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Businesses and companies do understand the concept of being 1st and reaching 1st to customers when they are searching for products and services. In today’s fast paced digital era where people don’t have time to waste, are looking for quick and relevant products and services on the go. With nearly 98% people making their online searches daily world wide, its important to be visible and hold that 1st position on google search engine and other digital platforms where your customers search

With Digital Strategy Consultants (DSC) – experienced and 360 degree digital marketing solutions in India, we will help you achieve that first position be it organic or paid. You would be quite shocked to know that always spending high CPC is not going to acquire that 1st place. There are other parameters as well like the Quality Score of the PPC Advertisements run

Partnering with advance, strategic and one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in India, you can now help you achieve your digital goals the right way. Digital Marketing does support your offline Marketing & Advertisement initiatives. Interested in running some Festive or New Store Opening campaigns our best social media marketing agency professionals here will guide you

Suggest and help you increase foot fall and or are looking forward to run Feasibility Studies to capture data drafting your perfect Sales, Branding or Distribution Strategy! Digital Strategy Consultants with its proffesional Digital Marketing Services will help you

“Like Minds Work together; just as, Birds of Same Feather Flock Together”

Taking one step further… brainstorming sales, brand campaigns along with running funnels particular to occasions combined with right digital channels makes it that much effective

It has to be noted that all channels don’t work for every business at every stage. It varies based on various factors, hence selection of the Right Digital Channel like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Content Marketing, Display Ads among others specifically for your business should be selected with upmost care. Individual channel strategy developed only helps yield dividends not only in short term, but also yields dividends in Mid to Long Term

It’s always better to go for 360-degree digital marketing approach using right customized digital channels & right digital assets targeting the right audiences to achieve your Business & Digital Objectives, clubbed in with Digital Strategy Consultants – Omni-Channel Marketing methodology that is customized for your business

Digital Marketing Mix : Features


Search Engine Optimization

  • Improve visibility
  • Keyword Research
  • Finding Opportunity Keywords
  • Google Console Setup & Audit
  • UI/UX improvement recommendations
  • SEO Keyword ranking
  • Brand SEO
  • SEO for Sales
  • Blog & Article writing
  • 24 parameter check & recommendation
  • SEO best practices
  • Advance SEO Strategies
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Creating SEO Checklist

Pay Per Click

  • PPC Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Text/ Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Google Analytics Setup & Audit
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Management (sales/ lead gen/ traffic/ downloads)
  • Landing Page design & creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Help you with New Online Product Launch and Event Marketing
  • KPI & Vanity Matrix Set Up

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Business Page Creation
  • Social Media handle Audit
  • Business Page Optimization
  • Design creatives & Posts
  • Organic Social Posts – SMO
  • Social Media Competitor Analysis
  • Social Market Research
  • Cover Page Creation
  • Increase Fan following
  • Social Media Contests
  • Running Social Media Paid Ads Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Re-Call Campaigns 
  • Goal Setting
  • Traffic Monitoring

Content Marketing

  • High quality researched Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Competitor Content Analysis
  • Advance Content Writing Strategy
  • Generic & Technical content Writing
  • Infographics writing & designing
  • Keyword research for blogs & articles to rank better
  • Optimized Vlog description writing
  • Website Content Writing services
  • Social Media Ad Copy Writing
  • Writing Press Release
  • Brochure & Manuals writing
  • Article Re-writing
  • Content proof reading

App Store optimization

  • Relative App Keyword Research
  • All Downloads
  • App Installs
  • Mobile App technical audit
  • Mobile App modification recommendations
  • App On-page SEO
  • Initial Rank Report
  • Mobile App competition Analysis
  • Title Optimization
  • Google Play for Android
  • iTunes for iOS
  • App Icon designing
  • App Reputation Management
  • Social Media Promotion of App
  • Paid Google Ads Campaign
  • Social Media link promotion
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Mobile App Store Campaign Optimization

Amazon Market Place Optimization

  • Marketplace Organic Ranking
  • Marketplace Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Listing
  • Product description optimization
  • Improving Storefront experience
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Sales Tracking
  • Amazon Marketplace campaign setup & optimization
  • Amazon Marketplace SEO Strategy
  • Amazon Marketplace Paid Ads Strategy
  • New Product research
  • Product page optimization
  • Google Ads for product sales in Amazon
  • Social Media Campaigns for product sales in Amazon
  • Media Ad Spend Management & optimization
  • ACoS Reduction

Our Data Driven Approach Across Digital Channels

Digital Strategy Consultants – Best Digital Marketing Agency domain experts help you reach your relevant customers. Digital Marketing Strategy customized for your business meaning! when customers search for your products and services they find you, when they are browsing their social media, they see your brand and products. Basically, you are always with your customers just a click away present in-front helping them make the right buying decision using holistic Digital Marketing Mix approach

Research Based Strategic Digital Approach to
increase ROI & Optimize

Every business is unique, it deserves proper care and attention with a Customized Strategic approach

We start with Auditing Digital Channels and their performance. Customer Segmentation, proper tools to gather and analyse market data. We also help you with modifications required on your website making it market ready. Market conditions keep changing so does the customer research and buying preferences

Research on your competitors and understanding your customers pulse knowing their buying behavior and pattern of search makes all the difference

Existing Campaigns analysed with proper Keyword analysis with right campaign structures, with a focus on improving ranking, sales, visibility and establish authority in your niche that works wonders

We understand requirements ranging from business to business along-with the budget required which varies from Start-Ups to Brands. Hence, we offer our affordable Digital Marketing Services with the packages crafted with a lot of research and experience

What We DO : Digital Marketing Services in India

Search Engine Optimization

Improve organic Researched Keyword Ranking to increase visibility & establish authority impacting your Traffic Flow and Increasing Organic Sales supporting your long term ads spend optimization techniques

Pay Per Click

Use aggressive Pay Per Click Ads Strategy in running Google Ads and other Ad Campaigns with right sales funnels & creatives for your business that works to accomplish your business & revenue goals fast

Social Media Marketing

Brand War is tough but interesting. Knowing your market and competition is crucial. Take advantage of Social Media Marketing Strategies creating your own brand establishing confidence & brand value with premium services

Marketplace Optimization

Product Listing and Increased Organic Brand Visibility with a Strategic Sponsored Approach bringing relevant traffic to increase Sales with relevant Keywords, search intent and reputation management

Content Optimization

Great Content adds on to great storefront and digital experience for customers. Relevancy, Usefulness & Quality always help sharing and adding value to your customers. Also, do keep an eye on your competitor for unauthorized modifications and listings

Great Ads That Work

Competitor Researched Ads potential to perform the best and yield ROI are drafted. Various type of Campaigns designed minding your objectives tracking traffic behavior using Google Tag Manager & advance Analytical Tools

DSC’s Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Channel Auditing
  • Website Audit and recommendations making it market ready and optimize
  • Analyzing existing Accounts and Campaigns
  • Use Best Digital Marketing Practices
  • Keeping abreast with latest Marketing Trends
  • Brainstorming new and better Campaigns
  • Optimizing existing Campaigns
  • Measure Analyse Optimize
  • Work on yielding ROI
  • Market Study & Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis & monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Campaign Structuring and tracking results
  • Social Media Campaigns and Brand Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Bringing relevant Traffic to the website or Social platforms
  • Generating Sales and Quality Lead generation
  • Understanding Right Channels to work
  • Sharing Product USPs
  • Monthly Review

Consult for Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Dominate your search results
  • Expand and protect your brand
  • Generate more leads for sales
  • Convert more leads for growth
  • Save time by letting us do the work

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