What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads & How It Helps?


If you are a regular Google searcher you must have come across a small ‘Ad’ written alongside some links on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that may have come up while searching on Google. This is Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC.  Now, what exactly is PPC? It is an online advertising system in which advertisers pay every time a user clicks on an ad. PPC can be of different types, one of the most common being the paid search ad. You must be wondering which ads are these and how can you see them. Well, here’s an instance:

Let’s say you open Google or any other search engine on your laptop or smartphone and type in ‘dentists near me’. Let’s assume you are having terrible toothache and in desperate need of a dentist. As soon as you enter your search item you will come across a list of options with links. Some of these links will have ‘Ad’ written next to them (as I have already mentioned before). These are the paid ads. Once you click on them, the advertisers will have to pay for your click, hence the name pay-per-click. To make the most of this online advertising system, expert PPC management services guide and help advertisers so that they get maximum traffic and conversion out of it.

The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In order for the ads to appear alongside the search results on an SERP or Search Engine Results Page ads are subjected to the ad auction. This is a fully automated service that Google, and other search engines use to authenticate an ad before it appears on the SERPs

Keywords play an important role in an ad auction. As the name suggests an ad auction is more of a bidding system in which the advertisers bid on the keywords or phrases, they want to use to trigger traffic

For instance: Let’s say you are a seller of sports items. A user wanting to buy sports shoes, equipment, clothes, etc., might just use ‘sports items’ as the keyword in the search engine to find shops selling these items near him.

Since advertisers have to pay-per-click, it is important that they use relevant search keywords only. In order to research a ‘keyword tool’ can be used to find out the right set of keywords in order to drive sales and conversion through these ads

Once the relevant keywords are found and the new campaigns are created the PPC management services manage the PPC campaigns. They regularly analyse the performance of the account making changes, modifications, A/B Testing and adjustments whenever and whenever needed like:

  • Putting in a constant effort to improve use of keywords.
  • Improving the landing page by regularly modifying call-to-actions (CTAs) to increase conversions.
  • Reviewing keywords and shutting off the ones that appear more costly and less relevant for sales (also known as Negative Keywords).

If you’ve been thinking lately of switching to online advertising, PPC could be a good start for you. Our Specialised PPC management services are there to provide you with the best PPC assistance you would need. As use of a Right Strategy depending on the stage of your business both offline and online matters to achieve your goals

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