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Rank Higher with Multiple Keywords Relevant to Your Restaurant Business to Boost Your Google, Online Ranking, Visibility & Traffic

SEO Agency for Restaurants & Food Outlets. Take Competitive Advantage of Real Customized Technical SEO Strategy for Restaurants


Partnering with the Best SEO agency in India for Restaurants helps in Improving Keyword Ranking for Restaurant Websites & Mobile Apps in App Stores with App Store Optimization (ASO) Services.


Increase Brand Visibility, Awareness & Traffic inflow for relevant search queries by potential customers. With rise in competition not building your Online Organic Presence is like committing suicide.


With DSC’s advanced Expert SEO Services for Restaurants in India You Can Increase Restaurant Table Bookings, Generate Organic Leads for various occasions, Seasons to Boost Revenues overtime 250%+


Start Right. Get Consulted by the premier SEO Agency in India to frame customized SEO Strategies that dynamically & systematically keep increasing your number of Keywords to be worked on improving their Ranking. Select from various SEO Packages to choose from or go in for an aggressive SEO Strategy that builds a Strong Online Presence for your Brand that evolves consistently.

Plan Your Digital Growth Journey with Website & Mobile App Development Support. CRO is the next step of the project. Is your SEO Agency Planning Right?        

Technical SEO Done Right Yields Solid Results. White Hat SEO Agency Supports Your Restaurant Website with Customer Focused CRO & Website Optimization


Unlike the wrong general notion that SEO is just about Keywords, it involves SEO Consultation, SEO Recommendations followed by Website Design Optimization with in-depth Research of Advanced Tools & Competition performance.


SEO is all about Data. Rather Digital Marketing across all its marketing channels is the Game of Serious Data Analysis & interpretation. At DSC we cater to Your Short, Medium & Long-term overall Marketing & Business Strategy which becomes the basis of our Research in the 1st place.


Do You know selecting the Right Website Technology Stack for your Restaurant Website development plays an equally important role in getting better SEO results? It also helps in implementing the best scalable SEO strategies in a phase wise manner Guaranteeing SEO Success.


Invest with the Best SEO Agency for restaurants & food delivery apps in India to develop a Strong Sustainable & Scalable Digital Structure. Help yourself overcome competition.


A Fun Fact: Many of Your Competitors are investing in SEO strategy & execution methodology the Wrong way.


Plan your Restaurant’s SEO Project with DSC & develop your Website & Mobile App that’s creative yet effective helping you overcome marketing results of Big Boys of your Niche.

Enjoy Power of Data Sciences Behind Successful SEO Strategies for Restaurants & Food Businesses All Across India

Data in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Conversion Tracking & Search Pattern Changes Consistently. So Does Your Website’s Digital Journey. Leverage the Best


As Your restaurant Website journeys through its Digital Growth Path, all the parameters of SEO strategies for restaurants businesses need to evolve. But, is your SEO Strategy really getting ready to face the challenges of future or giving you short term results that seem to yield results?


Content is King, But DATA is Queen. Just like in the Game of Chess Queen holds the power to either make the King Victorious or Lose the battle, in the same way, right restaurant SEO services helps in focusing on SEO Strategies that capture Data & use its power to make your restaurant & food website relevant, attractive & most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal to grab the customers preventing them from going to your competition.


SEO experts here at best restaurant SEO agency become your strength with only one objective in mind – Growing your Website Traffic with High relevancy that boosts your Business & Revenue.


Our objective here at Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is to deep dive into data from your restaurant website & mobile application to grow up the ladder of Digital growth.

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Friendly & Relevant Content Writing services
  • Structural & technical SEO Implementation
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO Strategies for Short, Mid & long Term
  • Website Optimization Recommendation + Technical Modifications & upgradations


SEO Strategy that’s Evergreen will make your Website Rank in the Top of the SERP online. Scalable SEO initiative with Added SEO Consultation boosts value to your entire marketing plan.

Plan your Restaurant SEO Consultation & Website Audit with DSC’s Expert SEO Professionals. We Guide Towards Real SEO & Digital Growth.

Get Found Online Above Your Competition by your Customers. Right Organic SEO for Restaurant cum Food Businesses is Possible Now


Search Engine Marketing for Restaurants & Food industry being a challenging niche. It requires expertise detailed Technical SEO know-how & executions strategies.


SEO is a sub-set of Digital Marketing which is a sub-set of Digitization & Transformation of your business from Offline to Online or mixing the strengths of both. In either of the Macro-Strategies, it is important to note that your Website Technology, Website Design, Mobile App Technology & Marketing of Restaurant business in the online achieves digital goals that in turn will support your business growth.


SEO being primarily a long-term marketing strategy, supports your Paid Marketing Initiatives, Campaigns, including Lead Generation, Performance Marketing, Branding, to name a few.


We Guide Restaurants, Food & QSR Businesses throughout their digital organic journey with focus on following SEO KPIs to name a few:

  • Traffic Growth
  • Organic Brand Building & Awareness
  • Keyword Types Ranking
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce Rate
  • Consumer Data via Conversion Tracking Data
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Call Bookings
  • App Downloads
  • Session Time, Conversion Rate
  • Location Based SEO Rankings & Customer behavior analysis
  • Local SEO Services KPIs & Tactics
  • White Hat SEO Strategy with Content Strategy
  • Saving Your Restaurant Website SEO from the past wrong SEO implementations


Attributing SEO KPIs to different Sales funnel or Customer Journey as a result your Sales Team understands your Suitable Target Audiences better improving collaboration between your Sales, Marketing & Operations Team. This helps make a memorable dining experience for your customers to increase their LTV thus increasing Repeat Buys.


Found it interesting & detailed? Plan your Restaurant SEO Strategy session with DSC SEO experts today to start growing your Organic Digital Presence like a PRO.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Restaurants & QSR SEO Agency in India

DSC – SEO Agency in India & its SEO Experts understand the Advanced SEO Techniques & Strategies to be Implemented for Restaurants & QSR in India & abroad. With a systematic SEO plan execution we help increase relevant web traffic generating more quality leads, conversions & sales aligning SEO KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Organic Search Market Availability & Pattern for Restaurants & QSR Business
  • Keyword Research for Restaurant & Quick Service Restaurant
  • SEO Strategy Planning Improved Organic Growth & Footfall for Restaurants
  • Content Writing Strategies, R&D 
  • 24 Parameter check to start with
  • Structural & Technical SEO for Site Speed Performance Improvement
  • Restaurant Local SEO Strategies & Competition Mapping
  • Optimizing SERP Keyword Rankings to Boost Sales, Online Orders & Bookings  
  • Website & Mobile App Store Optimization for Organic Visibility & Traffic
  • Improving Customer Experience with Brand via Digital Asset
  • Continuous Mobile Responsive SEO Optimization Best Practices
  • Blog & Article Writing & Guest Post Submissions
  • Data Analysis & Improvement
  • Monthly Reporting, Next Steps & Solutions

Frequently Asked Question

With increase in competition in Restaurant, Food & Beverage Industry, Online Competition is gaining tremendous momentum. Everybody these days are researching for the Best Restaurants & Best Cuisine near me in their localities. Even Travelers use Google Search Engine extensively to look for Restaurants, their ambiances & dishes served to select their dining.


SEO Services are thus becoming more & more crucial over time for the serious Restaurant Brands & Business Owners which help their Brand rank for the relevant Keywords and Search terms


Implementing Right & progressive SEO Strategies for Restaurant Brands though a long term marketing strategy proves crucial for the restaurant websites to Rank & bringing in more Organic Traffic & thereby increasing the number of Bookings, Brand Visibility transcending into Increased Revenues

SEO is mix of multiple strategies keeping multiple angels in ind. SEO Service Providers need to be through in understating the objectives of the Restaurant Business & not just Sales, cause Sales & revenues are the ultimate Goals that can be achieved attaining & overcoming various SEO & Market Challenges systematically.


Here at Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) our expert SEO service providers help restaurant websites looking at the following angels:


1. SEO Keyword Research

2. Website Architecture Improvement

3. Optimizing the Resultant Website from UI/ UX, Layout Designing & Brand trust, ease of Navigation etc perspectives that support a good White-Hat SEO Strategy

4. Website Technical Analysis based on Website’s Performance Data

5. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

6. Improved Keyword Rankings to Improve Brand & Service Awareness

7. Organic Traffic

8. Online Table Booking, Online Order Placements, Calls & thus helping to improve your Restaurant Business Revenues

& Many More in a Strategic & Systematic manner that guarantees Growth supporting your over Digital Ecosystem Building

Well, Restaurants & Food chains have a very strong affinity with their Local Customers. Hence, it’s always advisable by DSC SEO experts. To add Local SEO as a marketing channel in their online marketing strategy. Local SEO helps your customers & potential customers in the area to connect with you at that very instant bringing you on top of their search results every time.


Rankings help them to Call your services desk for inquiry, Table Bookings, Reviews to help them take faster decisions, can increase foot fall to your restaurant, place Take-Away orders & much more including a virtual tour of your restaurant


With DSC SEO services you can focus on building your Local SEO strategy in Google Maps & Google My Business (GMB) boosting your aggressive Restaurant Website SEO Rankings in their respective locations & different States & across India


For SEO Service Packages please call us at + 91 9123959931 or Email: [email protected] to plan your Right SEO Growth Journey with DSC today

At DSC we not only help your restaurant website to rank implementing Right SEO Best Practices, but we also make sure that you learn the components of Right SEO Project Implementations, Understanding Data Analysis, so that you are ready to scale your Digital Marketing Project the Right way supporting growth of your Restaurant Chain with your Good Business Management & Governance Practices


Strategies & approaches required to implement varies Project to Project & Brand to Brand based on multiple variables Targeting, Local, State, National & International Locations.


At DSC we guide your Marketing Team to build your Digital Ecosystem that is Strategic, Sustainable & Scalable with time as your Business Objectives grow.


For SEO Service Packages please call us at + 91 9123959931 or Email: [email protected] to plan your Right SEO Growth Journey with DSC today

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices implementation take time. There are many variables (both External & Internal to the Site) that our SEO Professionals keep in consideration. They are like:


1. The Keywords – Their Keyword Difficulty Levels, Type of Keywords, Search Volume per Keyword, Services & Objectives & Challenges that need to be overcome

2. Website Architecture – The Hierarchy of the website, URL structure & other Technical Parameters play important role for w website to rank & then maintain the Rankings over time.

3. UI/UX & Layout – With increase in Competition in the Restaurant Business in India, Investments in IT Website Designing & Development by Competition is increasing.

This is enabling giants & hungry Restaurant Brands & Food Chains to lure & build the Trust of the Traffic when landing on their websites. Making the Landing Page & Website pages easy with lots of functions & customization opportunity also in turn supports improve SEO Rankings as CTR increases with decrease in Bounce Rate & other KPIs

4. Size of the Website – With increase in Size of the website a simple website’s SEO project turns into a Complicated one cause of sear size of site & thereby relevant amount of work done

5. Creatives – Atl Text & the Designs of the Creatives, Images etc present in the website pages need to be optimized & be relevant as per our offered services & many more


Like above there are many aspects & angels of White-hat SEO for Restaurant Websites that changes with the size of the Target Location & Target Audiences. It also helps needs to be in sync with the Overall Marketing Strategy across different online marketing channels to support their initiatives to help yield desired Results & ROI.


For SEO Service Packages please call us at + 91 9123959931 or Email: [email protected] to plan your Right SEO Growth Journey with DSC today

DSC is India’s 1st Hybrid 360° Digital Solutioning & Transformation Agency that can support & handhold your business to grow with a strategic & sustainable Online Marketing strategy which only grows & helps build your Market Cap over time.


DSC is your Digital Partner that will help you Build your Digital Ecosystem transforming your Business into Brand & Scale overtime to be #1 in your Segment.


SEO expertise & SEO professionals at DSC are well trained with support of continuous R&D working across Industries for decades guaranteeing your SEO Project to succeed yielding results in a systematic phase wise manner.


There are many SEO packages available to choose from to start your SEO growth journey. As a serious business professional & business Leader DSC also offers Consultative Aggressive SEO Project initiatives based your Business, Market, Digital Asset & Budget Maturity paving your way for sure success.


For SEO Service Packages & aggressive SEO Project implementation, please call us at + 91 9123959931 or Email: [email protected] to plan your Right SEO Growth Journey with DSC today

SEO is a long term marketing strategy. There are many variables that needs to bee kept in mind while implementing SEO best Practices. But, keeping your Short, Mid & Long Term Marketing & Business Objectives, our SEO experts at DSC can help you build a strong SEO Ranking Strategy to rank your Restaurant business website for1000s of Relevant Keywords maintain the Good Health of your Website to scale


With our SEO & Technical expertise clubbed together, our partners can have the peace of mind to grow & scale their restaurant website and Mobile App in the App Stores within months of Right project initiation


It is always advisable to partner with right & knowledgeable SEO Agency in India that can help not only  with your SEO Strategy to evolve with continuous efforts to rank the selected keywords but also to maintain their ranking positions against your competitors present & in future keeping the health of your website in good

DSC is a power house for Serious Business Leaders & Visionaries. You can rely on our expertise on various Online Marketing Channels starting with SEO Services for Restaurant Businesses:


1. Google Ads Services & its various Ad Formats focused on Sales & Brand Awareness + Market Data Build up unique to your business.

2. Social Media Marketing Services for to support your Online Brand Building to Trust building initiatives + Reach out to millions of Target Audiences & across locations with your Promotions & Offers

3. Multi-Channel Online Marketing Strategy execution to develop your Market & Customer Data for optimized Ad Performance across paid ad marketing channels

4. Landing Page Development & Optimization Services

5. Website Design & Developments Services for Restaurant Chains

6. Mobile App Development & Optimization Services + many more at every stage of your business growth, the right way


Book your SEO & Digital Marketing Consulting Session to understand & plan your Digital Marketing SEO Project the Right way allowing our Marketing Experts to build your Digital Ecosystem that yields sustainable results


For SEO Service Packages & aggressive SEO Project implementation, please call us at + 91 9123959931 or Email: [email protected] to plan your Right SEO Growth Journey with DSC today

Google Ads Agency for Restaurants. Google Ad Services to Generate More Sales and Revenues. Bring More Customers, Rocket Your Sales Today

Run Competitive Google Ad Campaigns to Target Customers. Bring Them to Your Restaurants. Increase Foot Fall, Online Orders & Increase Ad Profitability


Our Advanced Google Ads knowledge & Google Ads Certified Professionals, place your advertisements in-front of your Target Consumers with Google ads management services in India. By Targeting & Right Messaging across the Customer Journey, Google Ad Campaigns are crafted especially to help your business transform into a Brand.


Access Customer Insights based on Data Analysis & Interpretation for Guaranteed Optimization of your Google Ad Campaigns.  With Different Ad Strategies & Formats in place you can Increase your Ad Repetition Frequency & Relevancy for Better Results & ROAS.


Digital Growth Occurs Partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). That’s the Only thing Guaranteed. Book your Google Ads Strategy Session with our Google Search Ad Experts today & pan your Growth Journey.


Fill the Form below to plan your Google Ads Campaigns with DSC or Call/ Whatsapp us at +91 9123959931. Email us: [email protected] or simply fill the form below

Landing Page Management & Development to Generate Higher ROI & ROAS from Google Ads Campaigns. Complete Google Ads Management Services

Landing Page Design & Optimization for Best Restaurants in India Helps Generate Lower CAC, CPC & CPM. Result, Higher ROI & ROAS on Your Ad Investment


Running Google Ad Campaigns is Not everything. The Game starts prior to running your Ads. They start with Right Set up of your Google Ads Account, Google Analytics & Landing Page Designs.


Here at DSC, we 1st dive deep into identifying the existing issues your Ad Account may have to be rectified. Then, look at your existing Landing Pages to understand their relevancy for the Ads against your Analytics Data.


This allows our experts to identify the exact issues across your Ad Tools. Building Higher Sales, Call Bookings, Online Orders generating Higher Revenues is a Sub-set of Implementing Right Landing Page designs, A/B Testings & multi variant Testing spread across your Marketing Channels, Campaigns, other Google Ad Campaign KPIs


Our Brand & Google Ads Strategists play their significant role to implement Optimization Strategies making your Google Ad Campaigns Profitable with each month.

Have Bigger Ad Budgets? Want to Run Multi-Channel & Multi Ad Strategy using Your Google Ad Campaigns for Bigger Ad Returns Targeting Your Digital Goals?

Google Ads Management from DSC is the Best Google Ads Partner for your Restaurant & Food Business in India. We Manage Ad Budgets with Higher ROI


Maximize Campaign & Business growth building Integrated Campaigns using Google Search, Google Display, Google Brand, Gmail Marketing, YouTube & other Paid Marketing Channels.


Increase your chances of overcoming your competition by getting Higher Visibility across platforms. Implement Individual Channel Strategies in sync with your overall Marketing Strategy. Strengthen your Marketing efforts, Go Aggressive with Guaranteed Peace of Mind generating Optimized Results boosting Ad Campaign Performances.


Partner with DSC’s Google Ads Agency experts to Ask, Why Did We Not Use Your Remaining Ad Budget?


Scale Your Google Ads Management with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) today. Call us or Whatsapp us at +9123959931 or Email us: [email protected] or simply fill the form below

Increase Cross-Platform Visibility & Target Audiences Wherever they are Browsing. Data & Campaign Management to Target Valuable Leads

Accelerate Your Customer’s Digital Journey with You through Continuous Sales Funnel Management, Campaign Testing & Enhancements along Your Digital Journey


Aligning Right Goals (Business, Digital & Ad Campaigns) when done Right at every stage of your business yields desirable results. Our in-house SEM Experts & IT Experts make sure that your Marketing Automation and other innovative Technology stack is leveraged for your Google Ad Campaigns. Maximize your budgets with Intelligent & (Artificial Intelligence) AI based Campaign Management Systems clubbed with Omni-Channel Ad Strategies.


We work with your Business to understand it in depth and plan Your Google Ad Strategies connecting target audience segments exactly at the time when they are searching for your Best Restaurant & Food Brands. Running Multiple campaigns showcasing your Awards, Hospitality, Advantages, Ambiance, Offers & much more. Establish your Restaurant as the Preferred Resultant with Strong Brand Recall. Influence Victors on the Go when they search for Targeted Keywords & Food Cuisines.


Start Your Real Digital Growth Journey with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) with Multi-Channel Cross-Platform Google Ad Campaigns today.


Call/ Whatsapp Our Google Ad Campaign Experts at +91 9123959931, Email us at [email protected] or simply fill the form below

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Restaurants & QSR Google Ads Marketing Agency

DSC – Google Ads Agency in India & its google ads experts understand the advanced google ads techniques & strategies to be implemented for Restaurants & QSR in India & abroad. With systematic ROI centric Google Ads plan execution, we help increase relevant web traffic, generating more quality leads, conversions & sales according to Google Ads KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Market Research
  • Product / Service Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Idea
  • Campaign Recommendation
  • Google Ads Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Goal Set Up
  • Performance Matrix Set up
  • KPI Set up
  • Lead Generation
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increasing Branded Traffic
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Landing Page Designing
  • Landing Page Optimization

Frequently Asked Question

Well, Google Ads is paid marketing platform or channel that is used to achieve multiple objectives. At DSC our google Ads experts will help you with the following in a systematic & strategic manner:


1. Help in Generating More Calls for Booking Tables

2. Help Generate More Quality Leads & Customer Data that can be used for Email Marketing

3. Increase Online Orders

4. Increase Foot fall to your Restaurants & outlets

5. Improve Brand Awareness in Local, State/ Region, National Levels

6. Expand Services & Open New Branches based on performance of your business in the Right Locations

7. Optimize Campaign Performance & Messaging to impact decision making

8. Competitor & Market Analysis


There are various Google Ads Formats & Ad Campaign Types that can be leveraged systematically to build your business & transform into a brand. Book your Google Ads Consulting Session with our Digital Growth Experts to choose your Google Ads Packages correctly

Every business is unique with their unique business models, challenges to overcome, budgets, market size & other variables. Accordingly at DSC we always make sure to build & nurture your digital platforms correctly allowing us to leverage other Google Ad Formats like below:


1. Search Ads

2. Display Ads

3. App Store Optimization Ads

4. YouTube Ads

5. In-Mail Ads

6. Remarketing Ad Campaigns across above Ad formats


Book Our Google Ad Campaign Consulting with Experts at +91 9123959931, Email Us at [email protected] or simply fill the form for a call back

At DSC, our Google Ads experts are deployed according to the Project & Business objectives to plan & execute your Google Ads Marketing Campaigns.


You can partner with us in Consultative Manner or choose from the existing Google Ads Packages based on your Project aggression. All the ready-made packages yield result accordingly, hence its always better to discuss with our Digital strategists to choose the Right package for you.


We will also help you understand to set the Correct ways of Allocating Monthly Ad Budgets for your campaigns during the consultation that will help yield objectives & Digital KPIs


Call Our Google Ad Campaign Experts at +91 9123959931, Email Us at [email protected] or simply fill the form below to book your Digital Consulting Session

Google Ads are a paid Advertisement formats. Based on Target Settings, Target Locations & Budget Allocations & objectives set, the campaigns get initiated within days of initiating the project.


Sales & Lead Generation starts within a few days of initiation. Though it needs to be kept in mind that Google Ad Campaigns take time to get optimized based on Campaign data & insights for your Offers, Services, Customer Behavior patters


At DSC our Digital Transformation & Strategists help you build your Campaigns & optimize them continuously with Digital Marketing Frameworks that help you boost your Brand Awareness, Sales & Leads & Revenues. This makes your overall Google Ads marketing investment cost effective yielding stronger & better results

Landing pages are always preferred to run Google Ads campaigns successfully. This helps the Target Audiences & your potential Customers to decide understating the exact Message & offer or Services that your restaurant business is offering. It also allows your Digital Marketing Agency to Run various A/B testing Campaigns across to identify the best version that yields the best results


Based on the objectives set your website category pages can also act as your Landing Page. No matter what the situation be effective result from Google Ads campaigns get built over time with Campaign & business performance


At DSC, we also help you with Developing, Deploying & Optimization of Landing pages as add on services based the campaign management & performance

This totally depends on the type of business, Niche, no. of products, Objectives set to achieve, Target Audiences & Size Target Location, Competition primarily.


At DSC based on our years of experience working with various Brands all across, we have realized that its always best to start with a basic monthly allocation of Ad budget allowing for the campaigns to get optimized producing good amount of data to calibrate further.


This allows your Digital Marketing & Google Ads Agency to help you set right estimates time to time & plan the strategy accordingly to evolve & yield better & optimized results


Book Our Google Ad Campaign Consulting with Experts at +91 9123959931, Email Us at [email protected] or simply fill the form for a call back

Humanizing Your Restaurant Business Converting into Unforgettable Brand with Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Increase Leads with Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategies with DSC’s Affordable Social Media Marketing Management Services


Over Millions of potential Customers spend their time on Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & others. Competition of running profitable Ad Campaigns, Lead Generation Campaigns, Brand Campaigns on Social Platforms are increasing with every passing day.


Restaurant businesses, Hospitality sector, Food & Beverage industry are taking advantage of Social Media. They are Pouring Huge Budgets to Reach their Target Customers and creating a niche for them selves in the mind of the target audiences.


Want to Engage with Audiences & Targeted Customers? Want to increase your spend to scale your Social media marketing campaigns? But, are yet to find the best social media marketing agency to partner with? Then, Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected].


Strategize your Social Media Handles to become your Brand Awareness & Branding Tools. Reach Millions of Potential Customers Impress them & Generating Targeted Lead s that convert adding to your ROI pushing your ROAS higher as we guide you through your Digital Success Journey.

Facebook Marketing for Restaurants to Generate Bookings, In Store Footfalls, Online Orders & Online Branding

Generating Higher ROI & ROAS with Facebook Ad Campaigns. Run Strategic Facebook Ad Campaigns to Accomplish various Social & Digital Goals


Facebook Marketing is an Integral part of Social Media Marketing for Restaurants & food businesses in India & across. Social Media Optimization (SMO) the organic part of Facebook Marketing just scratches the surface.


Using Facebook Marketing strategies with workable Facebook Ad Campaign Structures & Frameworks our social media Marketing experts make sure to make a Brand out of your growing Restaurant.


We analyse your competition & your Facebook presence to plan your Social Media Growth Journey. Facebook ads are by far the best Social Ads Campaign platforms that are cost effective & can generate Bigger Returns on Investment (ROI) that has a waterfall effect on your Brand Building exercise along with Generating tons of Leads & Online Orders. Narrow down your Audiences to understand the customer behavior, Geo Targeting & Physiological Analysis of Interests, Likes & dislikes.


Craft Customized Offers for Them churning them into your Loyal Regular Customers with Increased LTV & reduced CPC, CPM, CAC & other Facebook Marketing KPIs.


Book your Facebook Marketing Consulting Session with us & plan Successful Social Future for your Brand. Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected].

Market Your Brand on Instagram. Share Dishes, Cuisines, Products, Services, Customer Experiences & Offers. Leverage Influencers to Scale your Brand

Reach to your regular Customers & also to your Seasonal & Floating Audiences. Capture Mind & Palette of All with New Launched Dishes & Offers


Creativity is the Language of Social Media touching Hearts of Millions on Instagram. With Mouth watering dishes from the best restaurants in India clubbed with beautiful ambiance creates a perfect memory to cherish for lives.


Convert your restaurant & Food Business into Brand which creates ripples in the lovely world of Food.


A successful Social Media Marketing Strategy with Instagram as a strong marketing tool at your disposal with DSC’s Social Media Marketing experts, leverage Food bloggers across different niches to see your loyal customers become your Brand Ambassadors.


With DSC now you can rest assured that you can invest big in Marketing your Brand a Cross-Platform marketing strategy. Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected].

Data Driven Social Media Marketing to Generate Leads, Sales, Online Booking & Online Orders. Restaurants, Hotel Banquet Halls Get ready to Target Relevant Audiences

Go Aggressive with DSC’s Social Media Marketing Management Services. Be present in front of Your Target Audiences All the Time Sociably


Understanding Consumer behavior, search patterns, Interests, Likes & dislikes etc helps make appealing Restaurant Offers. Added with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Marketing channels’ Artificial Intelligence Support our Social Media professionals make sure that your Social Media Strategy helps your boost high generating bigger, Scalable & Sustainable Social Media Strategies.


At DSC, we guide your Social Brand Journey to leverage Data at every stage of your Campaigns & AdSets & Ads. We help you Target Audiences across the Digital Customer Journey.


Achieving Your Digital Goals the Right way with DSC is now a real possibility. Build your holistic Social Media presence to generate Leads, Online Orders, Calls, Bookings etc. Be UpToDate with All Social Media Algorithms updates & overcome challenges to pave way for a Stronger Digital Enabled Future for your Restaurant Business in India.


Be confident with Digital Strategy Consultants for your Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. Call/ WhatsApp at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected].

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Restaurants & QSR Social Media Marketing Agency in India to Build & Nurture Your Social Ecosystem for Sustainability & Scalability

DSC – Social Media Marketing Agency in India is Specialized in Helping Restaurants & QSR chains in India & abroad. Our Social Media Marketing Experts know exactly how to systematically help Restaurant Owners & Marketing Heads to generate Social ROI running optimized social media ad campaigns & Develop Brand Relevance with Advanced Marketing Frameworks that help You Scale

  • Social Media Audit & Analyzing existing Account and Campaigns to know As-Is scenario
  • Social Media Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Market Analysis
  • Brand Building Exercises
  • Researching for new and better Campaigns
  • Optimizing existing Campaigns
  • Measure – Analyse – Optimize
  • Work on yielding ROI
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Reach to Right Targeted customers with Right message at the Right Time
  • Brand Re-Call Campaigns
  • Sharing Product/ Service/ Company USPs
  • Increase Sales, Quality Lead Generation, App Downloads
  • Organic Brand posts
  • Customer Engagement
  • Review Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

DSC is a modern day creative social media management agency. With a strong creative designing team clubbed with Ad Platform management expertise across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn & others.


Your Social handles will transform into a bridge to connect with your customers both Existing & New. With Strategic Online Advertisement practices clubbed with Innovative ways to target new customer, Your Restaurant Business will boost in Revenue & Market Cap with our Social Media Experts working as your Team

There is plethora of Social Media Platforms to leverage. But all depends on your Budget, Asset & Marketing Maturity with your business Objectives in mind.


If you are planning initiate a strategic implementation, then we should start organizing our social media handles correctly with regular posting frequency, Hash tags strategy, Social Content strategy, with Correct & relevant Messaging strategy clubbed with consistency. Consistency being the key.


Best is to start with Facebook & Instagram to reach & understand your Target Audiences correctly. Data generated with increased social engagement plays subtle but big role in being present in the mind of your customers (existing & new)


Later we can increase aggression, draft social media campaigns with various objectives to achieve. Also, it’s imperative to allocate Right Budget towards Social Media Marketing to be effective & have strong impact


Let’s discuss to understand the best route to help you have a clear understanding of Social Media Marketing strategy based your past & future endeavors for effective marketing strategy.


Call us/ WhatsApp us at +91 9123959931 & email us with your Restaurant social media marketing growth strategy at [email protected]

Being a strong chain of Restaurants in India is not small thing. It requires a stronger & aggressive social media strategy.


The strategy must include the following angels for effectiveness:

1. Social Media Audit of existing Social Handles

2. Deep Competitor Analysis

3. Market Understanding of The Changes

4. Increase in Social Media Posting frequencies

5. Video Marketing to be included

6. Have Stronger Reach in Targeted Audience based on Data & Existing market reach

7. Share great customer experiences to influence others

8. Local Targeted Ads clubbed with Offers

9. Addition of New Business Attractions, Dishes &/ or use the our USPs via creative messaging

10. For B2B Businesses, targeting employees of desired companies or Sectors trying to solve their problems & challenges is a great way to accomplish goals & objectives

11. Influencer Marketing & Personal Brand building Projects should be initiated


There are many Social Media Strategies that can be leveraged with optimization & maturity of your Brand Image & Campaign Performances

There are many Social Media KPIs that Business Owners & Resultants Marketing Managers need to keep in mind. Some of them are as follows:


1. Reach

2. Impressions

3. Engagement Rate

4. CTR


6. LTV

7. Traffic Flow to your restaurant website from social handles

8. Chats & Messaging

9. Engagement with your Group

10. New Subscribers/ Followers/ Shares

11. Revenue Generated per channel (based on objective & strategy implemented)

12. Monthly Scale Ratio/ Performance Ratio of all the above points & many more


Besides the above Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) there are so many other KPIs that Directly & Indirectly impact the Growth of the Overall Social Media Marketing Strategy.


All of these points also depend on the Aggression of your Social Media Marketing Agency Strategy from time to time & level of Maturity of your Social Media Customer & Marketing Data, Analysis & Interpretation.

Well, Social Media Marketing is not just about posting some posts that look good. It’s also not about Boosting them at times. It is way more than this. There is more than what meets the eye.


Firstly, it is to be understood correctly, what your Social Media Channel Objective is! It might vary Channel to Channel, Platform to Platform, Situation of Market & Business Performance etc.


Based on setting up of correct Objectives, the Social Media Marketing Agency team should help you understand the Challenges that these Objectives may help overcome.


Secondly, Paid Social Media Campaigns strategies also vary based on the Objectives set, available Market size & Behavior metrics. For all these Data Study & Past Performance Campaign Analysis needs to be looked into. For this Social Media Audit should be carried out


Thirdly, Data Collection across your Digital Assets pertaining to Social Media Channels need to be correctly installed. They need to work correctly to gather the same. Many a times proper data collecting techniques are not implemented. Also, they need to be analysed & interpreted correctly


Fourthly, it’s extremely important to Keep a Track of Various Campaigns run & managed across your Social Media Handles. Campaign Optimization strategies need to be implemented. It is to be remembered & clearly understood that, No strategy yields results in a short stint of time unless your Marketing Budgets are High & your are going aggressive. Cause in any case, Right Type & Amount of Data variables are needed for the individual campaigns & the overall Marketing strategy to succeed every time.


Fifth, Your Internal Business Processes need to be in alignment with the level of Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Strategies applied. In general, Digital Marketing for Restaurant businesses is looked upon in Silos. Which it should not be. Cause Social Media Marketing is a function & subset. It is processed in accordance with the Business functionality & Business KPIs in mind.

Results vary Project to Project based on many angles & parameters. Depending on the type of Approach implemented. Based on selecting Right Objectives, Budgets & Agency fees for aggressiveness of the project & the type of Project itself, DSC can start producing results within months.


At DSC, we specialise in building overall Digital Ecosystem & Social Media Marketing Management plays a significant part in the process.


Book your free Social Media Marketing Strategy & Approach custom for your Restaurant business. Call/ WhatsApp us +91 9123959931 & email: [email protected]


Let’s start implementing Right Social Media Marketing Management Practices for your Restaurant Chain to grow effectively

Marketeers Invest more than Two-Thirds (66%+) of Marketing Budget on Digital Marketing Channels. Scale Your Restaurant Business to Next Level

Audit, Identify, Analyse & Strategies: Foundation of Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants in India. Be SMART to Choose Matured Digital Marketing Methodology for 5X+ ROI Growth


Right Digital Strategies with Measurable Results and continuous Improvement strategies allows Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) to implement customized multi-channel Restaurant Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Offer Promotions to boost your Sales, Brand Acceptance & Revenues.


Partnering with us is like working with your Restaurant Marketing Department. Investing in your Marketing with us is the best Decision that you’ll make. DSC Digital Marketing team helps you by guiding your Restaurant & food business throughout your Digital Journey.


Plan & Strategies a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy including, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing & Advertising with Food Marketplaces.


Now invest Big in a Systematic Marketing Plan that Surely will make your Business Sprout Online faster & higher Target and Objectives achieved.


A Systematic, Intricately crafted Digital Marketing Strategy is implemented across the Right Marketing Channels according to your Targets & Objectives. Building a sustainable Marketing Strategy that can be scalable for your Restaurant & Food business with Optimized Results that make you Smile, is Our Goal.

Developing & Implementing Enterprise Level Digital Success Strategy. Digital Marketing Frameworks & Skills that Work & Optimized Regularly for Results

Digital Growth is Guaranteed Partnering with DSC. Target More Relevant Customers, Generate Leads, Increase Brand Awareness & Market Acceptance


DSC’s Digital Marketing Experts for Restaurants & Food Businesses implement a Cross-Platform Digital Strategy according to your Digital Asset Maturity implementing SMART Goals.


We Build, Stabilize & grow your Marketing campaigns. If you are starting your Digital Journey then we have a sustainable growth strategy in place just for you. Implement Phase wise Restaurant Marketing & Advertising exercise to get ready for the Next Stage of Digital Blast.


For Brands wanting to Boost Digital performance reaching Millions of Targeted Customers we have the Next phase of Aggressive Marketing Framework. Digital Marketing agency for Restaurants in India with its highly skilled Digital marketing experts Plan & Manage your Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns across channels. We help you establish an Omni-Channel Marketing Ecosystem with

  • Organic SEO Services
  • Professional Google Ads Services
  • Social Media Marketing Management Services
  • Content Marketing Services
  • Creatives for Brand Awareness
  • Analytics & Data Sciences for Customer behavior analysis services
  • Landing Page Design & development Services for Improved UI & &UX
  • Mobile App Development & App Store Marketing Services and many more


Book your Integrated Digital Marketing Services for Restaurants with DSC & Start building your Digital Empire. Book your Consultation with our Experts today.

Lead Generation & Brand Awareness – The Key Stones to Business Growth. Expand & Develop Your Restaurant Chain Across Your Target Locations in World

Increase Market Cap with Influx of Traffic for Online Order, Online Bookings & Restaurant with Lead Generation, Brand Authority with Marketing Performance


Plan your Business Goals. Consult with our In-House Digital Marketing experts, IT experts & Business Management Experts. Build your Business Empire the Right way investing on Right Assets at the Right Time. With DSC you can Guarantee your Digital & Business Growth.


Budget Management to Paid Campaign Management to Organic SEO Campaign’s help you generate Higher Revenue with Digital KPIs successfully achieved growing up the ladder.


Optimization Strategies in place for individual Marketing & Advertising channels clubbed with Holistic Digital Strategy allows our experts to help you Build your Business Grow by 2X-3X


Dive with our Restaurant Digital Marketing Experts to craft your Digital growth journey overcoming your competition. We help you Guide the best marketing channels & implement marketing strategies for those channels aligned with your Business & Digital Goals


Plan your next 5 years Marketing Goals with Experts how live only to make you Succeed. Book you Restaurant Marketing Consultation today

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – The Holy Grail of Real Digital Marketing. Performance Max Campaigns Yield Marketing Results with Serious Optimization Strategies

Marketing for Restaurants, Building Digital Assets to Scale Marketing Performance, Restaurant Website & Mobile Apps Yield Scalar Returns


Full stack digital marketing agency for restaurants in India with marketing strategy consulting, plans digital ads strategy for restaurants. Marketing for Restaurants is getting competitive. DSC’s Digital marketing experts support online marketing for restaurants with Digital Marketing Strategies, social media strategy, digital branding strategy, website design & development clubbed with CRO strategies.


Digital Growth Strategies for restaurants include the following for your Restaurant marketing partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC):

  • Improving Organic Traffic & Conversion on your Websites
  • Scaling Ad Campaigns & Lead Generations Campaigns
  • Optimizing Campaign Performance
  • Optimizing Website & Mobile Apps for Higher conversions
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Ecosystem Development
  • Ad Budget Management for Optimized CPC, CPL, CAC, CPM, Bounce Rate, Engagement Rate, Ad Frequency among other KPIs
  • Improving UI & UX for Digital Assets
  • Improving Marketing Returns with Market Automation & Business Process Digitization


Data Centric Consumer Behavior Analysis with Conversion Rate Tracking, Heat Tracking, Search Intent Analysis & Campaign CRO to name a few


Start your Digital Growth Journey to be Future Ready with advancement in your Digital Assets & Marketing for your Restaurant & Food business chain. Build your Digital Empire with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) starting today. Book your Digital Consultation with our Digital Strategists for Secured Digital & Business Growth. Call us at +91 9123959931 or Email us at [email protected] now.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Restaurants & QSR Digital Marketing Agency in India

DSC – Digital Marketing Agency in India & its integrated ads experts understand advanced digital marketing techniques & strategies to be implemented for Restaurants & QSR in India & abroad. With systematic ROI centric Digital Marketing plans, we help increase relevant web traffic, generating more quality leads, conversions, sales & brand building according to all DM KPIs, Website Goals & Time

  • Digital Marketing Channel Auditing
  • Website Audit and recommendations making it market ready and optimize
  • Analyzing existing Accounts and Campaigns
  • Use Best Digital Marketing Practices  (SEO |Google Ads |Social |Branding | Media Buying etc)
  • Keeping abreast with latest Marketing Trends
  • Brainstorming new and Better Campaigns
  • Optimizing existing Campaigns
  • Measure Analyse Optimize
  • Work on yielding ROI
  • Market Study & Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Campaign Structuring and Tracking Results
  • Social Media Campaigns and Brand Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Bringing relevant Traffic to the Website or Social platforms
  • Generating Sales and Quality Lead generation
  • Understanding Right Channels to work
  • Sharing Product USPs
  • Monthly Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For End to End Digital Marketing Services DSC can help you build your marketing strategy & really guide your Digital platforms to achieve scalable growth in a strategic & Sustainable manner.


If you are starting your restaurant business or planning to invest correctly in your Online Marketing & Online Branding seriously then DSC is the best Digital Marketing Agency in India that can help assist with our Phase wise Systematic growth process


360° Digital Solutioning with Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, SEO for restaurant websites from Basic to Advance levels all can be managed


We work in alignment with your Business & Digital Objectives with passion & transparency making sure your Restaurant grows with growth of your Online Marketing Assets & Digital KPIs


Various Digital Services that a Restaurant Chain can leverage partnering with DSC:

  • 1. Website Design & Development
  • 2. Mobile App Development
  • 3. ERP system Development
  • 4. SEO Services
  • 5. Paid Marketing via Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, YouTube Ads etc
  • 6. Email Marketing
  • 7. Social Media Marketing
  • 8. Performance Marketing
  • 9. Programmatic Ads

Today competition has increased drastically in the Industry of Foods & Restaurants all over India. Every Restaurant small or Big chain is investing heavily into its Marketing Projects, be it Offline or Online.


With special focus on Online Marketing Ecosystem Development, Restaurant Business owners & Managers can leverage Tactical Growth Plans in a Data Centric Manner. Digital Marketing helps in building an Ongoing Sustainable & Scalable Online Marketing Strategy across Marketing Channels & platforms


As a Business grows & evolves over time, so should its Marketing Strategy, Aggressiveness & Versatility of approach. But that should happen based on Right & Optimised Data parameters. What is better than a Phase wise Strategic Digital Growth System in place that allows you to measure your activities, strategies, Investment results, Test & Know more about your Target Groups to take informed Business & Marketing decisions!


At DSC we help your Restaurant business Grow helping you invest the Right Budgets for towards your Restaurant Website & its Integrated Digital Marketing

Well, there are various aspects that need to be kept in mind while planning to initiate Integrated Digital Marketing for Restaurants in India & in other Targeted countries.


Some of the factors that should be kept in mind for Restaurant Owners & Business Heads as follows:


(a) Digital Marketing was carried out in past or is running:

  1. 1. Which marketing channels were worked on
  2. 2. What were the results across channels including their Digital KPI performances
  3. 3. Organic Activities carried out & their results & Why
  4. 4. For Paid Marketing what was the Allocated Monthly Ad Budget
  5. 5. What Objectives were targeted
  6. 6. Target Location
  7. 7. Target Audience Groups
  8. 8. New Objectives & Challenges that need overcoming etc


It is important to Benchmark present Status & plan the next steps accordingly


(b) For Restaurants planning to Start for the 1st Time (or) are seriously looking to initiate Digital Marketing for their Restaurant Marketing Correctly like the Big Brands


  1. 1. Is the Restaurant New at that Location (or) Has a Strong Offline Band Recall?
  2. 2. What is the Status of your Digital Assets like your Restaurant Website | Google Ads Account | Google Analytics | Social Media Handles in different channels | Behavior Engagement Data | Transaction Data etc – Are they matured?
  3. 3. Have the Digital KPIs across platforms been Tracked correctly & their Performance Optimized?
  4. 4. Competitor Analysis done or not & whether it is required or not in the 1st place?
  5. 5. What are the Objectives that need to be focused on like – Table Bookings | Online Orders | Digital Brand Awareness | Data Generation for engagement with Restaurant Website, Mobile Applications | Social handles | Campaigns across Ad Platforms etc
  6. 6. Technical Aspects that need to be looked at along with various other dynamically changing factors
  7. 7. Number of Locations, Size of your Turnout
  8. 8. Objectives Setting done correctly or not
  9. 9. Any requirement for Digital PR at this stage or Not
  10. 10. Any New Restaurant Outlet Opening etc


There are various aspects that a Good & Serious Restaurant Owner & Business Head needs to keep in mind.


At DSC our from the very beginning of the Project our experienced Marketing Strategists will understand & help you guide correctly enabling you take Right decisions cementing Future Growth of your Restaurant’s Digital Marketing Projects.


We emphasis diving into understanding your real Objectives, pain points & challenges that should be focused in a step by step & phase wise manner making sure you have a strong & sustainable Digital Marketing Ecosystem built with focus on Digital Branding. This makes sure your Restaurant Website/ Mobile App Optimization occurs correctly & as a continuous process


For detailed discussion to plan your Restaurant Business’s Digital Marketing Growth Project with our Strategic marketeers, Call/WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us: [email protected]

Restaurants wanting to Market & strengthen their Digital Presence in their Locality can implement a combination of Digital Marketing & Offline marketing Strategy.


For Online: A Good but not so costly Creative Website with relevant features & functions with all of its Menus, Mobile Apps with features like table Booking, Order Menus, etc with Creative Messaging, Social Media Handle Management & investment of some Media Ad Budget upto say ₹50-60K a month is sound enough to build a consistent marketing evolution


Local SEO along with Organic SEO for your Website & App Store Optimization (ASO) in your Targeted Location radius is good to generate results & help your assets evolve


For Offline: The above should be clubbed with your existing &/ New offline Marketing like Flyers, Bill Boards, Newspaper ads etc.


At DSC our Digital Strategists can help you guide with right Go to Market Strategies, Creatives & Messaging & Social Media Paid Marketing to achieve objectives to increase efficiency of your overall Marketing exercise.


Book you appointment & share your requirement with us to plan Local Digital Marketing for your Restaurant Business anywhere in India or targeted locations

A strong Brand for your restaurant Business can be built using Online Marketing methodologies. It is crucial for you to increase your Search Appearances in Google & have a blend of creative display with messaging across your Social Media handles.


Using Creative Posts, Video Marketing, Data based Campaign Optimization to Target Right Audiences & understand their behavior with your marketing & Brand per say both online & offline plays a big role in your Restaurants’ Successful Brand Recall


Making it a Happening Place with Creative ideas and promoting your customers happy experiences across via Strong Online Marketing Strategy in place makes sure of helping you build a Strong Brand Recall rate for your restaurant


This also enhances opportunities for your Digital Marketing Agency to come up with creative ideas & strategies to help you Digital Marketing platforms keep performing & scale it other time for Better Efficiency & Effectiveness of Marketing


Beating your competitors is easy – Need to be consistent with your Right marketing Efforts allowing our Marketing Geniuses here at Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) continuously help you grow & manage your Digital Marketing ecosystem


Call / WhatsApp us now: +91 9123959931 (or) email us: [email protected] today to leap into the world of serious Digital Marketing for Restaurants Business in India

Digital Marketing has various aspects & parameters that need to be looked at while implementing Growth Oriented Online Marketing for Restaurants across the Customer’s Buying Journey


(a) All these Technical Parameters evolve with time and hence it becomes extremely important to understand which ones to focus 1st & 2nd & likewise:

1. Technicals of all Digital Assets to be stabilized

2. Channel Specific Foundations to be stabilized

3. Digital KPIs per selected marketing channels to be Stabilized

4. Audience Behavior & Engagement Data to be generated

5. Campaign Performance data to bee Analysed & forward Strategies to be implemented

6. Digital KPIs to be Optimized

7. Bridging Digital Performance Data against Business Performance data

8. Implementing Other Digital Marketing Channels like Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, Programmatic Marketing, Google Display Ads & others as per growth Strategy


(b) Beside the above Objectives there are some Macro Level Objectives as well that are accomplished using these:

1. Brand Awareness

2. Increased reach Relevancy

3. Increase in Calls, Online Bookings & Order placements

4. Improvement in Brand Recall Rate

5. Content Strategy Evolution

6. Data Based Relevant Targeting with more campaigns, Advertisements

7. Re-Marketing Strategies to achieve desired Marketing Objectives

8. Evolution of Relevant Messaging

9. Increase is Online Sales & Revenues

10. Nurturing Target Customers, Campaigns across ad platforms (both Organic & Paid) to be ready for future Inter Data Marketing Strategy implementation & more

Building Classy & Customized Websites for Restaurant & Food Businesses That focus on Conversions. The Secret Behind Pushing Over 30% New Sales

Website Development Agency for Restaurants Developing Creative & Functional Websites Helping Achieve Digital & Business Objectives


Your Restaurants Website is the first Touch point for your customers. Good, Reliable & Authentic Impression is what your customers need. Be present and available across different devices like desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Tablets to be present In front of them whenever they search for the Best Restaurant & Food joint in their preferred locality.


Be ready to present them with your complete menu, ordering & delivery systems. With increase in competition make it easy for them to go through your best offers, restaurant ambiance, quality service & of course the mouth-watering food.


There is an increase online ordering of food & cuisines across India from restaurants, cloud kitchens, & hotels. Why to stay behind?


Don’t just have a website, but with DSC as a custom website development company in India, you can build your Online Digital Ecosystem starting with premium websites & mobile applications. Use it to Grow your restaurant business along with Brand Awareness, Brand Value & acceptance. Be future ready enabling you to scale not just your website but also your online marketing strategy today.


Start your digital growth journey with DSC to leap over your competition with the Right decision today. Call or whatsapp us on +91 9123959931, email us at [email protected] of simple fill the below form booking your Website Development Consulting session with our Custom Web design & development professionals.

Developing Restaurant Booking Applications & Mobile Apps for Online Order Placements Digitizing Your Effective Serviceability Boosting Market Cap

Customize Mobile Applications & Booking Apps with Continuous Optimization & Annual Maintenance. Add More Features Making Digital Growth Journey Memorable


Full stack mobile application development team including UI/UX designers, developers with innovation experts here at DSC, help you develop your Idea into a Living Mobile App that supports & boosts your marketing activities regardless of challenges & complexity in your idea.


Don’t get stuck developing website apps & mobile apps that can’t be modified or upgraded with your business. Partnering with the best mobile app development company in India for restaurant & food chains, your mobile app development experts help you guide adding the Right Parameters, Features & Technology that assures a 3 Point Growth Strategy execution – Business, Digital & Marketing with added Increment in Revenue & New Customer base.


For an Integrated Digital Strategy application throughout your Restaurant business, start with the assets that are most important for both External & Internal Customers & data tracking for a strategic decisive approach.


Build High-performing Mobile Apps, Booking systems, Reservation platforms that handles the ever changing market scenario, network speeds, device tech ultimately effecting Customer experience.


Keep innovating & expanding with DSC – the Robust Mobile App Technology partners. Call for Brainstorming at +91 19123959931 & Email us at [email protected]

Innovate New Business Models & Expand Globally. With DSC’s Strategic IT Development & Support. Build Your Empire in the Food Industry. 3X-4X ROI

Competition is Past. Focus on Improving & Expanding Your Business Digitally Everywhere. Partnering with DSC, Experiencing Growth is the only Constant


COVID has taught us the value of ever-changing business & marketing channels. Now it’s so very pertinent. With Digitization, all Businesses are going digital. Some have Shorter Visions, well Some understand the future of Restaurant Business along with its potential to grow.


If you are a Restaurant owner or a Marketing Head who is aggressive & understands the dynamics of changing business environments, understands the opportunity and importance of being present everywhere all the time, connecting all the parameters of your business implementing Automation; then you are the best person to also understand the Advantages of Digitization, Innovation especially with that of Restaurant App:

  • Be present with the customer on the go whenever they search
  • Customers spend more while ordering via mobile app
  • Increase Productivity of your Restaurants & Food Chains by managing more orders accurately & efficiently
  • Run More Offers, Loyalty Programs communicating directly with your customers
  • Easy Online Ordering & eliminate Take Away mishaps
  • Make it easy & convenient for customers at Take Away Points avoiding confusions at both ends
  • Order Payment collection becomes smooth & hassle free for both parties
  • Secured & easy payment integrations
  • Integrate customer data with CRM & ERP System for Raw material consumption patterns. Enables your raw material vendor order in time
  • Understand consumption patterns at different locations to make better informed buying, selling & marketing decisions
  • Keep track of your resources to improve savings margins & many more


Connect with us today at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] booking your Restaurant Mobile App Development, Website Development or entire Digitization project for your Restaurant’s bright future. Our Digital experts will guide you with Right Digital knowledge, Technology know-how, helping you implement your Digital Transform wish for a secured & competitive future business plan.

Improve Efficiency of Your Restaurant Chain. Keep Track of Your Raw Material Consumption. Manage Your Vendors, Clients & Marketing with Digital Automation

With Custom Digital Transformation Projects Implemented for Your Business, You Can Not Just Grow, but Transform with Added 30%-40% growth


Manage Your Restaurant Business from the tips of Your Fingers. Get Departments Data to Improve Your Business Decisions. Improve Efficiency & Profitability with Savings. Leverage Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) power to Build Your Websites that Results in Conversions. Plan your Digital Growth strategically keeping future business objectives & targets in mind.


Developing Business’s Digital Architecture partnering with Website development company for Restaurants in India with web design services suitable for Food chains working in Ecommerce business model. Online responsive mobile apps, websites & Web applications for Omni-Channel marketing in today’s digital era is a must.


For a business to grow & move in the scalar trajectory its important to develop strategies with Business Improvement Initiatives as a Mid & Long run strategy. It requires Data across various data points throughout the existing system.


With DSC’s Coder’s Den Professionals, innovate your business model, digitize your business internally developing & implementing ERP Systems, Vendor management systems, CRMs, Raw Material & Warehouse management systems keeping your business in top shape all the time.


Automation is the best way to develop efficiency, effectiveness & productivity across all departments in your business. Be ready to overtake your competition & increase market share with added Digital transformation projects.


Fill the form below & Call/ WhatsApp us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Restaurants & QSR Website & Mobile App Development Agency in India

Website Development Agency for Hotels & Restaurants in India. Range of Custom-built Web Applications & Mobile Applications. Scale Your Business & Technology Asset as Per Your Business Requirement. Develop Your Digital Ecosystem Integrating Various APIs, ERP System Software & be with the Trend

  • Custom Build Website Design & Development
  • Variety of Website Development Modes to choose from
  • Focus on Stronger & Creative website Design Layouts – UI/UX Focused
  • Craft Your Hotel & Restaurant Website with Features & Functions as your Business Needs
  • Bridge & Evolve Your Business with Your Digital Ecosystem
  • Develop Mobile Apps with plethora of Functionalities & Technology platforms (iOS | Android | Hybrid)
  • Lead Generation & Brand Focused Design Layouts
  • Online Table Booking Systems, Reservation Systems APIs & a lot more Advancements
  • Strategic Digital Marketing for Hotels & Restaurant websites can be carried out
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to maintain a Healthy Scalable Digital Asset
  • Data Centric Digital Applications can be developed & Integrated
  • CRM Software, ERP Systems can be integrated to scale
  • Dedicated Resource Hiring Model Available for Hotel & Restaurant Website & Mobile App Projects
  • Systematic, Sustainable & Scalable Integrated Digital Marketing expertise to generate Visible Results
  • Innovative Product & Digital Solution Developing Capabilities to Help You Revolutionize the Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

DSC is India’s 1st Hybrid 360° Digital Solution Agency. We can help you build custom websites for Hotels & Restaurants from scratch following an Agile development flow system.


Responsive website design with smooth navigations, custom plugins & user-friendly interface makes sure of increasing customer engagement with your website & helps influence buying decisions


Talk to our IT Consultants & Digital Strategists to help you guide taking right decisions to get your website Designed & Developed for a Sustainable & scalable future proof business.

Call/WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

Well, there are different technology stacks that Hotel & Restaurant Business Chains, Owners & Marketing & Business Heads can leverage. It all depends on the requirement of your website. It includes factors like Design Layout, Functionalities, Features, Website Architecture etc. Even future Online Marketing efforts to be implemented should be taken into account in consideration of your Competitors & Budget.


To start with, following are some of Technology based websites that should be developed:

1. WordPress

2. WooCommerce

3. Drupal

4. Laravel

5. Custom PhP

6. Angular


Talk to our IT Consultants & Digital Strategists to help you guide taking right decisions to get your website Designed & Developed for a sustainable & scalable future proof business


Let’s discuss your project. Call/WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

With Development expertise across various technology stacks, our Developers can help you deliver API solutions. Our Website developers have strong experience & expertise in integrating APIs for payments, Hotel Booking, reservations, & much more as per your requirement with your Hotel & Restaurant website.


As one of the best API development service provider our developers can also help you develop custom APIs suitable for your business to make smooth functioning of your website effective for you internally & also for your Target Groups

Project Costing for Design & Developing a Website (or) Web Application for Hotels & Restaurants depend on a variety of factors including budget available for success of such development projects.


Following are some of the types of websites that you can leverage based on Investment Allocation, Functions & Features, Design Layouts, API integration & Complexity of project(s) Business objectives & future Strategic Digital Marketing objectives:


1. Ready Made Website Templates can help you fasten the process of making your website come to live

2. Customization of Ready Made Hotel & Restaurants Website Design & Layouts

3. Websites Development using Website Builders like Shopify, Wix etc

4. Pure Custom Design & Development for your Hotel & Restaurants Websites


Web Applications though are recommended to be always Developed with full customization as there are many components & functions that change based the business model, objective (Short | Mid & Long Term), associated Mobile Apps & their functionality including Designing & custom Development to support business functions


Depending on the above points & detailed website requirement for your Hotel & Restaurant Website Design & Development Project we will help you with the Project estimates & timelines


Book your Website Development Consultation & plan your Website & Web Application Design & Development project to support your Business & online Marketing growth today. Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us at [email protected]


You may also fill the form by clicking the below Button for a Call back to schedule the project success discussion with our Digital Strategists & Website Development Analysts

Developing ERP system softwares for Hotel Chains requires detailed study of your Hotel business & various functions across Raw material planning, Purchase, Supply Chain, Consumption planning across various departments for a smooth business data management & decision making


Also, the software can have components & modules to manage Customers, Room, Services incorporated with Booking management sorftware, Online Registration systems, Payment collections & many more functions with their respective calculating formulas feed into the system across different locations to track performances


Our Project Analysts & Developers along with our expert partnerships, we have a pool of strong knowledge base that can guide & help you design & Develop your Custom ERP System software for your chain of hotels in India and abroad


Improving efficiency & Efficacy is the need of the Hour for all Smart & Visionary Business Leaders to build a strong performing & scalable Hotel brand


Let’s Discuss your Hotel ERP Development Project. Call/ Whatsapp: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]. Let’s build you a strong & efficient Hotel Management System

Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is a Hybrid 360° Digital Solutioning Agency established to help our Business partners grow their businesses using Digital Solutions strategically building, nurturing the overall Digital Ecosystem in a systematic, sustainable & scalable manner focusing to find the best solution for Short, Mid & Long Term objectives.


Hotel & Restaurant businesses can leverage the following expert digital services with DSC Hotel Website & Mobile App development services:


1. Advance SEO Services for Hotel & Restaurants in India to Grow your Organic Traffic

2. Google Ads & Lead Generation Services to boost Data Centric Revenue Growth

3. Enhance Brand’s online presence with Social Media Management Services

4. App Store Optimization (ASO) Services to increase App Downloads & manage interaction with your customers

5. Marketplace Optimization Services like Swiggy, Zomato etc to boost revenue & support Brand Visibility

6. Keywords Research for SEO & Google Search Ads

7. Integrated Digital Marketing Services for 360° Holistic Online Multi Channel Marketing Growth

8. Digital Asset Management Services with Annual Contracts for your Hotel & Restaurant Chain Website & Mobile Apps running smoothly

9. Dedicated & Semi-Dedicated Resource Hiring for various projects from Website & Mobile App Development to ERP System Development to Digital Marketing Services

10. Creative Designing & Video Production: Animated, 2D, Illustrative videos for hotels & restaurants

11. Corporate Video Production to enhance Brand Strength & many more


Book your Website Development Consultation & online marketing plan your Website & Web Application Design & Development project Digital Marketing to support your Business & online Marketing growth today. Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us at [email protected]

Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Dominate your search results
  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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