What is Programmatic Marketing & Factors Associated

Ad Space Buying

Programmatic marketing or Programmatic display advertising is a system used for Automated Bidding on Advertising Inventory (Media Spaces, Audience, and others) in Real Time basis by the specialised digital marketing agencies

It involves Real Time Bidding (RTB) & Non-Real Time Bidding (Non -RTB) to monetize your ads better

Programmatic buying helps to show Ads to Specific Customers in a Specific Context and costs fraction of the Cost of Direct Buying and saves time avoiding manual intervention. Along with buying Ad Spaces, it helps in placement and Optimization of media inventory

Basics of Working:

programmatic marketing agencies with their expertise help you drafting the right Ads and campaigns to manage them and generate the optimum results that you seek

Below are the basics of programmatic flow:

Note: The Ad runs only in the selected Ad Spaces which are selected for Programmatic Marketing

Advantages real time bidding advertising:

Programmatic Using Via:

How are the Programmatic Ads Bought?

Note: Pricing depends on Device, Industry, Format, placement of Ad on Page

In general CPM ranges between $0.50 to $2 v/s $10 for Direct buying, because of which Reach increases by 10 – 20 times effecting conversion rates in a positive way

2 Ways of Purchasing Programmatic Ad Space:

Also, can be categorized as follows:

Every Advertiser has access to DSP

Ad Blockers

Because of increase in the Programmatic Marketing there has been an increase in Ad Blockers. It stops targeting the Audiences intricately

Why customers have them on their devices?


Countries Spending Heavily on Programmatic Marketing:

Tools Used for Programmatic Marketing:

There are various tools used for the same like Adobe Marketing Cloud, Double Click, AdRoll, Centro etc.

Platform selection depends on the level of customization allowed, Data integration, Transparency, Easy-to-Use

Programmatic Marketing helps Create our Audience who can be marketed on a continuous basis to not only make them Aware about our Products/ Services, but also, we can run Specific Campaigns to Specific set of Audiences, saving precious time. The data received here can also be used for Cross-Channel Marketing across channels, sites, devices getting the most ROI helping to achieve our objectives. Making our Digital Strategies more effective and credible

It can be used for Branding purposes to Run Campaigns for increasing Engagement to may be remind our precious audiences of the action that they wanted to take in regards buying a product/ inquiring for your service (Leads) to increase Sales, possibilities are endless

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