On-Page Optimization: What You Need to Know!

On Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a process that refers to the factors that affect search engine optimization on websites or web page listings. These factors are usually controlled manually through coding on the web page. Some examples of these factors would be: meta tags, HTML, keyword placement, keyword density, etc.

These on-page factors are followed to keep up with Google’s algorithm. Now this algorithmic factor of Google can be categorized under two segments – on-page factors and off-page factors

Out of these two factors, on-page factors include elements of a website that can be managed manually. Focusing on the on-page factor also makes off-page strategy successful. There are, however, three essential factors of on-page optimization that positively affect SEO optimization and make a website successful

These are as follows:

#1: Technicality: The coding elements that you are following must be of high quality. Be careful while managing these codes, you shouldn’t unintentionally block the crawlers from indexing your website. Getting in touch with SEO experts, will also be of immense help, as they will manage and take care of these technical elements for you if it is overwhelming for you to do

#2: Content: Searchers visit your website with the hope to read some fascinating facts about your brand. The need for not only quality content but also relevant and meaningful SEO content thus, comes into use. The content should have the right keywords along with answers to what the customers would want to know. Understanding the customers and their needs is helpful in this context. The more attractive the content is, the more visitors will visit the website and more support from google algorithm itself

#3: Experience: Let’s say you have covered all the two pillars of on-page optimization; technicality and content, the customer may still not be satisfied with your website. Now, this is tricky for ranking your website. If the user experience is not satisfactory, your ranking will immediately go down. It is, therefore, essential that you understand your customer and provide as per their needs. Make your website as interesting as possible. Make it easy to navigate as well as understand. The content should be of good quality but keeping to the level of understanding of the customers. A highly informative content, if not comprehensive enough, will never be able to reach out to customers

On-page Optimization is the heart of SEO

With the recent trends in digital marketing, there are times when we feel that SEO is becoming negligible by the day. With the presence of other channels of marketing, especially social media marketing, people are opting for social media campaigns compared to SEO. This might appear as if SEO has become a thing of the past, but in reality, it hasn’t. The truth is SEO is still the most important source of targeted traffic to websites. It is still the best way to get your website a good ranking on SERPs. Social and google ads play a supporting role here. And thus, the need for on-page optimization! A keen eye on the factors of on-page SEO drives search engine optimization making it not only a success but also the most needed solution for all ranking problems for long term

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