Workable SEO Strategies in 2020


Nowadays, most businesses depend on digital marketing and especially SEO to develop and execute effective strategies for their brands. They understand the basic concept of SEO, however, fail to understand the strategies that go behind implementing perfect SEO approaches

Now, if you are wondering what these SEO strategies are, then reading this blog might just give you an insight into the concept. SEO strategy includes organizing and sequencing a website’s content so that the search engines like Google can understand the user’s intentions while searching for a specific keyword. Also, SEO strategies involve optimizing web pages as per topics, in this way the brand gets recognized by the search engine and ranks well

An SEO strategist belonging to an expert agency that provides integrated SEO services will be the perfect person to go to for specialised SEO requirements. Here are three types of SEO that these strategists focus on to provide better and long-lasting ranking results

  • On-page SEO: As the name suggests this SEO involves optimizing content that’s ‘On-the-page’ of the website to help improve ranking for keywords.
  • Off-page SEO: This type of SEO deals with links that direct to the website from elsewhere on the internet. The backlinks and publishers carrying the links are connected to the website. This eventually helps to build trust for the search engines, thereby, improving website ranking.
  • Technical SEO: As the name suggests, this SEO focuses on a website’s technical setup. It deals with the technical connection between each of the webpages by going through the codes and code structure of the site as well. This helps google bots and algorithm to read the content easily understand the quality of the content with its relevancy for its users when searched by viewers in SERP making Technical SEO very important aspect for any website’s ranking

Apart from these there are some SEO processes, that integrated SEO service providers use in their advance strategies to provide better ranking and results. And these processes are few among the best SEO solutions in 2020! Read on!

#1: Start by making a list of topics. Although keywords are the crux of SEO, they are actually not the first step towards attaining organic growth. For that all you need is to start by making a list of topics you would like to cover every month 

#2: Based on these topics make a list of keywords. The second step is to optimize webpages based on relevant keywords. For each topic you identify try and list down 5 to 10 long-tail keywords i.e., the ones that are relevant and at the same time dig deeper into the topic 

#3: Building webpages for each topic comes next. Create webpages for each of the topics you listed in step 1. Deal with the topic in detail using long-tail keywords you came up with in step 2 

#4: Next step includes blogging. Writing blogs is a good way to rank for keywords and engage website visitors. The more relevant the content is for the searcher more the chances of being ranked higher in search engines 

#5: After you start blogging, posting blogs regularly would be a good practice. Eventually this will lead to page authority in the eyes of Google. This will further lead Google to pay more attention on your domain

#6: Next move on to link building plans. Now this is a major factor in off-page SEO. It plays a huge role in how search engines rank the webpages. There are many types of links like internal linking, backlinking from 3rd party sites, guest posting, registering in local search engines for citation etc. 

These guidelines would be of immense help when integrated SEO service providers strategize and implement systematic and aggressive SEO approaches this year. Making the most of these processes will not only be beneficial but will result in achieving long-term SEO goals supporting your digital initiatives

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