Video Marketing: Things to Know!

Video Marketing

Get a complete understanding of video marketing with the help of this blog. Know more about video marketing strategies and implement them in your business this year. Let’s get started then!


Video marketing is actually the process of planning, creating, editing, publishing and promoting video-based content with the objective to promote a brand, business, product or service. Some of the common platforms that businesses use for marketing their videos include YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.


According to latest studies and statistics, this year is going be the year for video marketing. It is predicted that by the year 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be derived from video marketing itself. With the video marketing strategy soaring high, YouTube has become the 2nd most popular website, where people watch 1 billion hours of video every day

In fact, social media sites that were not known to have been video-focussed are changing their marketing strategies. Now, 60% of internet users watch video on Facebook every day. These videos are proving to be important as they are helping consumers take their buying decisions. Around 72% of consumers prefer watching videos with product descriptions than read about them. Most of the users today, watch a video before visiting the store to make a purchase. Hence, the importance and demand for video marketing!


  • Around 87% of businesses are now using video to help market their products and services
  • Around 80% of marketers are happy with the revenue they earn from video ads
  • 93% of marketers have claimed that they have got more customers due to their video marketing strategies than before
  • 99% of marketers are not only happy to have used video marketing for their businesses but also claim to continue using video-based content for their brand


Although video marketing is a good strategy that you can use to catch customer attention, it also needs meticulous analysis and planning to form a holistic strategy that ends up giving great results

Your video marketing strategy should include the following points:

  • Consider your customer’s pain points
  • Develop topics that resolve your customer’s problems
  • Outline or script out your video content for proper delivery
  • Develop a unique presentation for your brand’s videos
  • Shoot and edit your videos to bring about perfection in the end product
  • Embed videos into your marketing content
  • Distribute your videos on social media and dedicated video platforms (like YouTube)
  • Measure the results of your videos
  • Improve your content strategy based on review and feedback from your audience


Here’s a list of templates that could help plan, script and outline your videos for you!


  • The How-to Video is just what the name implies.

This is a type of video that shows someone how to do something, like how to make chicken steak or do a somersault.

  • These videos are great for bringing your brand in front of potential customers.


  • Refrain from starting your product demo videos by showing off how great your products are. This could have a negative effect!
  • Rather than showing off the product, introduce the product by informing the customers how it solves their problems
  • Turn your video into an infomercial, i.e., make a way of reaching out to customers by giving them a solution to their product problems
  • After you’ve highlighted their pain points, it is time to introduce the product you are selling. Reveal your product and tell them how it is the perfect solution for their problem
  • List the key features and benefits of your product for a better understanding for the customers
  • Don’t forget to add reviews and testimonials and finally a CTA, Call to Action to allow customers to be able to make a purchase


  • This video is to explain to the customers what your product is all about.
  • Start by asking a few questions, customers might have in their minds. Then quickly go on to explaining to them about the basic understanding of the concept of the product you are selling
  • If you want, you can also use your explainer video to introduce your product or service to the customers


  • Case studies are good in boosting conversion rates on landing pages, webinars, etc. video customer testimonials also add to the results that can be achieved
  • Start the case study with a brief background of the person your video is going to talk about
  • Then tell the customer where this person was before he/she tried out your product or service
  • Next, move on to what they are now? What they feel about using your product or service?
  • Finally, let them recommend your product or service for use

With these templates and video marketing tips in your hand, you can make a huge difference in your business and its popularity. Also, for further guidance, get in touch with an expert video marketing agency near you

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