6 Simple Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to your website

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In this article we are sharing the methods on how to drive more traffic to your website. You shall also see how we can use these strategies to take your site from zero to 200k+ unique visitors per month

Here are the strategies that you are going to learn about:

1. Guest Post: Naturally, most people read guest post, they usually skip the author bio section of the post. This is not their fault. Most author bio boxes are put out of sight at the bottom of the page, as in the image below:

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This is a big problem. If people do not see your link in your AUTHOR BIO, their chance of visiting your site reduces drastically

Fortunately, there is a simple solution in regards this issue

Here is the step-by-step process:

  • Write a guest post like you normally would.
  • Next, include relevant points throughout your guest post. These sections can be linked to 2-3 other helpful resources on the topic you just covered in other related blogs/ pages.

Here is an example:

Referring above, we strategically linked the blog – Why Investing in Technical SEO Can be a Good Idea? with other pages as one of the supporting resources to check out

Here the word “SEO strategies” is linked to https://digitalstrategyconsultants.in/blog/workable-seo-strategies-in-2020/. Thereby visitors reading the can also read in detail about SEO Strategies by clicking “SEO strategies in the page. This blog now acts as a helpful resource. This interlinking of the blogs or pages also help visitor to stay on the site for long periods and getting necessary, useful and relevant content as desired

Screenshot 3

This process can bring in around 50%-60% more traffic than author bio link which is placed at the bottom of the article

2. Overhaul & Upgrade Old Blog Posts: This simple strategy landed us 50.05% more traffic in 7 days:

Screenshot 4

Here exactly how we did it:

  • First, we found a post on my site that was old
  • Next, we updated and improved the post. Like following:
    1. Add LSI keywords in the blogs
    2. Add a FAQ section and add related questions and answer there
    3. Add proper interlinking there

Finally, we updated the new post to make the changes live. This entire process took about an hour or so. And we got way more organic traffic than we would from publishing a relatively new post

3. Use “Click to Tweet” Links: This is one of the BEST ways to get more shares for your content. In fact, Click To Tweet Links are one of the main reasons that this a post can have many social media shares. With that, let me show you how “Click to Tweet” links work:

Find something “tweetable” in your content

  • This can be a strategy, quote, or statistic
  • For example, referring our blog post titled – “Why Investing in Technical SEO Can be a Good Idea?”
  • So, we considered an element (Element2: Crawlability) of our blog “tweetable”

Screenshot 5

How to create a Tweet using Clicktotweet as discussed above. Steps to follow:

Create a Click to Tweet link

Head over to ClickToTweet.com and write your tweet:

Screenshot 6

And the tool will generate a special link for you:

Screenshot 7

Finally, include that link in your content

Whenever visitor clicks on the link…

Screenshot 8

…they get redirected for tweeting and easy sharing:

Screenshot 9

4. Add “Share Triggers” To Your Content – Search engines want the best and most relevant content to rank highly; the result of this is that SEO strategy must evolve beyond just using link signals to establish this. With the explosion of social media, a new human signal has started to emerge as one of the social signals

It is becoming more and more accepted that search engines are tapping into these social signals and using them as a means of understanding the popularity of a piece of content, thus making it a potential ranking signal

In our blog post section of the website we have “sharing trigger button” below

Screenshot 10

The truth is that the use of social media goes way beyond SEO benefits. Social media is, in most cases, the perfect opportunity to communicate with your audience through different channels, promote brand content & messages and most importantly, engage

Social media helps promote your content and helps search engines discover and understand the quality of your content. When they synchronise, they help to acquire customers and increase website traffic through increased brand awareness and engagement

Getting people to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other networks connect your brand to the wider social web, which allows your message to potentially acquire search engine ranking goals

We strongly recommend maintaining an active social media presence and encourage sharing content through these channels

5. Reduce Your Bounce Rate: A high bounce rate affects your site’s pageviews, conversions… and it can even hurt your SEO. Bounce rate is now one of the important ranking signal

We can now reduce the bounce rate with the following strategies:

  • Use Bucket Brigades in blog post: We can add some sentences like “Do not worry”, “That’s not all” or “That is bad news”, hope you are getting the idea 
  • Use short Paragraphs to break up your content: We can break the blog into small paragraphs. So that visitor can read this in mobile device easily

Screenshot 11
  • Push your content above the fold: If visitors view your blog content above the fold in the page, percentage (%) of visitors reading the blog increases as well as the bounce rate of the pages can be reduced. This is an added advantage to your page as google algorithms find these data signals positive helping you rank better and faster

Screenshot 12

6. Publish Long-Form Content: Some marketers believe that creating long-form content is a waste of time.

This is wrong.

By creating a long content, we can describe the strategy, process, or any update properly and in detail. On the other hand, we can include many keywords (LSI) into the blogs and it can get ranked faster with increased floe of visitors. In fact, with longer content more value/ information can be shared which is what your customer is looking for. This also helps increase the possibility of increased share compared to the short ones.

Most important is that, probability of reduced Bounce Rate is high, signalling good health of the site, page, article.

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