Video Library for Facebook Ads

Video Library For Facebook Ads

It’s safe to say that nothing about the last few months has been normal for any of us. But during this time, SMBs have been hit particularly hard.

As we at WordStream have reflected on our mission—to help small and mid-sized businesses succeed—we’ve decided to launch a new, free feature in WordStream Advisor designed to help small businesses do more with the limited resources at hand. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our Shutterstock partnership to include video options for Facebook ads!

Wordstream Shutterstock Video Library

Many small businesses are adjusting their strategies and determining how they can best reach their customers and prospects while still remaining profitable. Facebook recently hit an all-time high usage of 2.6 billion monthly users (and Instagram usage has followed suit), which makes the platform a great way for SMBs to increase brand awareness—and for a reasonable price—-during the pandemic. By making Shutterstock’s expansive video library free for our customers, they can try reaching new audiences on Facebook with high-quality, engaging content for a lower cost-to-entry.

How the new video library can improve your Facebook ads

Making the jump into Facebook video advertising can be daunting, but our easy-to-use software, combined with the quality of videos you’ve come to expect from an industry leader like Shutterstock, gives users a fast, hassle-free ad building experience. Here are three major ways that this integration can help you boost your Facebook advertising campaigns without the headaches that come with traditional video ad creation.

Millions of ready-to-use video clips

WordStream users can access millions of high-quality video clips to create their online ads. The integrated video library covers over a dozen categories, including business, nature, technology, healthcare, and more.

That means marketers working in any industry can create high-performing videos with the perfect clips for their needs.

Wordstream Shutterstock Video Library Clips.jpg?O5T1DYDTTfta6dDctu

Plus, with so many video clips to choose from, advertisers can have more flexibility to A/B test with different creative assets to better optimize each campaign based on performance insights.

Accelerates video creation

This integration makes the process of creating video ads so much simpler—there’s no need to open up a new browser window, go to Shutterstock’s website, license, download, edit, and then return to upload the video clip into their ad.

Instead, the Shutterstock image and video libraries are available right in WordStream Advisor so advertisers can get the content they need when they need it. That means you can create more video ads faster to capture your audience’s attention.

Offers worry-free licensing

Launching a video ad only to get a take-down notice for improper use of creative content is frustrating, not to mention potentially costly. That’s why it’s important to make sure that advertisers have the right to use creative content for digital ads.

The Shutterstock image and video integration save WordStream users the headache of figuring out content licensing. All Shutterstock images and video clips available in WordStream are covered under our royalty-free license, which permits use within digital ads created in WordStream. That means advertisers can launch new video campaigns and stay focused on results.

How to access the integration

This integration is automatically available to all WordStream customers, and there’s no need to create a Shutterstock account. To get started with Shutterstock videos for Facebook, log into your account. From there, navigate to the “Manage” tab, click on “Facebook,” and create a new video ad to get started.

Wordstream Shutterstock Video Library Advisor

From here, you can click on the “Stock Videos” button and use the search bar to browse different video options based on your desired content. You can hover your mouse over individual clips to preview. When you find something you like, you can select the clip to license and finish building your ad.

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