What’s a Successful SEO Strategy and How to Use It for Businesses?

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Well, let us 1st understand what is SEO?

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, it’s the methodological and systematic process of optimizing your post or blog or web content allowing it to rank better in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your customers

But, what’s the basis?

Well, you see Google is a Search Engine, and its main moto is to help its customers aka the searchers find relevant, useful, actionable material to consume. Well that’s what we do on google too. Don’t we!

So, when ever a search query, a search keyword or keyphrase is typed in by a searcher just like you and me, google goes into its database of stored files (called Indexed Files) all across.

Keeping relevancy of the search term intact, in fraction of seconds it goes through all the files based on various parameters like keywords used, intent of the content, past performances of the page or post like Page Dwell Time, Bounce Rate, Click Through Rate (CTR), demographics and region putting up the results on the SERP

Understanding how google functions, we can dive deep into how SEO helps rank better?

As discussed above, SEO is process and google looks at the site performances and KPIs. This helps us understand some very important aspects and forces us to look at these 12 SEO basics and their Strategies

  1. Quality of Content
  2. Topics selection of good SEO
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Market Analysis
  6. UI/ UX components of the page or your website
  7. Ease of Navigation
  8. Ease of reading
  9. Use of Images and videos
  10. Content sharing
  11. SEO Performance measurement by Google Analytics & other SEO tools
  12. Keeping updated with Google Algorithmic updates

Here, we need to keep in mind that though these are the basics, yet there are so many aspects within each that in general people skip and do mistake in their SEO initiatives. And that’s totally fine 😊 as SEO is not a one-time thing but a repetitive systematic and strategic process to achieve your business and digital goals

What matters is how efficiently you or your Local SEO Agency or Digital Marketing Consultants, even your In-house SEO and Digital Marketing Partners are performing following the best SEO working standards

Let’s start diving deep

#1 Quality of Content:

Use these 10 simple hacks to draft a great content

We all know Content is King. After all every customer or audience of yours is interested in consuming your content that is relevant, useful and can help them solve their queries

Content Hacks that help you draft that quality content for consumption !

  • Know your product/ service thoroughly
  • Learn what your targeted customers are looking for related to your products/service /organization
  • Develop expertise in your niche
  • Understand what problems your customer could be facing, solutions to which they are looking out for
  • Be Relevant and Engaging
  • Know your objectives behind drafting such content

But, that’s not all… keep reading for details

As, the drafted content is for your customers but it is going to be in googles’ platform, there are some points that should be kept in mind while writing

  • Make sure to keep the paragraphs short, simple and easy to read. People don’t have a lot of time to read through the article word by word. They have a tendency to skim through the content. Also, it’s easier for google bots to understand the content and its value
  • Make sure to highlight important aspects. Your customers will find it interesting
  • Do leave your contact details, just in case
  • Do focus on Internal Linking of Pages which are relevant and not forced. Google hates being forceful
  • Just like above point, you must also keep in mind External Linking of Pages
  • Keep your grammar and spelling mistakes to the least. Rather, avoiding any such case is a boon
  • Keep your drafted content fresh and unique. It shouldn’t be copied from any other pages or websites. This is called Plagiarism. Google really hates it and will for sure rank your content down
  • Content needs to be drafted for mobile consumption as well. Data shows nearly 90 per cent time we spent on internet,
  • and Yes, content should be well researched
  • Keep Testing different types

We can Classify Content in below categories like below:

  1. Every Green Content
  2. Trending Content
  3. Emotional Content
  4. Story Telling
  5. Share Worthy

Images, Video, Inforgraphics and other multi media always help your customers stay longer and consume your content. Having that being said, here are 12 Do’s & Don’ts to Optimize your Content further

Quality Of Content
Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/34qNNum

#2 Topics selection of good SEO

How to find great and relevant topics to write?

There’s only one point to it, that we believe strongly – research, Quality Research. Know what your followers are looking for. What type of Search Queries are being made? Not only on Google but also in other search engines, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Quora

Different and relative queries are being floated continuously across the web looking out for solutions. It could be for research purposes, for knowing about your company, for buying products and services that you sell and provide respectively

Giving a good amount of time towards researching will always help you find topics related to your niche and area of expertise. This help avoid what’s commonly known as “The Writers Block

Fun Fact: Attention Span of Gold Fishes = 9 Seconds and that of Humans? Wallah… its less than that. Just 8 Seconds

Today we have overflowing content all across. And with such a small Attention Span, Topic Selection is no more just an Art, but has to be Scientific rigorous and extremely relevant to avoid “Content Chaos”

#3 Keyword Research

How to do Keyword research to rank fast?

Well, we all know the importance of Keywords in SEO and Ranking of your targeted pages in Google Search Results. This helps establish relevancy of the content in the page you have written with the search query and search intent of your Searcher

But that’s not all. Did you know?

Keyword Research for business differs industry to industry, Product to Product, Service to Service, Geography to Geography, search pattern in your targeted region or country, county or state even city. Topics that are Trending and likewise. You can read our blog how to use these 10 simple hacks to draft a great content

Continuing further, follow these 10 Step by Step Keyword Research Techniques:

Step 1: List out your competitors that you want to overcome

Step 2: Go through their website pages or those that you want to target. Make a list of keywords that you find in them. Don’t forget to categories them. It will help you in upcoming steps

Step 3: Using each keyword or set of relative keywords, go to your Google Keyword Planner and check for New Keyword Ideas. This will help you get ideas for more relevant keywords

Step 4: Now go to Google.com or Google.co.in where ever you want to rank your keywords for. Type these keywords and start going through the list of results that get populated

Step 5: This populated list of results will help you understand more about your competitors and the pages with their content that rank for using that particular keyword or keyphrase

Step 6: This will also help you understand the word count of the pages/ blogs, way these pages have been written. Do make of a note that

Step 7: Also, don’t forget to go through the list of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords. These are the keyword or phrases that google shows at the bottom of the search page below the list of results. Do note that the list varies page to page. You can take a note of the same and include in your word dictionary of keywords for that particular topic

Step 8: Once you have made the list of keywords Generic, Long Tail Keywords, 2 Word Keywords and relevant words. Populate it in an Excel Sheet

Step 9: Do one last check of these keywords and look for their Average Monthly Search volumes, and Keyword Difficulty Score

Step 10: Repeat all the above steps for all your pages, products/ services offered for every keyword that sounds relevant

This is little tedious, but will for surely help you select the Right Keywords for your targeted niche

Keyword Research
Image Courtesy – http://bit.ly/2OHUQYI

Along with this there many List of SEO Keyword Research tools that you can use to improve your research speed and efficiency. But the core remains the same

You can click below to find the respective links from this List of 10 Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. UberSuggest
  3. Moz.com (free for 1 month. Get a hang of it before going in for their advanced paid version)
  4. Keywordtool.io (Free for 1st 30days)
  5. Keywords Everywhere – Chrome Extension
  6. Thehoth.com (1 Month Free)
  7. Wordtracker
  8. Keyworddiscovery
  9. Keywordsheeter
  10. Semrush (daily 10 searches or clicks free using the registered email id)

Hope these keyword research steps and free SEO tools help you do a great Keyword Research

Here we have covered the 1st 3 topics of Successful SEO Strategy. We will be covering others in our Part 2 of the article. Stay tuned and keep improving your traffic 😉

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