Ways in Which You Could Reduce Cost of Google Ads

Reduce Cost Of Google Ads

Running ad campaigns in Google Ads can be quite an expensive affair if you are running your campaigns without keeping Google’s best practices in mind. Remember, the more relevant your ads are to a user the lower will be your total advertising costs

The cost per click is the amount you pay when a user clicks on your Google ad. Reducing this cost ultimately reduces the cost of your Google display ads


The first thing to consider when creating an ad campaign of your own is to select the correct keyword. Using specific keywords is vital for your ad campaigns. For this, you could also use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the right keywords that would be relevant for your service or product offerings. Remember to focus on matching the keywords with relevant landing pages. To avoid unnecessary hassles, using Google’s Keyword Planner helps to identify popular keywords and their search history. Using relevant keywords to your website will eventually help to reduce your Google advertising costs


What exactly is a quality score and how does it affect your campaigns? 

A quality score is actually the rating Google gives to your keywords and ads. It does so by determining the cost per click and ad rank

Your quality score will have to be determined based on the following components:

  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Relevance of keyword
  • Relevance of the landing page and its quality
  • Relevance of the ad campaign
  • Historical search performance

Although Google cannot identify the exact percentage of how much each of the above factors affect the score, however, ensuring that all the above factors are optimised eventually helps in increasing the score and reducing the ad costs


To reduce costs of Google Ads that are irrelevant for your business, it is vital that you add negative keywords to your account. This will ultimately mean that your ads will stop showing for the particular negative keywords you’ve added and you will be able to reduce your costs considerably. If you wish to view your negative keywords, you could so by clicking on ‘keywords’ on the left side of your Google display Ads view. Then move to the negative keyword tab on the top of the page. It is here that you can add individual negative keywords or even negative keyword lists


The other important point to consider while reducing Google Ads is to check the location targeting. Check your ad campaign to ensure that you are only targeting the areas in which you wish to get your ads displayed. Avoid targeting countries where your products or services are not available

If you want to access the location options settings and want to target people in exact locations, ensure that you select ‘people in or regularly in your targeted locations’. When excluding locations make sure you also select the option ‘people in your excluded locations’


Ad scheduling is a technique that you can use if you want your ads to run for certain hours or days. In addition to this, bid adjustments can be used to increase or decrease bids for certain days and times. This also allows you not to completely turn your ads off but rather spend less on certain days

If you don’t schedule your ad campaigns, they will be shown by default all throughout day when users search for your keyword. This will finally increase your ad costs

Finally, follow the key ways mentioned above to reduce the costs of your Google Ad campaigns. All the best!

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