Google Ads Management Services in India

Google Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) Services for Lead Generation, Appointment Bookings, Online Sales Generating Maximum Revenues & Brand Awareness for Your Business

DSC Systematic Google Ads Management Services Agency in India Process Flow

Strategic Google Ads Agency in India Generating Quantifiable & Relevant Leads, Calls, Appointments & Sales with Landing Pages that Convert & Boost Revenue

Best Google Ads Agency: Invest in Inbound Marketing with Realistic Goal Setup, Campaign Objectives & PPC Ad Strategies

Online Google Ad Management Agency Dedicated to Deliver ROI with Measurable KPIs, Realistic Goals & Expectations Based on Data and Strong Google Ads Marketing Frameworks to Help Ambitious Businesses Grow

Project Manager - Digital Strategy Consultants
Dedicated Project Manager & Strategists

Brands are unique so is their objectives and challenges. We understand this. Hence, a dedicated project manager is allotted to you who will guide through the nuances of Advanced Google Ads to give you the best of google ads with our marketing & ads strategists

Budget Management for Optimized ROI

Data leads to bright future. Our ad campaigns are run & optimized keeping your future business aspirations in mind. We optimise your google ad campaigns to squeeze results from your investments and stop wastage increasing your savings margin & budget efficiency

Google Ads Certified Experts

Our Google Ads team members are certified with various Google Ads certificates to ensure we all are UpToDate with algorithmic structures & strategies. We take a step further by integrating various marketing channels and their data to implement advanced, sustainable google ad campaigns

Multitude of Google Ads Variants

Based on your objective to achieve, we use all the google ad formats starting from Search Campaigns to Display Ads to Shopping Ads to Remarking & GMB Ads are taken into our strategy if required

Industry Experience - Digital Strategy Consultants
Industry Experience

Experienced Industry marketeers understand exactly what your business needs. Our team ensures to implement google ads marketing best practices along with innovative strategies to yield higher returns. Testing new marketing concepts with data-based A/B Testing enables us high Google Ads Quality Scores

Responsible & Transparent

We work as your true marketing arm. With Consistent follow ups & brainstorming sessions, reporting marketing insights collaborating with your sales & marketing team, we keep you updated with every step and way forward discussions. You can now focus on your core business activities with DSC as your marketing partner

How We Help

Google Ads Agency in India Generating Higher Returns – ROAS & ROIs for All Segments

Digital Strategy Consultants is a Google Ads Agency in India with in-house Certified PPC experts experienced in running online marketing campaigns for all segments of the economy in majority of the industries with brands looking for serious marketing output. Google Advertising with versatile google ad specialists we support the following

Google Ads for Start-ups

Scale Growth with unbeatable Traction with Google Ads Service Agency for Start ups. Feature your products, services & brand to active searchers. Re-marketing campaigns to target website visitors or those leave the cart without buying with various google ad variants for fast growth & revenue

Google Ads for SMEs

Business grows with Sales & Revenues, Sales Grows with Quality Leads. Leads Grow with DSC Google Ads Management Services Agency. Use Your Investments Potential to systematically generate Higher ROAS & ROIs. Get your processes organized & becoming the #1 Brand in your Segment

Google Ads for Brands & Enterprise

Achieve Your marketing, Sales & Brand Objectives with our Google Ads marketing services. With strong Google ads marketing frameworks clubbed with Relevancy Target our New Audiences & existing customers with impactful Re-marketing Campaigns. Influence Millions across the Globe

We’re in the Business of Scaling

Potential Businesses Systematically

We help you from Competitor Research to Ad Campaign Audit & Strategy to Budget Management to Reporting Generating Higher Quality Leads & Sales with Continuous Optimization Keeping your Sales pipeline full. Full-Service Google Ads Agency

Research & Planning

Bridging your business with target Audience Persona, Identifying Keywords & Ad Structures that Generate Quality Traffic & Conversions

Landing Page Design & Optimization

High Conversion Landing Pages designed to Get You Mind blowing marketing Campaign Results. Optimizing further to improve & stabilize Campaign Quality Scores helping you make more money & customer experience

High Ad Investment, Higher ROAS & ROIs

Reach millions of customers & potential leads with multiple google ads formats quickly, aggressively & effectively. Holistic Google Ad Campaigns run to impact all KPIs and meet business & marketing objectives across platforms

Sectors & Industries We Specialize

DSC’s Google Ads Management
Working Methodology

  • Market Research
  • Product / Service Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Idea
  • Campaign Recommendation
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Goal Set Up
  • Performance Matrix Set up
  • KPI Set up
  • Lead Generation
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Branded Traffic
  • Landing Page Designing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting

Frequently Asked Question

Brands interested in generating tons of leads, calls, appointments, online sales & shopping through carts use online marketing strategies like lead generation services especially with google known as google ads services


It’s a fast and convenient way to target & remarket your customers for your products & services consistently running sponsored ads on google based on your business domain and customer persona

Well, in general companies and brand use it more for generating leads online for their businesses, but serious brands do leverage it capture more of the Google SERP real estate. Influencing the searcher to engage with their brand over competitors


We do advance google ad campaigns based on the challenges & objectives that your business needs. Talk to our Google Ads experts & Digital marketing consultants to plan your google ads campaign the right way with DSC

To be honest, there are many types and formats used based on your marketing & business needs. Some of them are mentioned in the list below:

Search Ads

Display Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Video Ads

Gmail Ads

RSLA/ Remarketing


Google My Business (GMB) Sponsored Ads for local targeting and many more


DSC expertise’s in all the ad formats. We strategies them with continuous optimization policies & frameworks implementation custom to your business need, maturity of assets to yield optimal & growing results. Talk to our Google Ads Certified Strategists now. They will guide you with the right steps you should take to seriously grow your business online

Depending on your aggressiveness of marketing campaigns, budget allocations & competitor spend along with other factors, DSC google ads experts with our dedicated project manager strive to start generating results within 1 to 2 months.


But, google ads done seriously involves research times and we take our time to understand your business, market conditions, customer psychology and others to optimize your ads and campaigns consistently generating higher returns. We strive hard to push expectations of results generate for your business with time


We can guarantee that longer you stay with us and invest in your ads, we will deliver results generating over 4X returns. Also we can channelize the ads to impact your integrated Digital Marketing Strategy boosting overall profitability & scalability of your business.


Partner with Us Today, Be confident for your Tomorrow

DSC specializes in Google Ads Marketing Services. But we also specialize in delivering realistic results by achieving your other marketing objectives via SEO Services, Social Media marketing Services, Digital Branding Services. Technology being integral part of Digital Marketing, we also have strong IT and Tech team to help you with your website design & Development, Mobile App Development, Business & Marketing Automation requirements too. A True 360° Digital Solutioning Agency

Yes, we will start with Auditing your Google Ad Campaigns in detail to figure out campaign related issues and opportunities for accounts that have already been running ads. We establish benchmarks before starting the project helping us showcasing our efficiency and effectiveness.


If you are interested in just getting your Google Ads Audit done by our Google Ads Team, let us know. Our consultants can help you out with it and share recommendations with a Google Ads Campaign Audit Service.

If you have an Ecommerce business or planning to start one, connect with our Digital consultants booking appointments for consultation. Know what is Right and plan your business the Correct Way. We have separate Ecommerce marketing experts how will help you sell more on online fulfilling all the business & online marketing KPIs and objective in place

Yes, Absolutely. Google Ads Management Services offered by DSC allows us to implement Google Ads Campaign Strategies to help you gain goals (both Business & Digital) for your Business Website and Ecommerce business alike to Generate Revenue & Help in Increase Market Cap in your Target Foreign Markets.


Our Google Ad Management Experts help manage your Google Ads Account the best way to keep it Healthy & Optimize the Campaigns yielding Higher ROI at Lower CPC & CPA over time.


Depending on your Google Ads Media Budget allocations, the aggressiveness of your Campaigns & Objectives set to achieve including other parameters like search pattern behavioral changes, competitions’ marketing game plan etc, our Google Ads Management Team is ready to help you succeed towards market dominance

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Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Dominate your search results
  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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