Welcome Smash Balloon to the WPBeginner Family of Products

Today, I’m extremely excited to share that Smash Balloon has joined Awesome Motive, and it is now part of the WPBeginner’s family of products.

Smash Balloon offers the most popular social feed plugins for WordPress. Over 1,300,000+ people use Smash Balloon plugins to easily display their social media content in WordPress.

Smashballoon Joins Wpbeginner Family

Smash Balloon is a combination of four plugins that makes it easy for you to create and display custom Facebook feeds, custom Instagram feeds, custom Twitter feeds, and custom YouTube feeds on your WordPress site.

Over the years what has made Smash Balloon stand out is that it’s easy to setup, and it is always reliable.

There are free versions available for all four plugins, and they offer all the essential features you’d need to create a custom social media feed.

However if you need more customization options such as displaying multiple Facebook feeds, Facebook calendar events, Facebook group timelines, custom Instagram shoppable feeds, Instagram story feeds, Instagram hashtag feeds, or just a custom grid of YouTube videos and Twitter feeds, then the Smash Balloon Pro plugins are the perfect option.

Smashballoon Four Plugins

The best part about Smash Balloon is that unlike other social feed plugins, this will NOT slow down your site.

The plugin comes with a feed caching system which allows your social posts to always load super fast even when the platform API is experiencing downtime.

I’m really excited to be working with John Brackett (founder of Smash Balloon), and the entire team to add more powerful social media features that will help small businesses leverage social proof to boost engagement, sales, and conversions.

Since Smash Balloon is an established product and has been around since 2013, we’re not going to offer a lifetime deal. Instead, we’re running a special 60% off sale on all plans including the All-Access Bundle which gets you access to all Smash Balloon plugins including the future ones.

Use the coupon code: CELEBRATE

See Smash Balloon Demo and Get Started »

Background Story – Why Smash Balloon?

If you’ve been reading WPBeginner for a while, then you know that we have recommended Smash Balloon as the go-to social media feed plugin for WordPress since 2016.

That’s because it’s easy to setup and most importantly it is ALWAYS reliable.

Often when starting a blog or making a website, small business owners want to display social media feeds on their WordPress site.

This helps you get more social media followers with omni-channel marketing, and it also allows you to boost sales conversions by leveraging social proof.

As you know, our goal at Awesome Motive is to help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys.

When the opportunity presented itself to join forces with John Brackett and build the next generation of social media plugins for WordPress, I said Yes.

I’m super excited about this acquisition and am looking forward to sharing our product development & business growth playbooks with the Smash Balloon team to create more amazing features that you’ve been asking for.

What’s Coming Next?

We have already started working on our plans to build the next big feature of Smash Balloon that I know everyone will love. I’m particularly excited about it because I’ll get to use it in the next WPBeginner redesign Icon Smile

You can also expect to see deeper Smash Balloon integration with our existing plugins including but not limited to MonsterInsights (analytics), RafflePress (contests & giveaways), SeedProd (landing pages), and more.

Last but not least, we will continue to make the process of creating custom social media feeds easier through detailed tutorials, product education, and more.

If you have suggestions on features you’d like to see in the Smash Balloon plugins, then please let us know by sending us a message via WPBeginner contact form.

As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of WPBeginner. We look forward to bringing you more amazing solutions to help you grow your business.

Yours Truly,

Syed Balkhi
Founder of WPBeginner


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