Importance of Voice Search in SEO

Importance Of Voice Search In SEO

With the growing demand of technology in the world today, almost everything is stealthily becoming dependent on technology and its blessings. It has made our lives easier than ever before. Be it in the field of ecommerce, healthcare, leisure, or digital marketing, technology has made even the most impossible things possible today

One of such breakthroughs in the field of technology has been the voice search trend that has added greater advantages to the field of SEO in the modern world. Google has done a thorough research and has come to conclusion that voice can be the best form of search among customers. Not only has Google done a research but it has also invested enormously in the development of this concept for the good of the business owners, SEO experts as well as for its customers. Imagine how convenient it is for any customer to get a search result today, all they need to do is speak their minds out!

According to a recent research, by March 2016, at least 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults were already using voice search. As a business owner you must be looking for changing trends in SEO, next time you talk to your SEO expert, tell them the need for a voice search

With the use of voice search, website owners can easily meet customer requirements, answer customer questions, thereby, increasing traffic to the website. Nowadays, searches can’t wait to get a response to their queries. They need accurate answers and real fast. What better way can there be to meet this requirement, but with the use of voice search!

If you’ve been looking for newer and better ways of increasing traffic to your website, its time you implement voice search. It will not only help increase traffic but also give your users a faster, easier and better experience, thus, increasing your ranking on the SERPs

Also, what is more convenient for the customers is the fact that they can also get response based on their previous search. So, if this does not leverage traffic to the websites, then what will? As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate for your users. Implementing voice search is going to make life easy and comfortable, thus, building a responsible relationship between your customers and yourself

Some tips that might help you when you adopt voice search in your SEO strategies would be to:

#1: Use Long Tail Keywords: Short tail keywords have already become a thing of the past. The trend is now to use long tail keywords. People would probably have lots to say when they are using voice search as a medium of search. Their questions will be direct and sometimes even more detailed than what they type in search engines. This is the reason why, using long tail keywords is far useful than the short tail keywords. N one the less, a proper combination the keywords and keyphrases should be used for optimum results

#2: Answer FAQs: Design your voice search to answer FAQS like why, what, when, how. Also, the voice search should be able to be conversational while answering the questions

#3: Understand Your Customers: Knowing your target audience first is the priority you have to meet before you implement voice search. This is important because you will have to anticipate the questions they might want to ask. This will give you an advantage to be prepared to answer their questions at any time

#4: Keep the Tone Informal: Compared to text search, voice search is often conversational in approach. This makes it easier for the customers to open up with their queries

Using voice search would definitely be a wise decision on your part as a website owner. This will give you a chance to build up a happy relationship with your customers, ultimately increasing traffic and revenue

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