Digital Marketing Case Study

About OplanX

OplanX is a premium Travel & Tourism company providing quality services at affordable costing. With in-depth analysis of the Market, Existing players and customers – with the shift in their requirements looking not only for quality but also that comfort and peace of mind with which they are looking for a Trusted Travel planner who can help them in foreign lands when in need starting from Local sim cards to communicate with their family members to helping them share information about the place of vacation in detail when ever needed

This is supported by 24X7 Customer Support team available to help them. They are also having their own establishments and good network of local team players that work hard in every way possible to make the Vacation or Holiday or Official Tours memorable

They are with their customers from origin through the tour till they return home safely

A Brand in making that holds capacity to grow clubbed with very strong leadership and vision to be with its customers for every travel plan that make

They serve all their customers charting their travel plans across the globe, started with planning visits to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and expanding to other geographies with their easy, simple and friendly team of Travel Consultants soon

What they want

As a new business entrant, they wanted to have a Website that could be easily navigable by their customers finding the best travel plans and itineraries. They did not stop there. Taking it a step further to service their happy customers they have also planned out facilities which the customers are bound to love

In short, they have done every thing possible and continue with the same vision to solve one major problem that in general travellers face, i.e; Peace of Mind to enjoy their Tour thoroughly instead worrying about their small issues when they land their destination starting from local travel to sightseeing to ease of communication to food suggestions etc.

Having all these features integrated in their Digital Asset connected with Mobile App making it more convenient for their customers

Keeping in mind their Digital Marketing initiatives and challenges that we going to face the coding of the website is also been looked at very deeply enabling best results to be obtained for optimized results


Problem Statement


(a) Digital

  1. Looking for Premium website loaded with functions and features
  2. Ease of Navigation to be kept in mind while designing the OplanX Ecommerce Website
  3. Loading Speed of the E-commerce site needed to be small giving that Improved User Experience
  4. Clean & Custom coding needed to improved website performance keeping future Digital Marketing Strategy & Challenges in mind
  5. Right server configurations needed to take the load of the site with its functions and the traffic flow
  6. Time constraint


(b) Business

  1. Market Analysis understanding customers need even from the budget perspective and the shift in audience persona
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Local Business partnership and negotiations to craft the best possible service and experience to OplanX Customers
  4. Digital Challenges that OplanX is going to face when Digital Marketing initiatives are initiated starting from E-Commerce SEO to Google Ads to Social Media Management among other digital platforms
  5. Digital Marketing consultation needed to plan budget and all the activities including offline activities keeping the Business Situation in mind and how to over come all the challenges in every digital channel



  1. Custom coded E-Commerce Website designed and developed with full research in terms of functions and features integrated. Every small little detail is been looked at from code to UI/UX of the website
  2. Quality Analysis of the website is done at each and every step to mitigate any issues that arise
  3. Website Annual Maintenance is done and serviced for smooth function of the site with low to nearly no maintenance time for optimal performance
  4. Digital Marketing Consultation was provided keeping the business objectives to be achieved. Digital goals have also been mapped looking at the digital challenges to plan digital marketing strategy with a short/ Mid & Long-term approach. In short, a proper systematic strategic digital marketing map has been drafted to go forward with yielding holistic results in every stage of the business looking at the digital customer journey
  5. Aggressive approach for the digital marketing project has been identified using tactical Keyword Research, Technical SEO, Content Marketing plan to Social Media Management services with a combination of both organic & paid to engage customers and target audiences helping building the Brand – OplanX over time


“We continue servicing our client with various Tactical Marketing initiatives helping them grow”

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