Canada Visa Point

Canada Visa Point

Digital Marketing Case Study

About CanadaVisaPoint

CanadaVisaPoint is an Immigration & Visa processing firm, known for its astute knowledge in the industry with a great track record helping individuals & organizations immigrate all over the world especially Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Ireland, Newzealand, Germany, Denmark and other European countries

They help their clients with Permanent Residency Visa to Provencial Nomination Program (PNP) to Business Immigrations. They also assist with Visitor Visa or Temporary Residency Visa (TRV) to Skilled Independent Visa

Students wanting to explore the world and learning from the best universities and colleges across the globe can also benefit with CanadaVisaPoint’s expert panel in immigration law & processes

CanadaVisaPoint has its offices across geographies both in India & abroad

Their customers and clients alike benefit with their expert immigration services and systematic and methodological updated knowledge of country rules & regulations from A to Z of the immigration process

A Brand well known that has transformed numerous lives till date helping them achieve their dreams to grow

What were they looking for!

CanadaVisaPoint being in the industry servicing for past many years, plans to revamp their website and give it a much professional, clean look alongwith an easy to understand and smooth navigation for their clients and customers alike. Positioning themselves as one of the Trusted Names in the field of Immigration & Visa processing industry, a One-Stop-Solutions provider for all client’s immigration queries & processes in a timely, easy¬† & simplified manner.

With a vision to become the #1 Trusted brand name in the industry with increased Awareness, Visibility, Traffic flow alongwith quality of leads generated improving their Sales & Revenue inputs it is a must for us to help them with our Strategic & Tactical Digital Marketing Expertise approach to help them achieve their digital & business goals over time

Problem Statement


(a) Business :

  1. Improve Market Share with increased brand presence
  2. Improve Brand Recall
  3. Establish Improved Market Authority
  4. Increase Sales & Revenue
  5. Correct Media Budget Spent Management


(b) Digital

  1. Website Revamping
  2. Increase Sustainable Traffic flow to website
  3. Improve Keyword Rankings
  4. Increase Visibility
  5. Establishing Digital Authority
  6. Improved Quality Lead Generation
  7. Improved Digital Brand presence
  8. Increased Sales using Advanced & Systematic Digital Marketing methodologies & tactics



1st Phase:

  1. Digital Marketing Consultation for Immigration websites – Understanding real business & digital marketing goals & challenges
  2. Understanding Market potential & Competitor Analysis to yield results in a systematic approach
  3. Plan aggressive digital marketing strategies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads Management & Social Brand promotional strategies to Conversion Rate Optimization (a long term approach to build the brand from all digital aspects)
  4. Help understand & revamp website UI/UX with ease of navigation with clean coding for better algorithmic acceptance
  5. Setting up Optimized Content for the website & strategic Keyword Research followed by online content marketing strategies helping increase Organic Visibility, Rank & Traffic

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