Digital Marketing Case Study

About EasyDerma

EasyDerma is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Online Skin Care Consultation & Doctor’s Application. With an objective to help patients take Advance Technological Advantage where they can themselves get 1st hand remedy with Historical Data for the type of Derma Issues they might be facing & finding the Right Solution to it from the comfort of their homes

Patients can also consult with Doctor’s online, booking appointments followed by placing Medicine Orders all in the same place with simple & easy steps enabling patients to save time & receive fast consultation, treatment and most important of all peace of mind connecting with experienced doctors from any part of the Globe

What they want

Being part of the Digital Industry for over a decade wanting to find a solution in the online Skin Care Segment using Artificial Intelligence (AI), they have the 1st Movers Advantage to their business

As a start up & a new concept, it is clear of their requirements & the challenges that they were going to face. Few of them are as follows:

  1. Having developed their website, they wanted to carry out a Feasibility Test & do with Product Testing or acceptability of their product in the market to find out what their Target Audiences were looking out for Product Improvement
  2. Understanding Digital Marketing & Technological challenges to overcome
  3. Setting up Digital Marketing Channels which would be helping them achieve their digital & business objectives
  4. Reach out to their relevant TG for the Feasibility Test within a tight budget (being Product Testing Phase)
  5. Also, help them with a Digital Marketing Strategy that enables them to establish as a popular brand in the segment
  6. Help them with Strong Keyword Research and SEO Strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Advance Google Ads for the tests
  7. Support them in building Digital Visibility to generate Trust in market enabling them to sign up new and more experienced doctors and dermatologists
  8. Help them get more investment for the next stages of the business life cycle to develop & expand further


Problem Statement


(a) Digital

  1. Finding technological challenges existing in the website & application to overcome
  2. All digital assets were new. Trackers & Pixels were immature
  3. Small time frame to find issues existing in the codes enabling proper tracker installation
  4. Digital Competition was indirect yet have been market leaders in the health care segment. Also, various Health Care Aggregator Sites turned out to be their direct & indirect competition (in various ways)
  5. New Website, thus no organic traffic & visibility & lack of trust


(b) Business

  1. Market Analysis understanding customers need even from the budget perspective and the shift in audience persona
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. New business, thereby identifying right monthly media budget for digital marketing services once the prototype phase is passed
  4. Collecting data for setting up internal operations for improved efficiency
  5. Payment model testing & modification


  1. Website was tested from a customer’s perspective (UI/UX) finind any existing code issues to be recommended to modifications
  2. Quality Analysis of the website is done at each and every step to mitigate issues from Digital Marketing perspective
  3. Digital Marketing Consultation was provided keeping the business objectives in mind. Digital goals have also been mapped looking at the digital challenges to plan digital marketing strategy with a short/ Mid & Long-term approach. In short, a proper systematic strategic digital marketing map has been drafted to go forward with yielding holistic results in every stage of the business looking at the digital customer journey
  4. Aggressive approach for the digital marketing project has been identified using tactical Keyword Research, Technical SEO, Content Marketing plan to Social Media Management services with a combination of both organic & paid to engage customers and target audiences helping building the brand over time
  5. Google Ads & Social Ads were run to understand project potential and get the Project Feasibility report connecting business model for any modifications if need be

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