White Hat Strategies to Increase Traffic

White Hat Strategies To Increase Traffic

White Hat is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique that implements SEO strategies with the use of search engine algorithms to evaluate a web page. Google algorithm for instance, incorporates millions of signals to determine a page’s ranking, thus, optimizing the web page accordingly

Here are some prominent white hat strategies that prove to be quite a hit among SEO experts

  • Go mobile: Since the use of mobile is increasing every day, the concept of such a technology comes into great need here. Trying to list your business on the mobile platform is worth it. Research shows that 94% of mobile users search for location information, 51% visit online stores, 48% call stores and 29% make purchases. While listing your business to successfully tap a good percentage of visitors, it is important to upload complete and accurate data on your Google My Business profile 
  • Focus on User Experience: Google always encourages to focus on user experience. Websites that put their heart into understanding user experience benefit the most. Main idea is to first try and determine customer’s intentions in visiting the website, then develop a methodology for hassle-free navigation and then to lead them to an overall happy experience
  • Research for Relevant Keywords: Yes! This is indeed the most important part of white hat SEO strategies. There are keyword tools that provide accurate data for you to understand, pick and use relevant keywords for efficient optimization of the website. This helps reaching the right customers and be in-front of them when they are ready to buy or are researching for your product or service. Selecting Keywords is an art and a science. Balance needs to be maintained to increase search ability and increase visibility
  • Create an Effective Content Marketing Plan: Remember there are competitors in every field, and in SEO? There are far too many! In order to be the best in the field with professional SEO experts, it is important to come up with a content marketing plan that’s better than your competitors’ as much as possible. Content is among the top two Google ranking factors. To get this right, uploading high-quality, relevant and meaningful content is a must
  • Build Suitable Links: Other top-ranking factor that Google follows is Link Building. Get relevant links that are most suitable for your website. Create a resource centre for yourself, one that can work on any kind of website. This will not only attract links but also help to build trust and authority

Most of the professional SEO concerns in the city are closely influenced by White Hat SEO strategies and techniques. They are quite aware and also implement these techniques for suitable outcomes over Black Hat SEO techniques. Not only do above points help in correct way of optimization of websites but also support increase in traffic by many folds

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