Right Digital Marketing Agency to Support Your Online Grocery Store Business Expansion. Stop Losing Massive Opportunities to Generate Sales & Revenue. Enjoy True Growth Potential for Your Business. As an Online Grocery Store & Supermarket Business Head & Marketing Leader, You’re on the Edge Delivering Consistent Growth. DSC is Here to Fuel It & Create an Integrated Digital Success Story for Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets

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SEO Service Agency for Growth of Online Grocery Store & Hypermarkets. Increase Online Product Selling with 3X Brand ROI

Building Online Competitive Edge Boosting Your Buying Traffic, Marked Improvement in Organic Sales, Visibility & Grocery Website SEO Service KPIs


Successful Grocery Store web marketing requires many marketing channels & strategies. Using strategic & aggressive Ecommerce Online Grocery Store SEO Services by the best SEO agency in India is one of them.


For Newly Developed Grocery Websites or for Brands with heavy marketing investments, it’s worth mentioning to work on your:

  • Local SEO
  • Website Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Product Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Backlink creation
  • Digital PR
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Organic Data & Analytics Collection to name a few


We help Online Grocery Brands & businesses in India and abroad setting up your Digital KPIs, Brand & Online Marketing Strategy that enables your business to grow & scale with Right White Hat SEO Implementation which is beneficial for your website’s health & max performance


Let’s Discuss Your Online Grocery Business or Hypermarket’s Digital SEO Growth Strategy with our Online Ecommerce SEO professionals. We guide you across your Digital Growth journey. Call Us +91 9123959931 | Email us at [email protected] or simple share your requirement with us filling the form below.

Website & Mobile App Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Online Grocery Stores Making Big Business Impact in Short, Mid & Long Term

Digitize Your Business Assets with SEO Service Professionals Guiding Throughout Your Digital Success Journey. Apply Data Centric Digital Strategies


Website’s ranking in the Top 3 of the SERP almost receive 66-70% traffic. This means they have the potential to generate above 250% Organic Sales along with:

  • Strong Brand Visibility & Awareness
  • Better Brand Recall
  • More Relevant Traffic
  • You have better chances of taking up bigger size of the Market Cap
  • Repeat buying increasing LTV. This helps average out your Marketing Ad Spent
  • Gather More & relevant Customer Behavior data
  • Keyword Search pattern changes by your buyers
  • Take 1st movers advantage when you have relevant buyers’ data (on search, product interests & endearment metrics with your website)
  • Steadily increase & maintain more Keywords Ranking to accelerate SERP Rankings for New Keywords for SEO
  • Add New Products & offers and many more


Ecommerce SEO Services for Online Grocery Websites & Hypermarkets is Mid to Long term marketing strategy. It supports better results from your Paid Marketing campaigns. Digital Marketing is all about building Data, Ad Accounts, Data Accounts, Digital Assets with everyday maturity building-up with the dynamic marketing & business scenarios.


Bigger & Better Returns are Guaranteed working with DSC professionals Systematically, Structurally & Dynamically investing in your Online Marketing Strategy with peace of mind enabling you to think on expanding your business.

Go National with Your Online Grocery Store Website & Mobile Apps. Optimize Your Assets Improving Your Digital Brand Presence & Online Sales

Increase Life Time Value (LTV) of Your Customers with Repeat Buying. Increase Cart Checkout Rate, Business Profitability with Customer’s Buying Behavioral Data


Majority of the Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets wanting to increase their Online Sales & Revenues face multiple challenges of Ecommerce SEO unfortunately effecting their dreams of growing big. If you are one of them or wanting to accelerate your SEO Scale overcoming them, then below are a few challenges to note:

  • Irrelevant Ranking Keywords
  • Manual Penalties from Google
  • Dynamic Algorithmic challenges
  • Website Architectural & Coding issues
  • Wrong & No Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Falling Cart Checkout Rate
  • Reduced Product Page Visibility causing potential selling opportunity loss
  • Reduced Repeat Buying
  • Competition is taking away majority of your customers
  • Reduced LTV & thus less profit margins
  • Increased Product limits in your warehouse causing increase in warehouse management challenges & costs
  • Difficulty in understanding Your Customers path to Purchase
  • Wrong SEO practice implementation itself
  • & Many more business & Digital problems.


With DSC’s expert Ecommerce Online Grocery Store Management & SEO Services, plan your Digital & Business growth expansion correctly. Overcome these and other relevant challenges, some visible & many opaque to only improve your SEO ROI along with overall Brand ROI focused on Marketing ROI.


Your Patience + Online Grocery Store SEO Investment + DSC’s Expert Digital Guidance + SEO Performance = Guaranteed Digital Growth.


Book Your Digital Consultation plus SEO Consultation to understand and plan the details of your Successful Online Grocery & Hypermarket project methodology. We support, Startups, Unicons, MSMEs & Enterprises with progressive and aggressive mindset.

Overlooking Consistent, Relevant & Strategic Online Marketing Strategy for Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets is a Sure shot No Win Strategy

Multi-Channel Online Marketing Strategy Helps the New Age Online Grocery Store Brands Make Big. Get Result Focused Digital Marketing Strategy


Winning is a Habit, Online or Offline. Persistence with Updated Technology & Omni-Channel Marketing know-how with DSC’s Strategic Marketing & SEO Service Agency for Online Hypermarket & Grocery Stores is a Winning Digital Strategy


Grocery Store Marketing Campaigns ought to be crafted, Managed & optimized carefully with increase in digital, marketing & business variables. Brand Recognition & Awareness plays a vital role in buying decision with increase in price & product details. Yet, being present in front of desired customers as and when they search online for Grocery is quintessential


Right Marketing Communication with Multi-Channel Aggressive Marketing Campaigns plays a pivotal role in achieving Digital & Business Targets. Today your Online Grocery store has to be present with its online doors wide open all the time bringing in New & Repeat Orders. New Customer Acquisition with increase in Custom Loyalty towards your Brand & Products is a must. It also enables good product management & warehouse management with strategic business decisions that can help you either win or lose the future Business Growth potential.


Get the DSC Digital Partnering Advantage for Your Online Grocery Store with:

  • Professional Ecommerce SEO Services, Local, Regional & National & International
  • Strategic Google Ads Management Services
  • Social Media Marketing Management Services
  • Digital Branding
  • Customized Ecommerce Website Development & Mobile App Development Services
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Strong Analytics & Data Centric Marketing Framework
  • Video Creation
  • CRM & ERP System Development
  • Business Automation Services for full scale Ecommerce Online Grocery Store Growth.


Book your Digital Consultation today to plan your Business growth the Right Way. Call Us +91 9123959931 | Email us at [email protected]

Partner DSC As Your Preferred Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets SEO Agency for Ever Green Ecommerce SEO Success

Ecommerce SEO for Online Grocery with DSC makes sure your Website is in Safe Hands. Nurturing Your Ecommerce Website with Technical SEO, On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO. Learn Right SEO Factors Driving Scalable Results based Strong Research, Development for Sustainable Online Grocery SEO

  • Experienced SEO Experts
  • Strong Technical, On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • 24 detailed Parameters Worked on for Ecommerce SEO Foundation
  • Blog & Article Writing Content Team
  • Strong Ecommerce SEO Strategy Formulations
  • Systematic Building of Ecommerce Website for enhanced SEO Performance
  • Detailed Keyword Research making sure of Google Rankings
  • Targeting Customers & Search terms across the Customer Journey for better & Scalable results
  • Basic to Advance SEO Strategy build up for Ecommerce Grocery Store Websites
  • Strong SEO & Online Marketing R&D Team keeping SEO Professionals updated with the New
  • Mobile App Store SEO ability for ASO projects
  • Advanced tools to Analyse Website improvement points
  • Fast Modifications & Updating of Ecommerce sites for leverage SEO growth
  • Google Policy Adhered All the Time for White Hat SEO techniques – Ever Green SEO Technique
  • CRO Projects for Optimizing SEO Efforts & Improving Customer Experience with Website | Web Applications
  • Marketplace Organic SEO: Amazon, Flipkart Organic SEO
  • Detailed Reporting & Regular Brainstorming & Consulting Sessions

Frequently Asked Question for Online Grocery Store & Hypermarket SEO Services

Online Grocery Stores in India require Ecommerce SEO Strategically. With increase in competition only Paid Marketing cannot support growth of a strategic e-commerce business.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Online Grocery Store Business Website(s) help improve upon the Architecture and Hierarchy of the website as well as other important search engine optimization KPIs and parameters


From a business standpoint, search engine optimization for ecommerce websites support and increase brand awareness of the ecommerce website in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for relevant keywords which are used by the target audiences and potential customers searching on Internet for the relevant products available on the ecommerce website of the store


Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce Websites in India across all the pages of the website including the product pages with relevant Keywords Researched, Systems incorporated with product USPs, Benefits, Advantages and Prices enables interested buyers to place their orders in an simple process till the checkout page


For a potential customer starting from searching the product on Google to landing on to the Online Grocery Store Website going through the product details and finally placing the orders processing the payments becomes smooth seamless and easy with Customer Engagement Data generated over time with Ecommerce SEO Strategies & Activates in place


Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets with their online versions get lots of help with Ecommerce SEO implemented in an Evergreen model.  Its has direct benefit to your Paid Marketing efforts like Google Ads & visa versa.


In simple words, for an ecommerce grocery store business to grow & scale over time then business owners should start focusing on implementing Ecommerce SEO in a strategic manner keeping your ecommerce Website’s Analytics future in mind


Let’s Discuss with our Digital Ecommerce Marketing Specialists to help you understand and plan your best way forward to use Ecommerce SEO for your Online Growth & Success the Right way today. Call/ WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ecommerce websites and Web Applications is not a short term marketing gimmick. SEO is a very serious & strategic marketing effort that yield returns multi fold not just by increasing Traffic to the website but also by maintain & improving your website based on Data generated with every interaction of your potential customer with your online product pages.


When Ecommerce SEO is implemented correctly and in a systematic manner over a period of time Targeted Keywords start ranking & move towards the 1st position in the SERP. In general depending on the type of Technology used, Quality of Content writing & Aggressive Ecommerce Project signed, Keywords start ranking within 3-4 months. Some may start before that as well. But, for the Site to rank & improve Ranking Performance across multiple factors it does take time to the system to evolve correctly.


With more Keywords Ranking it helps in the following as well:

1. Build Strong Google Search Ranking Positions

2. Finding more Keywords (Brand | Product | Short Tail & Long Tail Keywords | Location based Keywords etc that can give more ideas to work on & scale your SEO Process

3. This also helps in identifying Best Keywords for your Google Ads Campaigns to optimize performances

4. User Engagement & Interaction Data gets generated to support Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Project initiations for your Ecommerce website

5. Helps in Saving a lot of funds that could get wasted to identify more Google Ad Relevancy

6. Stronger Brand Recognition

7. Even the algorithms start taking your Ecommerce Website & its efforts seriously. This helps in fastening the over Ranking process of the entire ecommerce site

8. Helps generate product v/s location specific data that enabling you to tale better informed business decisions

9. Much stronger & Advanced SEO strategies can be implemented on your Ecommerce Grocery Store website

10. Better Offers can be created based on Seasonal variations of products

11. In addition to these Advantages of Ecommerce SEO, it also helps improve Campaign performances across in multi-channel Strategy. That is, it gives your marketeers opportunity to use performance data across your digital assets inter changeably

12. Even this SEO performance data can be used to leverage increase in foot fall to your Physical Stores using Local SEO Strategies


Let’s Discuss with our Digital Ecommerce Marketing Specialists to help you understand and plan your best way forward to use Ecommerce SEO for your Online Growth & Success the Right way today. Call/ WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

In Majority, Ecommerce SEO is looked upon as an Activity in the online marketing industry. But here at DSC we look at it as a Marketing Project. Project with Strategy implementation & having strong impact of your overall Ecommerce Business cannot be looked at in isolation.


With so many factors to be touched & so many parameters to be worked at repeatedly, yielding results at every stage of your SEO Growth Journey, every knowledgeable and experienced SEO agency in India looks at it only as a crucial project

There are various KPIs & Digital parameters that our Ecommerce SEO professions here at DSC keep tracking for enhanced performance:

Keywords Ranking

Click Trough Rate (CTR)

Traffic Coming per Keyword

Google Penalties

Competition Trying to sabotage your ecommerce website’s growth performance

Organic Sales Generated with Data & project scale-up

Fall in Search Results Rankings with Algorithmic changes

What your Competitor at every stage of SEO Maturity is doing & not doing to find Recommended way forwards

Technical SEO Parameters

On-Page & Off-Page SEO factors and more as the project strategy & scale grows


To know more about Ecommerce SEO project implementation for your Online groecry business & Hypermarket Website SEO Services, Call/ WhatsApp : +91 9123959931 (or) email: [email protected]

Keyword Research for Ecommerce SEO Projects play a significant role in SEO Strategy scale up & site’s search performance.


Either you are already implementing your SEO project with us or want to only carry out a Project focussed on developing Strong Keywords List for your online grocery store; You can also invest in a separate project only on Keyword Research for Ecommerce SEO & Google Ads Campaigns



Talk to our Digital Ecommerce Marketing Specialists & allocated Project managers. We will be happy to help you find more & better Keywords to scale your Ecommerce Project(s). Call/ WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

Google Ads Management for Online Grocery Stores, Hypermarkets & Ecommerce Stores. Go for Performance Marketing with Growth Strategies

Best Online Grocery Stores & Brands Sell Strong with Google Ads Management & Google Shopping Campaigns & Optimization Strategies


D2C Brands & Online Grocery Supermarkets are clocking revenues above Rs. 2,000 Crores per annum, Targeting more with Repeat Buying, New Offers, New Product Listings with More Advanced and Aggressive Performance Marketing Management & Strategies.


Going Online is all about establishing your Brand Value, Brand Recall with Strong Marketing & Communication. Club it with Super Online Offers & Quality Product that people love and want in support with a good & reliable delivery system. Partnering with DSC gives you the Advantage of Omni-Channel Marketing. Take Business & Distribution Management Strategy Consultation Services to scale it up for better results.


Different types of Google Ads management Services for Grocery Stores & Online Supermarkets are offered by Google. Starting from:

  • Google Search Ad Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Ads with Merchant Center Management
  • Google Display Ads
  • Gmail Ads or In Mail Ads
  • Google Banner Ads
  • Google Search Network Ads
  • Performance Max Ads and many more


All Brands understand the importance of Online Marketing. The Opportunity to grab market, new customers & repeat customer buying, they Waste by Not being present everywhere when your preferred customer searches for your enlisted products.


Investment in Paid Online Marketing is growing. And Digital gives the opportunity to build the Digital Accounts Ground Up. Every Ad run Correctly, Managed & optimized Correctly becomes the stepping stone for your Future Successful Ad Campaigns across Google Shopping Ad & Google Ads Account. Getting it wrong with small investments in short run might not affect you, but in Long run it definitely will.


Are you doing the Same mistake? Want your Google Shopping Ads Account & Google Ads Accounts & Campaigns to Help you Scale your Marketing efforts correctly & transform into a successful Grocery Store Business in India & Abroad?


Plan your Online Grocery Store Business Strategically with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) as your Digital Partner today.

Online Grocery Shopping Made Easy. Reach Your Target Audiences Every Time. Build Data Centric Google Ads Account. 3X Your Grocery Store Revenue

Profitable Online Grocery Selling with Right Ad Management Strategies Helps Save Your Ad Budget. Use it to Show More Ads Increasing Buying Customers


For Ecommerce Marketing companies & Businesses in Grocery Store, Search on Google means Google Shopping with product data feed powering the Ad Accounts for Ad Optimization Strategies.


Use your Ad budget & Investments correctly fueling the future of your business growth. Test Marketing Campaign variables with A/B Testing with multiple Landing pages & Product Pages. Gather Marketing Data, Customer Behavior Data, Engagement Data to Optimize campaigns that yield greater ROI building your Digital KPIs.


Implement CRO for your Online Grocery Store & Supermarket ecommerce website. Build Ecommerce Mobile Apps that enable Increased Sales with Brand Recall. Build your Brand Awareness with Brand Positioning Boosting Repeat buying improving LTV, ATL & BTL for your online business.


Run Multiple Ad Campaigns across different platforms using Data & Ad platform Artificial Intelligence (AI) correctly helping you build run & manage Campaigns that are scalable in nature with optimization of your Website Technology.


DSC guides Online Grocery Store Businesses with Integrated Ecommerce Marketing Strategies & Google Ads Strategies customized for your business to help you achieve your Digital & Business Objectives and Goals Systematically & Sustainably.

Systematic Growth Management for Online & Offline Grocery Store Expansion. Increase Online Revenue Boosting Store Visits with Enticing Offers  

Supermarkets & Hypermarkets in India are Going Hyper Local. Implement Business Models Understanding the Buying Customer Behavior


Customers in your Target Territories are increasing Daily & Monthly Grocery Searches online & google, looking for fast paced, quality Grocery Services delivered at their footsteps. This is a potential for those business leaders interested in building their own D2C Brands in the domain.


Online Grocery market size in India is expected to expand to at a compounded annual growth rate of 37.1% (CAGR) from 2021 – 2028. There is an increase in traction in the industry because of changing lifestyle, urbanization, consumer behavior, consumption patterns. Even the Multi nationals, Brands, are heavily investing in online marketing, Technology making it convenient for Target Customers to shop online for groceries. This has been further boosted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Changing times require changing marketing, technology & business model solutions.


With ever increasing internet penetration, lower internet costs, available smartphones, consumers prefer Omnichannel shopping experience.


Both Online & Offline Stores benefit from the Multi-disciplinary marketing campaigns which is supported by Digital Search, Brand & Consumer data.


With DSC, you make sure of your marketing exercises & Technological advancements right on time, always helping you return stronger Digital Revenues with added market penetration & Optimized Marketing Spends.


Leverage the True power of Digital with Online Marketing Campaign Frameworks helping you develop sustainable & scalable online grocery & Hyperstore business. Reach millions of Customers increasing your online Grocery sales, plus bring them to your Offline Stores & Units with building your True Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy in place.

Best Google Shopping Ads Agency & Management Services Helps Your Evolving Online Grocery Store Transform into a True D2C Brand

Grocery Store Advertising is Evolving. E-Grocery Shop Advertisements are Increasing. Best Google Shopping Ads Agency in India Empowers Your Digital Transformation


With the masses adopting the digital way of consumption, its interesting to see the changes in the Grocery business in India. You may deal with any specific category or all categories of Grocery to sell through your Online Grocery Website & Mobile Apps.


Its absolutely necessary to understand that online marketing is no more just a game of running some Google Ad Campaigns, Google Shopping Campaigns, Display campaigns etc etc. It’s a complex Marketing ecosystem that needs to be built over time investing strategically over years.


Acquisition Strategies: You need to have Short & Mid Term Goals & Strategies supporting your Digital Properties & Business to grow & sustain.


Engagement Strategies: Building Digital Brand Acceptance, Visibility & Awareness with Campaigns to Boost Brand & Product Trust.


Conversion Strategies: Building Successful Revenue models, offers, based on likes & dislikes, behaviors, across geographies of your Target Buying customers.


Repeat Buying Strategies: Make your customers return to your website & mobile Apps again & again to buy only from you. This helps increase Life Time Value (LTV), Optimized CPC, CAC, CPMs and other Online Marketing Metrics.


Building the entire Omni-Channel experience, with digital ecosystem building a Strong Ecommerce D2C Brand is the essence of Hour.


With DSC’s Best Google Shopping Ads Management & Omni-Channels Marketing Strategies in place, now get a 360° Digital Ecosystem Built for your Online Grocery business & supermarkets Reaching Millions with Optimization Strategies & Boosting Higher ROI, ROAS & increased Market penetration gearing your business (External & Internal) to beat the competition for sure.


Schedule Your Digital Growth Journey with DSC for Transforming Your Grocery Store into Online B2C Brand today the Correct Way.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets Google Ads Marketing Agency in India

Ecommerce Google Ads & Shopping Ads Agency for Online Grocery Stores & Supermarkets in India. Building Strong Ad Accounts with Analytics Application. Guaranteeing Growth in Google Ads Sales & Revenue with Higher ROI & ROAS. Be Future Ready to Scale Your Google Ads to Increase Market Cap

  • Cumulative 15+ years of Experience in Managing google Ads Campaigns
  • Brand & Product Centric Keyword Research for Google Ads Campaigns
  • Multiple Google Ad Variations like Google Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube Ads
  • Detailed Diagnostics & Audit of Google Ads Campaigns Accounts
  • Bridging Google Ads Performance Data with Business Performance
  • Regular Ad Account Maintenance to Optimize Google Ad Performances
  • Building Campaign Trends in relation to your Target Audiences
  • Performance & Higher ROI Focused Google Ads Management
  • Higher Ad Budget Management Capabilities. Example: ₹10-20 Lakhs per day Ad Budget Campaigns
  • Strong Creatives to Increase Display Ad Results
  • Google Shopping Ads & Merchant Centre Management
  • Visible Growth in Performance Month on Month Guaranteed
  • Google Ads KPIs Improvement
  • Higher Quality Score of your Google Ads with Optimization Strategies
  • Strong R&D Team to support Google Ads
  • Re-Marketing Campaigns Across Google Ad Variations throughout the Marketing Funnel

Frequently Asked Question for Online Grocery Store & Hypermarket Google Ads Agency Services

Ecommerce Marketing Industry in India is Growing with a fast pace. It is expected to grow Online Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) to US$ 100-200 Billion by 2025 & reach US$ 350 Billion by 2030


Starting with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) enables your ecommerce business in the retail grocery & hypermarket segment to scale systematically & sustainably making sure your investment & Ad budgets are always used correctly to Build & Nurture stronger Marketing & IT Performances over time


Google Ads & its variations are one of the Strongest Ad Platforms that should be leveraged by Ecommerce retail & Grocery Stores.


At DSC, our ecommerce Google Ads Experts help you with the following Ad Variations:

1. Google Search Ads

2. Google Shopping Ads

3. Google Display Ads

4. YouTube Ads

5. Google Re-Marketing Ads across all the above Ad variations


Just Running Google Ads is not enough. It needs to be strategic & Data Centric enabling a proper Ad Account Growth system in place that can be worked upon to grow the overall Online Marketing system boosting sales & revenue growth

Google Ads & its Ad variations are used for many reasons throughout the Digital Customer Journey. Depending on the Digital Asset Maturity & the Level, Objectives set to achieve or Challenges that needs overcoming, different Google Ads Variations are used.


We can help grow your Google Ads Accounts with well planned Structural Growth along with the following points that become beneficial for your long term Google Ads & Online Grocery Business:

1. Increase Relevant Traffic to Website

2. Improve Brand Awareness

3. Improve Online Sales & Revenue Generation

4. Improve Google Ads Campaigns, Ad Set & Ad Quality

5. Improve CRT

6. Develop Various Data Set like Customer Behavior Pattern, Product Sales Seasonality Trend, Best offer creations as per TG & Target Locations to name a few

7. Improve Landing Page relevancy

8. Improve Cart Sales & processing

9. Develop Stranger Brand Recall

10. Ad Variation based Performance enhancements

11. Improve Scalability across Ad Platforms & Ad Variations etc


Let’s Discuss with our Digital Ecommerce Marketing Specialists to understand and plan your best way forward to use your Online Marketing Investments the Right way today. Call/ WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected]

Google Ads can be run with a small budget investment of ₹500/- per day that is amounting to ₹15,000/- per month. But, it is to be noted that to make your investments work wonders & Google Ads yields Relevant & Scalable results depends on the following factors like:


1. Type of or Category of your Online Retail Business

2. Number of Products available on your Ecommerce Website

3. Type of Technology used to build your Website or Web Applications

4. Available Market Size in Target Location(s)

5. Market type: Local, Regional, National or International

6. Brand Awareness

7. Brand Recall Rate etc

8. Platform Data & Campaign Data Sets available for Analysis

9. Competition performance (direct & indirect) etc


At DSC based our years of experience, we recommend the following in case planning to initiate at a local level for Startups or Mid Size Businesses. Google Ads should be started from ₹20,000/- per Month Ad budget at least. This gives some opportunity to build your campaigns keeping the above points in few months


Similarly, for Regional/ State Level depending on the above factors, your Per month Ad Budget Allocation should start from ₹40,000 – 50,000/- per month. Though this budget is small but, it is good enough to lay good Google Ads foundations across parameters & helps google ads experts & marketeers to slowly build your campaigns performances


For National Level Google Ads its best to allocate Google Ads Ad Budgets per month anywhere starting from 1Lakh and onward


The above Ad budgets presented at examples to help you give an idea of setting up Google Ads Monthly Ad budgets. This can change or be different based on real Project Requirements, Objectives & Challenges


Agency Fees for Google Ads Management for Online Grocery Stores & Hyper Markets vary depending on project at hand. To choose the best Google Ads Management Agency fees suitable for your Ecommerce Grocery Store & Hypermarket business Let’s Discuss


Talk to our Ecommerce Marketing Strategists to understand how to invest correctly & develop a matured mind set towards Digital Growth. Call/WhatsApp: +91 9123959931, email: [email protected]

Depending on the points mentioned in above FAQs, post our Free Initial Digital Consulting Session, our Ecommerce Marketing Experts can help you plan and select the best Google Ads Variation(s), Approach & Monthly Ad Budgets.


We have both Ready Made & Customised Consultative Approach to be implemented for your Google Ads for your Online Supermarket. Business Expansion when done right partnering with DSC, guarantees considerable growth & profitability with focus on Reduction of Ad Wastage


Based our mutual discussion, Google Ads Deliverables are set. Accordingly, our Online Ecommerce Marketing Strategists will help you choose the best Google Ads Agency fees to start with. With DSC as your Online Integrated Ecommerce Marketing Partner, you can take advantage of our Expert knowledge of Digital Ecommerce Marketing across various sectors & brands to work strategically and grow your online Grocery Store & Hypermarket Online Sales, Revenues & Ad Account Health.


We will make sure a steady growth is achieved with you focusing on running your Grocery Business with efficient management with a peace of mind.


Talk to our Ecommerce Marketing Strategists to understand how to invest correctly & develop a matured mind set towards Digital Growth. Call/WhatsApp: +91 9123959931, email: [email protected]

We follow a simple & smooth Google Ads Process at Digital Strategy Consultants for Ecommerce Business interested in scaling their E-Grocery Business.


Steps of Starting Google Ads with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC):

Step 1: Proper Requirement Understand & Consulting to Help You Understand the Right ways to proceed

Step 2: Project Signup for Google Ads Projects

Step 3: Project Understanding by our Google Ads Expert deployed for your Google Ads Project & discussion – Diving into the project details

Step 4: Key-word Research & any other R&D for your Google Ads as per Variation(s) Selected & Creating Ad Accounts if need be

Step 5: Creating Google Ad Campaign Structures, Ad Sets & Ads for your products & Brand

Step 6: Budget Allocation

Step 7: Ecommerce Website Modification Suggestions & Landing Page Optimization recommendations if need be

Step 8: Brainstorming before initiating your Google Ads Campaigns

Step 9: Google Ads Campaign Optimization Strategy implemented for performance Improvement

Step 10: Regular Campaign Performance Measurement & Digital KPI Measurement with Google Ads Optimization Strategies

Step 11: Ad Budget Management & Budget Wastage Management strategies in place


All of these activities are carried out within the 1st Month itself – 80% focus on Right Planning & 20% focus on building the Right Google Ads Assets & Analytics at the beginning of the project


Thereafter 70% focus on Campaign Performance enhancement & 30% focus on ideating & innovation of New Offers to Data Analysis & A/B Testing to find the best suitable & Relevant Target Audiences to match your Campaigns Improving Online Grocery Google Ads performance


As the Campaigns keep performing & generating results within days of starting the campaigns, our Google Ads experts start diving deep into the project, shifting from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of your Google Ads Performance & so on. This is a Strong, Systematic & Sustainable process that help you manage Order Delivery & Procurement Management & other crucial internal Business Management Efficiently as your business keeps scaling over time


Wanting to Grow the Right way & Secure your Ecommerce Grocery Business’s futures, the talk to our Ecommerce Marketing Strategists to understand how to invest correctly & develop a matured mind set towards Digital Growth.


Call/WhatsApp: +91 9123959931, email: [email protected] and start your Digital Growth Journey with a Peace of Mind

Connecting, Building Relations & Nurturing Audiences for Grocery Store Businesses is Getting Easy, More Data Centric & Cost Effective

Communicate with Your Target Audiences Effectively Making the Brand Interaction Personal. Convert Better & Boost Your Sales


Buying Grocery is a Very Personal. So should Your Grocery Brand, Online Marketing & Brand Communication. Digital Marketing agency like Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is your 360° Solution for your Marketing, Business & IT needs.


Target Audiences in Target Markets with Daily Grocery product sales. Reach your customers or add new customers consistently adding to your revenue. The best social media marketing company in India for Grocery stores and Hyper-stores like Blinkit, BigBasket, JioMart, and other Brands are selling more than ever. Online grocery shopping has post covid has increased +233% with online customers increment by at least +235%. Online grocery shopping orders have shown an increment by +185%.


Even in the Regional Markets New players are entering with Strategic Heavy Marketing Investment Spends.


Make connection with buying audiences with Creative Messaging. Understand Customer Behavior with Purchase Data, Search Data. Make better informed business decisions at every level with DSC’s ecommerce online shopping marketing experts at your side.


Want to Start your Digital Growth for Grocery Business Online? Book Your Social Media Marketing Agency for Online Groceries Selling Clicking Below.

Online Grocery Stores are Increasing Brand Value & Brand Recall with Better Customer Persona. Product Positioning is Improving

Improve Your Return on Investment (ROI) & Return on Ad Spent (ROAS) Selling More Products Online. Plan Better & Sustainable Growth Strategy with DSC


Business has to Grow & be ready to take on competition. Is yours Ready? Are Your Decisions & Marketing Platforms ready yet for the Transformation that your are expecting in your online grocery shopping store?


With Social Media Marketing improve your:

  • Overall Brand Recall
  • Digital Brand position
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Help Influence Buying decisions of your customers
  • Improve Profitability of Your Marketing Campaigns & Business
  • Reach Millions at Optimized Cost of Marketing
  • Rebranding & Re-Marketing Campaigns
  • Understand Your Customers Better. Know what they like & don’t like, their behavior to craft enticing Product Offers, Discounts etc.
  • Give better Customer Experience increasing Repeat Buying making your Marketing Truly Profitable in Short, Mid & long Term.


Successful Marketing campaigns with DSC’s digital marketing professionals will help generate 3X-4X Brand ROI along your digital growth journey sustainably with higher Return On Ad Spends (ROAS).

Lets connect & Make Your Grocery Business into a Strong D2C Brand. We support with Advanced & Systematic Working Frameworks to build your Digital Ecosystem across Social Platforms.

Have You Started Influencing Shopping Behavior in Your Target Markets? Build Your Online Grocery Brand Growth Story Starting Today

Implement Aggressive, Tactical & Strategic Ecommerce Social Media Marketing to Gain Traction to Your Brand. Build Your 4X ROI Digital Journey with DSC


Social Media Marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others along with Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are revolutionizing the buying trends. Target Customers are sharing their Buying & Searching & consumption behaviors.


DSC’s online social media marketing agency for Grocery stores, on-demand grocery business apps & Hypermarkets are making it convenient for their Clients to be Infront of their Target Audiences all the time.


Apply Influencer Marketing at the Right Stage of your Business & matured marketing Accounts to improve Brand positioning.


Remarket with Optimized Social Media Branding Campaigns to leave an everlasting influence. Share Your Brand Growth Story influencing customers connecting & reconnecting with them on the go.


Grow your versatility & expand your business models & revenue models along with Online Grocery Shopping, On-Demand Grocery Delivery businesses with customer behavior data across platforms. Make it possible to generate Store footfalls in your physical stores & hypermarkets.


Improved Brand Awareness & visibility helps establish Brand trust & Authority both for Your Customers & all the algorithms. Online Marketing for Ecommerce Grocery Websites and Delivery Mobile Apps for Online Grocery shopping is now more strategic with Guaranteed Brand ROI Increase.


With DSC, your Opportunity to Digital growth is Unlimited. Book your Consultation with our social media marketing agency professionals. Plan the Right Social Media Marketing Approach with Budgeting that helps achieve Digital & Business KPIs and goals profitably.

Make Your Grocery Store Website & Mobile App Money Making Marketing Tool Selling More, Increasing Revenues, Monetizing with Repeat Buying

Online Grocery Buying Behaviors Are Changing Fast. Marketing, Digital Branding & Business Growth Tools & Platforms are Evolving


Attracting more customers for grocery stores through social media marketing is in trend & its giving results to Online Grocery Brands, D2C Brands & Hypermarkets alike. All Brands & Serious Businesses are going All Guns Blazing with aggressive Marketing campaigns, Retargeting campaigns, Brand Campaigns, Product Launch Campaigns in all Social Platforms with:

  • Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  • Instagram Marketing Campaigns
  • YouTube Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Programmatic Ad Campaigns and more


With ever increase in competition understanding the potential of Online Grocery Shopping Business in the Indian Sub-continent & across the globe, with added advantage of Data Analytics & interpretation brands are taking advantage of Omni-Channel Marketing adding:

  • TV Ads
  • In Movie Ads
  • Digital OOH Platforms
  • Print Media Ads
  • Radio Advertisements and many more


Search & Buying behavior changes with time & easy of comfort to place online orders. With access to new ways of cooking, recipes, occasions are becoming more special. Chefs, cloud kitchens, also influence the cooking and grocery consumption habits of audiences. Seasonal cuisines cause surge in variety of grocery requirements as well.


Capture more audience & relevant traffic to your Ecommerce shopping store website or increase download of Grocery Store Apps. Increase your Repeat buying with increase in Customer loyalty with improved Customer Experience with Digital marketing agency solutions for Grocery & supermarkets online.


Partnering Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Grocery Store Social Media Marketing Management Services is the best Strategic decision Business Owners, Marketing Heads & Growth Experts take in favor of their Business.


Share your Digital Marketing requirement & growth plans with our Growth Strategist today.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Agency for Online Grocery Store Helping Progressive & Aggressive Online Businesses to Scale Brand Values, Online Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Systematically. We Focus on Setting Up Effective Processes in Place. Transform into a Strong D2C & Online Retail Brand

  • Social Media Marketing Team with Creative Approach
  • Strategic Approach & Advanced Marketing Methodologies Implemented
  • Online Digital Branding Campaigns – Manage your Brand’s Persona Development
  • Connect with Your Relevant Audiences & Influence Their Buying Decisions
  • Develop a Strong Customer Engagement Data to Market New Grocery Products & Offers
  • Consistent Competitor Analysis to Identify Opportunities for Social Growth
  • Multi-Channel Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Strong Analytics & Data Based Campaign Optimizations
  • Inter Connecting Marketing Channels for Consistent Performance Improvement
  • Ad Budget Management Strategies
  • Creativity at its Best – General Social Media Posts to Creative Posts to Videos (Illustrative, Animation & 2D Explainer. All under one roof)
  • Generate High ROI & ROAS. Growth Confirmed to Capture Markets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to Online Grocery Store & Hypermarket Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing is the arm of Digital Marketing that helps create strong Brand & Product & Offer Awareness, Connect with Your engaged customers repeatedly helping them decide to place online grocery orders from your Ecommerce Website or Mobile Apps.


Building a strong community in your Social Handles can also help create Groups & social Marketplaces to enlist your products for your customers to place orders going straight to your mobile apps & websites


Building Strong Awareness at cheaper CPCs & CACs help you reach target audiences way more. Why to hold ourselves at this level alone?


With more strategic approach we can build data trends of Customer Groups that buy products online from you. That gives you the power to create better offers & us the opportunity to be ready with creative messaging & effective campaigns across the social media paid advertisements constantly improving efficiency of your Ecommerce Marketing efforts yield stronger & bigger results to support your business growth objectives as well

In case you are planning to start your social media marketing then it is always recommended to start with a selective few. This makes sure our marketing efforts are focused on building the various KPIs of the said Social Handles, be it Paid (or) Organic


At DSC, we believe Maximum & Proper Utilization of resources with objectives to achieve in a systematic manner building the overall Marketing Ecosystem


With increase in competition in the Online Grocery store business in India more & more players are joining the bandwagon, investing heavy to pick up market cap for their business & brand penetration in the target markets.


Thought the above point sounds good, but in absence of a strategic all-round Systematic Marketing growth effort in place, we see increase in online ecommerce stores closing down in few years. These are those ecommerce businesses that once in their starting days made lots of profits & generated bigger Sales & Revenues.


This helps New Ecommerce Business Owners& Product lines to understand the Importance of Right Social Media Marketing Management to support your Integrated Ecommerce Grocery Store Business


There are many social media platforms Starting from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, In App Advertisements that can be leveraged. Even Linked can be used to achieve goals based on setting up right Objectives (business | Marketing | Channel Specific etc)

Well, that depends on factors like the Ecommerce Segment you are into, Type of Products, Competition existing or can develop & how soon, Aggressive approach taken or not, Size of Target Locations, Target Groups that are available, How detailed & Data Centric you want your social management project to dive into etc


1. There are a few more points as well:

2. Number of Social Channels, Your Vanity Metrics to be focused on per channel

3. What stage(s) of maturity does your Social Handles exists

4. Maturity level of your Social Media Channel Campaigns & Data Sets

5. What is missing that’s impacting your campaigns effective growth

6. What Business Objectives & KPIs are set & other factors


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting Session calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan Growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Well, every Ecommerce business has its own Strengths, Challenges & Opportunities both Intrinsic & Extrinsic. Acknowledgement of those points are a very must for any business to plan for its successful growth


As per the points mentioned in the above FAQ sections, by now we expect a number of things must have been clear.


Social Media Strategists at DSC strongly upheld such inputs & views when it comes to building a Strong Online grocery Store & Ecommerce Brand


These points are all applicable for Regional Players as well wanting to grow & scales their marketing operations in partnership with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) as your Social Media Agency for Online grocery Stores & Hypermarkets


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting Session calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan Growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Depending on the type of Project Requirement & deliverables freezed based our Digital Consulting & Growth Approach there are various Ready Made Social Media Plans & Packages available to choose from


Also, in case of a Consultative Approach you can also ask for Custom Social Media Marketing packages here at Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). We would love to help you understand the differences & guide the best one suitable for your project(s)


Our Ready Made Packages are made based months of detailed market research across the globe to craft the best packages that will yield results proportionately


DSC plans to help stabilize the market, setting Right Project Costing Standards to help our Partner Clients in India & Abroad to leverage a perfect fit for your Online Ecommerce Grocery & Hypermarket business.


We hope to help Businesses avoid wrong partnering based on just price & wrong information that ultimately negatively effects the Business growth leading to wastage of Investments, Time & Resources which unfortunately gets realized after a long time by when things are already in a bad shape


Social Media Marketing for online Hypermarkets & grocery stores in India is a crucial part in the entire Ecosystem Building Initiative for Successful Ecommerce Marketing Projects that impact the future of the Ecommerce Business & the Ecommerce Industry as a whole


Let s Build Strong Ecommerce Businesses that Grow & Scale making sure of investments work wonders for your Ecommerce Online Store & Digital Assets with Right Social Media Marketing initiatives in place


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting Session calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan Growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Ecommerce Grocery Business & Supermarkets Are Opting for Best Online Marketing Agency for Grocery Stores. Going Aggressive with Advertisements

Are You as a Business Owner & Marketing Head Enjoying the Same Peace of Mind? Start Building Your Ecommerce Digital Ecosystems for Real Growth


DSC – India 1st 360° Digital Solutioning & Consulting Agency with its Hybrid & Advanced Ecommerce Marketing Strategy & Execution Frameworks, you can now implement Digital Marketing & online shopping best practices to increase grocery store’s brand recognition & get more customers developing your Marketing & Digital Ecosystems correctly, systematically & sustainably.


PPC & Google Ad Campaigns: Designing & Developing Custom Ecommerce Websites for Online Supermarkets & Grocery Stores allows Ecommerce Shopping Ad Campaigns & Google Search Ad Campaigns, Display Ad Campaigns & others to be Run & Managed correctly with DSC’s expert PPC Managers & project professionals. With Compelling Ad Copy, Optimization bidding strategies, custom Landing pages developed we strive to improve your Online Ad Quality Score improving relevance of Targeting the Relevant Customers & Keywords along with stronger Google Merchant Center Management tactics. Partnering with online shopping ads agency for grocery in India helps your business grow strategically.


SEO for Grocery Stores & Supermarkets: Grocery has varied search patters based on customer behavior & seasonal change in requirements. Your ecommerce grocery store’s online organic search visibility for products & brand visibility plays important role. DSC SEO professionals & experts help build targeted Keywords list, content with on-page optimization for improved Customer experience boosting site performance.


Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Building Online Supermarket business is all about Stronger Brand Visibility, Awareness, Product Offers, Engagement & Connect with your Targeted Customers. Social Media marketing for online grocery store & online supermarkets plays a pivotal role. Repeat buying occurs with stronger Brand Assurance, Product versatility & Best Social media Marketing best practices.


Content Marketing: With Content connect with your target audiences influencing their buying behavior. With DSC strengthen your Connect marketing strategy with Right Topic Selection, Keyword Research & Relevancy.

Multi-channel ECommerce Marketing for Grocery Stores – Leveraging More Marketing Platforms in your Integrated Ecommerce Approach 

Online Retail Growth Systems Deployed Strategically with focus to Establish Multi Channel Performance & Inter Data Marketing Relevancy. Building Ecommerce Digital Ecosystems for Confirmed Future Growth


Email Marketing: Entice & share new offers, discounts, product launch news with your customers. Attract New Customers & bring your existing customers to help them buy more from your online supermarket & grocery store with the best eCommerce marketing agency in India.


Display Ad Campaigns: Reach Masses across target geographies & different online websites, news websites etc. increasing your Brand visibility, Traffic to ecommerce store for online shopping, increase sales with cost effective google display advertisements. Add the strength of Data based Performance marketing to your marketing arsenal.


Creatives & Visuals: Be creative while communicating with your customers & audiences. From Creative posts to video making to 2D or 3D Animation videos & marketing them across target geographies & markets helps attract customers with crisp & simple yet effective communication.


Ad & Budget Optimization Strategies: With DSC marketing team at your side, Test different Ad platforms, variants, campaign types, messaging, add copies, Landing page strategies & more to identify what works best for you online supermarket & grocery store business. Create your Annual marketing budgets, IT budgets to make right business decisions along your digital growth journey. Campaign optimization the Right sustainable way is the sure short success way to growth & scaling. Get aggressive to beat your competitors.


Mobile App Marketing: Mobile Apps are the in trend for online Grocery & Supermarkets. Get your Mobile App for Grocery Store developed with us. Be sure to get the best grocery store mobile developed for your brand which is customer relatable, classy & helps your customer buy & place grocery orders fast & repeatably. With DSC, Market your Mobile Apps on Google Play Store & Apple Store with various marketing campaigns & advertisement plans Track you customers with App Downloads, App Usage, Add new users, Increase repeat buying increasing LTV, CTR & Reducing CPC, CAC & other KPIs

Creating Winning Online Channel Marketing Campaigns with Added Advantage of Performance Marketing. Reach More for Conversions Profitably

DSC’s Online Marketing & Growth Strategies Give Your Online Grocery Brand an Edge Over Competition. Leverage Right Data Analytics & Customer Buying Behavior


Online Grocery business is heating up with opportunity to grow & scale business over 1000% or 10X ROI. This has caused a surge with more players entering the market. Indian Online Grocery Business are booming, with those allied businesses like Online Delivery businesses are slowly picking up pace.


International companies are entering the segment with huge budgets for market acquisition. This is the perfect time for Startups, MSMEs & Unicorns in Grocery business & Grocery delivery business to invest strategically building a business model and Digital ecosystem that is sustainable, scalable & generates profits with larger opportunity to expand in other markets and economies around the world.


Growth Strategies with DSC business consultants are holistic in approach. With definitive Result Focused approach your Online Business can leverage best knowledge know-how connecting dots across:

  • Business Environment – Internal & External
  • Digital Marketing & Online Shopping
  • Customer Behavior Metrics
  • Budgets Allocation & Management for Guaranteed Optimized Growth


Use Data Analytics strongly to identify Likes & Dislikes, Search Patterns & consumption patterns across different geographies & Target Customer Segments & Ad platforms. Building Grocery & online Superstore Brands has never been easy with help of Data Analytics, Interpretation & Marketing Automation implementation across business arms giving the best Customer Experience your Loyal Customers deserve.


Book your Online Grocery Store Business the Right Sustainable way with peace of mind with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). Book your Appointment today or Call/ Whatsapp us : +91 9123959931 & Email: [email protected]

Brand Persona Connects Relevant Target Audiences. Run Campaigns Across Channels that Yield Higher ROI Opportunity Online. Omni Channel Way

A/B Testing with Plethora of Marketing Channels, Marketing Assets, Landing Pages & More. Have Successful Product Launch’s in Target Markets


Investing in Online Grocery Store to get shoppers buy online from your Ecommerce grocery store or mobile App by downloading it or Off the Shelf coming to your Offline Physical Store, DSC gives you the opportunity to leverage digital like no other ecommerce marketing agency.


Increase Customer footfall, Online Shopping Experience, Build your Digital Brand recognition & increase annual revenues to Profit margins & Savings Margins with tons of clear marketing, customer data helping your build your preferred Customer’s Persona. This enables faster & greater Targeted Ad Messaging, Reach & influence to help your Potential New & Existing customers buy more and Repeatedly from Your Online Superstore transforming into a D2C brand.


Here at DSC, we look at ROI in more than one perspective. Understanding Different Digital Return On Investment (ROIs):

  • Campaign Level ROIs
  • Ad Level ROIs
  • Platform ROIs
  • Integrated Digital Marketing ROI
  • Regional ROI
  • Integrated Marketing & Advertisement ROI – Offline & Online
  • Business or Brand ROI & many more


Testing Ad formats is an essential part of marketing. With Data variables it gains effectiveness at every stage for Business Heads, Company Founders, Venture Capitalists & most importantly your Target Market & Customers when they become Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic & Time bound – The SMART GOALS Methodology of Digital Advertisements.


Interested to start your Online Grocery Store, but not sure how to plan the execution correctly? Then book your Digital consultation & Ecommerce Marketing Services with DSC today building a Successful D2C brand ground up.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Campaigns for Your Ecommerce Grocery Brand Websites & Mobile Application. Boost Sales & Customer Experience

Boost Online Product Sales & Brand Recall with Increased Life Time Value (LTV) upto 200%. Go for Programmatic Advertisements with Data Based AI Campaign Management


CRO for Ecommerce marketing is a very integral yet delicate part of the process. With increase in Data variables across your digital, business & marketing KPIs, the next stage of Optimization of your Landing Pages, Ecommerce website, Mobile Applications starts.


This can be considered as the 2nd phase of building your Ecommerce shopping journey – The Growth Phase. Consistent Optimization helps your Grocery Store & Online Supermarket with the following points & more:

  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Improve Customer Experience boosting ease of online shopping on your Ecommerce platform
  • Building Brand Trust & Credibility
  • Improves Cart Conversion ratio
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment Ratio
  • Helps improving Target based Marketing Campaign
  • Expand business adding more product ranges that convert better
  • Helps improve Repeat buying boosting overall profitability of Marketing campaigns across different platforms
  • Enable Data Centric Marketing strategy implementation – Intra & Inter Channel Marketing optimization
  • Improve Budget utilization
  • Reduce Product return rate
  • Expand business across different Geo-Targeting Market locations
  • Run efficient & advanced Programmatic Ad Campaigns like Google Divi360, Double Click campaigns
  • Improve Ecommerce Website Algorithmic Authority
  • Increase A/B Testing environments to understand your customers buying behavior and preferences better
  • Develop Seasonal Campaigns that Boost revenues
  • Improve the entire Digital Ecosystem with Added Automation of your processes and many more that makes future of your grocery store & online supermarket full proof


Data based Scalability on all fronts including your bulk buying of raw materials & products improves warehousing, Logistics costs with continuous optimization & Business process improvement management


Financial stability to scale & move to 3rd phase of your growth journey. Partnering with DSC your Online Ecommerce Business Growth & Marketing scale up is a Guaranteed.


Book Your Appointment with our Strategy experts. We are waiting to help your Online Grocery & Supermarket Grow & transform your business idea into a reality creating Your Success Story. Call Us at +91 9123959931, email: [email protected] or simply fill the form below.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Integrated Ecommerce Marketing Agency for Online Grocery Business. Focus on Establishing Strong Ecommerce Marketing Processes to Generate Higher Digital ROI. Ecommerce Marketing Specialist for Omni Channel D2C & Retail Brand Building

  • Full Stack Ecommerce Marketing Agency
  • Multi Channel Strategic Approach
  • Strong Know-How to Build Profitable Ecommerce Grocery Businesses
  • High Ad Budget Management Capabilities
  • Focus on Implementing Online Marketing Best Practices
  • Connecting Business Objectives with Online Marketing Objectives
  • Confirmed Growth in Digital KPIs to Scale Online Marketing M-o-M
  • Data Based Aggressive Inter Channel Ecommerce Marketing
  • Trained & Expert Online Marketing Resources: Over 40+ years of industry Experience
  • Strong Technology Team to Speed up IT Asset Updating Processes
  • Advanced CRO Project Implementation Capabilities
  • Marketplace Management to scale your Brand Sales & Value from Amazon, Flipkart etc
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting, Brainstorming & Ecommerce Consulting Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Ecommerce Marketing Services for Grocery Stores, Hypermarkets & Online Retails

In this day and age of strongly evolving digitization, the Online Grocery Store Industry is becoming competitive day by day. Under such situations Digital Ecommerce Marketing holds its own precedence.


It is not enough to start with Ecommerce Marketing but, a strong Strategy Ecommerce strategy in place has to be implemented that helps build your Digital Assets that grow & can be scaled across parameters for a sustainable business future.


With every passing day there are changes happening in the customer search behaviour, Algorithms are evolving, Messaging & Trends of online shopping is dramatically changing as well


If absence of a Right Ecommerce Marketing & Digital Branding Project in place an Ecommerce Business is bound to fail (or) hold a very slow pace of growth which can turn out to be detrimental for the business.


At DSC our Ecommerce Marketing Strategists will help you guide & handhold through every stage of your Online Grocery Store business building & managing all aspects of Digital Ecosystem in a phase wise manner making sure your Online grocery Store Scales at all aspects of Digital helping your invest Right to yield results for your Short, Mid & Long Term objectives


Grow your Online Grocery Store Business the Right Sustainable way with peace of mind with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). Book your Appointment today or Call/ WhatsApp us: +91 9123959931 & Email: [email protected]

To implement a successful Ecommerce Marketing Project, it doesn’t matter if we have a less products on our Ecommerce site (yes, if the number of products is only 1-3 then surely it has its own impact & challenges). But if we have 10 products & onwards then surely Ecommerce Marketing will help.


It needs to be kept in mind, that along with the number of products available of the site, there are other factors that need to be kept in mind as well:


1. Type & Category of Products

2. Size of the Target Location

3. Potential of the products to be consumed in the market

4. Whether the products in the category are already being consumed (or) are the Target Groups in Unaware

5. Price of the Products

6. Offers crafted for more attraction

7. What are your Short, Mid & Long term objectives (Business & Online Marketing & IT)

8. Available Budget for Marketing (Paid & Organic)

9. Market Competition & their Marketing aggressiveness

10. Your 5 Years Business growth plans to name a crucial few


Grow your Online Grocery Store & Hypermarket Business the Right Sustainable way with peace of mind with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC). Book your Appointment today or Call/ Whatsapp us: +91 9123959931 & Email: [email protected]

Depending on your Digital Assets & Brand’s Maturity, Awareness & Brand recall, Right Digital Marketing exercise being carried out in past or wanting to implement a strong growth module, Marketing Budgets can vary from Project to Project depending on their Objectives & challenges to overcome


As mentioned in the above answer of the above question, these factors do play a significant role in understand the Right Budgets to be allocated for the project


In case the Ecommerce Projects that already has obtained a good traction, is selling high volume of products online with a strong & loyal customer base, the strategy & approach taken has to be different.


The Digital Customer Journey has to be kept in mind while strategizing Online Ecommerce Marketing Projects for online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets in India


Accordingly, the Objectives need to understood & analysed to craft with Digital Strategies that across multi channels to set with the Right Annual Online Marketing Budgets


For Hypermarkets having a strong Physical presence across different location(s) & planning to invest in Online Marketing strategically, we would recommend an Aggressive Omni Channel Marketing strategy in play


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Online Ecommerce Marketing includes many marketing channels for a 360° Integrated Ecommerce Marketing Growth. At DSC our Ecommerce Marketing strategists with years of expertise working across Brands & variety of Digital Solution Projects at different scales makes us one of the Top Ecommerce Marketing Agency for grocery Stores & Hypermarkets in India.


Partnering with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) for your Online Grocery Marketing will enable us to guide & handhold your ecommerce marketing project with the following channel expertise in a Multi Channel Strategy:


1. Ecommerce SEO

2. Google Search Ad Campaigns for Online Grocery purchase

3. Google Display Ads Campaigns

4. YouTube Ads

5. Google Shopping & Merchant Center Management

6. Amazon & Flipkart Management

7. Social Media Marketing across social platforms

8. Email Marketing

9. CRO & A/B Testing Projects to focus on improving individual channel & Digital KPIs

10. Creative Designing

11. Videos – Illustrative, Explainer, 2D for Branding Ad Campaigns, Offer Ads & mane more

12. Ideation for Seasonal Campaigns based on Data Analysis of your Customers to increase Buying orders, Improve Cart Check outs & develop Brand Loyalty


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Definitely, Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is India’s 1st Hybrid 360° Digital Transformation & Solutioning Agency. We understand that Strategic Ecommerce Marketing requires a strong & fast Ecommerce Website Maintenance & modifications as & when required as per the aggressive attitude of the implemented Online Marketing Project


Coder’s Den from Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) is a specialized division that caters to only IT Related Projects. Starting from Developing Ecommerce Websites, Ecommerce Web Applications, Mobile Applications, their Maintenance & Upgradations as per Business & marketing needs to make sure your Online Grocery Business keeps growing & evolving the right way all the time


We will make sure of continuously guiding you the best way forward with your project(s) from Marketing to Digital Branding to Digital Asset development as & when its required.


We work across various Technology Platforms allowing your project to be versatile & agile so that it can scale over time for a stronger Project Success

App Store Optimization (ASO) along with complete strategic Ecommerce marketing solutions is the way forward.


At DSC, our App store optimization & ecommerce marketing team helps you implement & optimize marketing campaigns across selected platforms with Budget Management, KPIs Management, Data Management & more to help you achieve your ecommerce mobile app store marketing objectives


Talk to our Digital Strategists & understand the details of your project to execute them correctly & strategically to help you build a successful Ecommerce business generating Strong Sales, Revenues & Brand Recall adding to Higher Life Time Value (LTV) for your repeat customer buying


We also assist you with Mobile App Development, Maintenance & Management to support your Digital Asset continually be optimized & ungraded for improved Customer Buying Experience with your Ecommerce Mobile App(s)


Talk to our Marketing Strategists & book your Free 30 Minutes Digital Consulting calling us at +91 9123959931 or email us at [email protected] . Let’s talk & plan growth Strategy for your Ecommerce Stores and Hypermarkets in India today!

Online Grocery Website Development & Mobile App Development Company. Helping Grocery Business Leaders Build Effective Online Brands

On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps & Ecommerce Websites are Increasing Online Grocery Buying Easy, Cost Effective with Added Convenience


Start selling Online with your custom developed & designed Ecommerce store, Website Applications & Mobile apps. Our Ecommerce Web development services in India and abroad help online grocery & online hypermarkets build effective Web & IT solutions for your business.


From embedding Advanced Technology into your IT core to maintenance of the same to consistently outperform your competition, DSC can manage all your Technology requirements as the leading ecommerce website development company in India. Our Digital architects & experts help & guide throughout the development process making sure Success for your online supermarket & grocery business is achieved.


Digital extends beyond developing Website & mobile Apps. It’s your Online Store. It needs to be ready to help your digital marketing team run various Ad campaigns across ad platforms implementing Omni-channel marketing strategies & optimization techniques.


Our development team in India is proficient & expert to undertake any challenge your website may face finding relevant solutions. Digital is the outer Sphere of your business connecting with your target market for Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization & Retention of customers throughout your digital journey.


We Help You Build & Manage Your entire Digital Scope for efficient & effective marketing solution implementation boosting higher Returns On Investment (ROI) – 10X in a Step by Step manner. Confirming Guaranteed Online Business Growth & Scale-up.

Engage Target Customers with Better Customer Experience. Influence Buying Decisions. Run Onmi-Channel Marketing  Campaigns for Grocery Shopping

Build Futuristic Marketing Ecosystems with Strong IT frameworks. Scale Online Business with Combination of Advanced Technologies


Start selling Online with your custom developed & designed Ecommerce store, Website Applications & Mobile apps. Our Ecommerce Web development services in India and abroad help online grocery & online hypermarkets build effective Web & IT solutions for your business.


From embedding Advanced Technology into your IT core to maintenance of the same to consistently outperform your competition, DSC can manage all your Technology requirements. Our Digital architects & experts help & guide throughout the development process making sure Success for your online supermarket & grocery business is achieved.


Digital extends beyond developing Website & mobile Apps. It’s your Online Store. It needs to be ready to help your digital marketing team run various Ad campaigns across ad platforms implementing Omni-channel marketing strategies & optimization techniques.


Our development team in India is proficient & expert to undertake any challenge your website may face finding relevant solutions. Digital is the outer Sphere of your business connecting with your target market for Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization & Retention of customers throughout your digital journey.


We Help You Build & Manage Your entire Digital Scope for efficient & effective marketing solution implementation boosting higher Returns On Investment (ROI) – 10X in a Step by Step manner. Confirming Guaranteed Online Business Growth & Scale-up.

Expert Ecommerce Business Website Developers Put Your Business on the World Stage. Scale Your Business transforming into a D2C Brand

Market Your Grocery Products Targeting Desired Markets & Audiences Across Regions – Nation & Internal Markets


Online Shopping of Grocery from supermarkets & grocery stores further have increased & influenced increase in online grocery delivery business. DSC puts your Business on the World stage. Choose Advanced Technology applications to build your Ecommerce Store on Web & App stores:

  • WooCommerce
  • Adobe Magento
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Angular
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart
  • Node.js
  • Java Scripts
  • Python & ruby on Rails (R&R)
  • Android
  • iOS


Scale Strategically & creatively embracing the technologies. Our designers, developers & digital strategists will make sure to deliver the best for your Online Store achieving the Best Customer Experience your Target Audiences deserve – Regionally, Nationally & Internationally with ease.


With DSC your Transform your Online Grocery Supermarket into a strong Revenue making D2C Brand. Extend Your Reach with our Expert Digital Solutions.

Don’t Just think About Effective Marketing to Boost Revenues. Increase Profit Margins by Improving Savings Margins as Well. Custom IT Solutions for Smart Business Leaders

Improve Business Decisions, Warehousing, Vendor Management, Delivery Status & Marketing Opportunity Increasing Savings & Business Efficiency with Custom ERP & CRM Development for Grocery Store Business


Today Business leaders need to be ahead of their competitors, market & understand what their customers like & dislike. In short need to be nearly sure about the changing trends of search patters & consumption behavior. These effects all aspects of your business having a percolating effect on your effective Business Decisions.


Data in this constantly evolving cyber shopping environment is the key across multiple functions of your organization, like:

  • Collect Customer consumption pattern data
  • Customer Interaction data with your website & mobile apps
  • Brand Engagement metrics
  • CTR
  • Online shopping Conversion data
  • Cart conversion data
  • Seasonal Spikes in Online Buying
  • Campaign Management & Optimization Data
  • Vendor Management Metrics
  • Supply Chain Management data points
  • Revenue & Finance Management parameters
  • Delivery timelines, Grievance management & many more


DSC with its custom development & IT team at your disposal, make sure to build your own custom IT Stack connecting all dots across your Internal & External stakeholders via:

  • ERP Development & Maintenance Services
  • CRM Development & Maintenance Services
  • Vendor Management Portals Development
  • Purchase Management Systems with Integrated Formulas
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Warehouse Management systems
  • Logistics Data Management etc


With your Marketing & Customer Behavior data capturing, Analysis & interpretation against all the above points and beyond, our Data Analysts & Development experts will help you Design & Develop IT Solutions that help You Integrate all departments & functions giving your better understanding & decision-making ability throughout your Business & Digital Growth Journey.

Partner With DSC As Your Preferred Online Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets Website & Mobile App Development Agency

Crush Online Competition with Custom Ecommerce Websites & Mobile Apps Development Solutions. Support Your Online Grocery Store Business Across Devices to Engage & Convert More Traffic into Buying Customers. Generate Higher and Optimized Online Sales & Revenues Bolstering Brand Value

  • Clean Codes and Updated Technology
  • Attractive and Easy to use UI & UX
  • Website, Web Application & Mobile Apps Developed for Your Customers to browse Products easily
  • Faster Product Comparisons & Higher Conversions
  • Dedicated Team to Get Your Projects Completed in Time
  • Ecommerce Experts to Guide Your Business via the Right Route
  • Data Integration Across Devices & Custom Systems for Improved Efficiency in Product Management
  • Systematic Approach – Problem Solving
  • Ecommerce Website, Mobile App, ERP System Maintenance
  • Up Grade Existing Ecommerce Portal with New Age Technology & Design Layouts
  • Increase Market Cap with Constant & Sustainable Growth of Buying Traffic
  • Strong Ecommerce Marketing Services & Frameworks Available Under the Same Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on number of Business, IT & Online Marketing factors, selection of Right Website Technology(s) is to be carried out.


Some of the factors that should be kept in mind:

  • 1. Number of products to be managed on the online grocery store
  • 2. How fast product numbers are going to increase on your Grocery website
  • 3. How aggressively are you planning to go with your Ecommerce Marketing initiatives
  • 4. Are you planning to use an Integrated Ecommerce Strategy with Multiple channels in a strategic manner to build your digital ecosystem
  • 5. What is design layout of the pages across the grocery store
  • 6. What type of APIs need to be integrated
  • 7. Are your planning to integrate Online CRM & Grocery/ Online Hypermarket ERP systems
  • 8. Budgets Allocation for your Online Grocery Store Website Development project
  • 9. Your Business plans & Expansion Plans
  • 10. Website Security
  • 11. Objectives – Business, IT & Marketing aspects


Based on the above factors & points in mind, there are many Website Technologies that an Online Grocery Store Owner & Business Head can choose from working with DSC’s Ecommerce Website Developers:


  • 1. WooCommerce from WordPress
  • 2. Magento based Ecommerce platforms
  • 3. OpenCart
  • 4. ASP.net
  • 5. Website Builders like Shopify, WIX & others


Interested to get yourself the Best Ecommerce Website for your Online Ecommerce Grocery Business? Talk to us now. Call/ WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us at [email protected] .  Our experts & Digital Growth Strategists will schedule a Digital Consulting Session to help you plan your Business growth the Right way

Developing an Ecommerce Website is a Project and requires an estimation starting with understating your business requirements, online marketing requirements & other variables like Competitors etc. So, there is no fixed cost like a product.


Based on your exact need analysis our Digital Strategists & Expert Ecommerce Developers can help you freeze your Ecommerce Website Develop requirements.


We can also suggest & recommend the type of technology(s) that suits your business helping you to take right decisions making sure of your progress with Ecommerce Grocery business in India & other countries as the need be


Post Requirement Analysis Project Cost & Time required Estimations are calculated per project. Hence no project is same & helps establish Project Uniqueness.


Schedule your call today with Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) Ecommerce Website Design & Development specialists to plan you ecommerce growth journey. Call/WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us at [email protected]

DSC loves Ecommerce Websites & Web Applications. We understand the complexities & importance of an Ecommerce Grocery Store’s website to remain online all the time.


In this day & age of digitization, there are reports & studies that have showcased drop of Sales, Revenue & Brand Association with ecommerce stores having been down for even a day.


Now, think what major impact is could have on your Ecommerce Business if goes down & takes a lot of time to come back online (or) some functions get bugged & are not repaired swiftly within time?


With DSC’s Ecommerce Website Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) you can have your peace of mind that your website’s will maintain an Up-Time upto 92% . Not just that, even issues can be solved within timelines based on your AMC signed with us.


We don’t just stop there. We take next steps to also help you understand what other potential Threats exist in your website & continually keep recommending the best possible solutions and way forwards for your Ecommerce site to maintain its optimal performance making your Brand Strong generating Sales & Revenues & ease of buying experience of your online customers

DSC understands, every business is different & have their own requirements. To help our partners maintain a peace of mind & hep them focus on running their business, there are various modes of AMCs that can be signed:


  • 1. Normal Ecommerce Website & Web Application Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) – The AMC is drafted as per your existing website’s Technology, Objectives & Challenges to overcome
  • 2. You can Buy DSC Developer Hours in Advance as AMC. This will enable you & your team to let us know whenever there is any problem during the active AMC. This will active our Developers to help you rectify your problems
  • 3. Ecommerce Business Owners & Business Heads can also Buy DSC Designer & Developer Time in Advance to make any Modifications (or) Add New Functions & Features to your Ecommerce site as & when your ecommerce grocery business demands with change in market dynamics
  • 4. Sign up Dedicated Resource Hiring for your Ecommerce Store Maintenance Projects: This is best suitable for aggressive & fast paced Ecommerce Website & IT Projects. Depending on the size of the project & Ecommerce project complexities you can rent our Designers & Developers who will work only for your project


Schedule a Call with our Ecommerce Experts to understand what suits you the best & get the peace of mind to focus on your Ecommerce business growth at both UI/UX & Development Code levels. Be Online to Sell more & grow your Online Ecommerce Grocery Store


Call/ WhatsApp us at +91 9123959931 (or) email us with your requirement at [email protected]

Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) has a dedicated IT Development department that deals with all IT Projects to help you have a strong Digital Presence & support Digital Transformation of your Ecommerce Business throughout your Business File Cycle as your 360° Digital Transformation & Solutions Partner.


Following are the different type of Custom IT Projects that can support your business:

1. Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services for Grocery Stores & Hypermarkets

2. Ecommerce Web Application Design & Development Services

3. Ecommerce Mobile Application Design& Development Services for Online Grocery Stores

4. Custom ERP System Development as per your detailed Business requirements starting from Warehouse Management | Logistics Management | Online Product Management | Delivery Management etc

5. Online Cart Management

6. Bug & Malfunction Fixing

7. API Development, Integration & Management – Payment | Shipping etc

8. New Product Development & Innovations for Online Grocery Stores, Hypermarkets & Supermarkets

9. Annual Maintenance of Ecommerce Website | Web Applications | Mobile Applications

10. Other Internal IT Projects for Business Process Management & Efficiency Building Exercises implementing BPI & BPR projects


Call/ WhatsApp us at +91 9123959931 (or) email us with your requirement at [email protected]

At DSC we follow strong SOPs to help you build your Ecommerce Digital Assets. The Development process starts from the initial phase of Requirement Analysis itself. Setting up & understanding clear requirements for Ecommerce Development project is a crucial part for the success of the project(s).


Based on the type of Project finalized, the development process varies. It will always be best for you to talk to our Ecommerce Developers & Digital Strategists to help you have a clear requirement understanding for the Project. Call us/ WhatsApp: +91 9123959931 (or) email us with your requirement at [email protected]


What is required for the client:

1. High Quality Product Images

2. Relevant Product & Website Page Content

3. Clear Business Objectives

4. Domain & Hosting login details as & when required enabling us to upload & maintain ecommerce website file in your servers for deployment

5. In case of Themes based Ecommerce Websites (or) Shopify & Wix websites login details to work on your grocery store customization & deployment

Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

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  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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