Why Snapchat Is a Popular Social Media Platform Among Youngsters?

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Why Snapchat Is a Popular Social Media Platform Among Youngsters?

For a youngster, Snapchat does not need an introduction. Youngsters have been using Snapchat since its inception. One of the popular social media applications, Snapchat provides youngsters the desired platform to share everyday moments. Unlike the other social media apps available, Snapchat provides the disappearing messages feature. 

However, Snapchat is a blend of several things. Let us understand the reason for its popularity among youngsters. 

Apart from letting you connect with and follow your friends, Snapchat would offer you cool things such as news, games, quizzes, and entertainment. It offers a great video editing tool as well. Snapchat is an innovative social media platform. It is one of the several reasons for its popularity amongst youngsters. 

Why Snapchat appeals to youngsters 

Imagine a platform where you could share, chat, and forget about little moments of life. This aspect has massive appeal for youngsters. It has been the primary reason for youngsters to use Snapchat. The lighthearted design, photo effects, and filters also appeal to youngsters. However, several other features also appeal to youngsters more. Let us delve into a few. 

  1. You do not require a phone number to use Snapchat 

It has been a boon for the youngsters, as they do not have to add their phone number to use Snapchat. This app-only social media platform has been among a few mainstream platforms based on an app-only feature. 

You do not need a phone number to sign up on Snapchat or to find anyone on snapchat. A few users might not mind using their phone numbers to sign up on Snapchat. However, not all would be comfortable with the idea. It would not be a bad thing for an application to require a phone number. Snapchat offers a specific appeal to the people for ease of access. 

Snapchat would not ask for your phone number. However, you could be bypassed by choosing an e-mail address. 

  1. Signing up with a disposable email address 

Snapchat would help you bypass entering your phone number. It would also let you sign up with a disposable or temporary email address. Several social media networks would need an email address from a recognizable and reputed service. Most social media networks block disposable email services. 

Snapchat would accept all email services available. You could provide a non-existent email to sign up in Snapchat. It would be pertinent to mention here that you could change the email address and verify it. You can also transfer money using snapchat.

  1. Does not require several permissions 

A majority of applications would require several permissions to work. Rest assured it could raise suspicions, especially when it comes to social media applications. Usually, it would require a list of permissions. However, you could make the most of Snapchat with very little permission. 

Similar to most social media applications, Snapchat does not ask for several permissions inclusive of location, contacts, phone, microphone, storage, and SMS. However, you would require giving permissions for camera and storage only. You do not require giving permissions unless you want to record a video or make a call. 

To sum it up 

Snapchat has become immensely popular with youngsters due to the aforementioned reasons. This social media app has been popular for bringing people together due to its versatility. 


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