What is Google Bert Update: Basics That You Need to Know!

Google Bert Update

BERT is a major Google update that has a potential effect on search queries. The BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a natural language processing algorithm that helps machines understand the meanings of sentences in keeping with the context of the same. According to Google, the BERT update is extremely beneficial in understanding conversational queries


Since the role of BERT is to analyse and comprehend Google’s search queries, it becomes important for On-Page SEO to use precise content rather than sloppy ones. Vague and sketchy content may not be helpful keeping Google BERT update in mind

Some points to remember would be:

  1. Optimizing for Featured Snippets: Since BERT update is designed to comprehend natural language and understand long queries, Google tries to highlight on featured snippets. In such a case, the customer will get an answer to the query instantly and directly

  2. Optimizing for Content Marketing: Content is definitely an important part of SEO. The effort of SEO agencies should be to hire expert content developers and come up with relevant content. The more precise and relevant the content is the better it would be for BERT to answer the queries, thus, improving search rankings


Step1: Do an SERP Analysis: Every keyword analysis or content optimization process starts with an SERP analysis. This analysis helps in understanding the ranking of the content depending on the keywords

Step2: Create content that’s relevant: Remember BERT analyses natural language, hence, while writing the content, make sure it is written for humans. Meaning a little complexity of the language is permissible

Step3: Use relevant keywords: While writing SEO content, make sure that it contains new and relevant keywords. Users have more than one query most of the time, hence, offering them answers to these relevant and relative queries would be a good idea


Myth1: BERT means optimizing sites for long tail queries: BERT does not mean long tail search queries only. It actually functions to understand what users search for

Myth2: BERT’s effect is insignificant: Many people are of the belief that BERT’s effect is not very significant. However, according to Google every one out of ten English language queries are affected by BERT update

Myth3: Stop words are important for BERT: Some SEO experts believe that BERT update only uses stop words like ‘to’ and ‘from’.

Myth4: BERT is the most popular update: BERT is actually the biggest improvement that has been misinterpreted as the biggest update of all time


  • BERT comprehends the English language as understood by humans
  • BERT is all about content and its relevance
  • It helps Google better understand search queries and give related results accordingly
  • BERT update works well on featured snippets including languages other than English

With the advancement in technology, Google’s search algorithms are becoming increasingly effective and beneficial in Search Engine Optimization strategy implementations and search rankings on the SERP

BERT update has a promising future and it looks like it will soon become a Google achievement that will lead to more accomplishments in the field of SEO yet to come

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