover’s Advantage?

Partner with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) for Developing Ayurveda Hospital, Clinic & Ayurveda Ecommerce Business Websites

Ayurveda Website Development Company in India Offers Creative, Custom Website Design & Development Services that Helps Boost Your Digital Brand Presence with Focus on Generating Best Digital Marketing Results & Boost Lead Generation with Strong 360° Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Expand Your Digital Reach Across the Globe
  • Strong Website Technology Knowledge
  • Creative Website Designing
  • Strong Brand Association
  • Website’s Built Keeping Your Customer’s Ease in Mind
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Frameworks can be Implemented
  • Ready to Take Heavy Website Traffic Load
  • UI/UX Designed with Focus on Achieving Your Business Objectives
  • Advanced Marketing Automation Projects can be Integrated Easily
  • Strong Digital Transformation Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient-friendly creative ayurveda websites develop a sense of Trust, Faith & Belief in your Ayurveda Hospitals & Clinics. This in turn helps Your Audiences to engage with your Ayurvedic Brand with strong association.


Ayurvedic Website Development company services in India from DSC helps to develop a strong digital presence with Brand recognition allowing your online traffic to navigate and take desired actions of submitting more Booking Appointments & Calls from your website itself.


Digital Marketing ROI focused Ayurvedic websites developed by our Custom Website Designers & Developers make sure to help your Ayurvedic Hospital & Clinic grow & scale your business across your target locations, even abroad; generating leads, appointments, market penetration & increase in Market Cap over your competitors in your segment


To know more about how DSC’s Website Development Company Services can help develop and prepare your Ayurvedic Hospital for the Digital Journey the Right way, Book Digital Consultation with our Digital Strategy Experts today

Absolutely! Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) have a strong in-house business website & ecommerce website development team. With varied experience and updated technology expertise across various programming languages, we specialize in developing Ecommerce Websites, Web Applications & Mobile Applications which are tailor made as per your business requirements


Our Ecommerce Website development team with added strength of Digital Strategists, help to build creative, easy to navigate, ayurvedic product and Ecommerce Marketing effort centric websites to boost your Brand presence and help you sell more ayurvedic herbal products maintaining Strong Website Health to reach millions of potential customers all across the globe turning them into buyers


Book your Ayurvedic Ecommerce Website Development Consultation with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Digital Strategist to plan your Ecommerce Website the right way that actually will impact your business to grow

DSC is India’s 1st Hybrid 360° Digital Solutioning Agency. We specialise in various aspects of Business, Digital Marketing & Technology projects


Our Website Development company experts are specialised in multiple languages and tech to help you start or scale your existing ayurvedic business to new heights


We specialise and help develop Ayurvedic Websites with:









To know more about the Best Website Technology that your Ayurveda Business Website should have, Book Your Appointment for a Digital Consultation with our Digital Strategists and Website Development Experts now!

We can assist and guide your Digital Journey starting from the Scratch.


We offer Ayurvedic Website Design & Development Services for:

Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers

Herbal Medicine Manufacturers

Ayurvedic Hospitals and Clinics

Ayurvedic Ecommerce Businesses

DSC helps you develop Beautiful, Creative, Brand and Digital Marketing centric custom Websites. Our website development services are Customer centric. This helps to implement a strong & Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy, consistently; that will ensure higher returns and boost your revenue generation with optimized marketing budget management.


Though there are various factors up-on which your investment amount for Website Development depends, here we would like to point out a few for your ease of understanding:


Type of Website Technology that You Finalize

Various Functions & Features that your website would have

No. of Products to be uploaded and managed

Design Factors involved for Branding efforts

Size & complexity of the Website Development Project itself

Ecommerce Websites involve various modules

Type of Codes and variety of languages used in the same project and other factors.


It’s best to discuss your requirement with our Website Development experts (or) if in doubt and need guidance to take the right decisions, Book Your Appointment with our Digital Strategists and get your doubts cleared in a systematic & professional manner. Save your time and invest with the best website development company services offered by Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC)

Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Dominate your search results
  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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