Using TikTok for Business Purposes

Using TikTok For Business Purposes


TikTok was initially launched as a simple platform for sharing and editing videos in 2016, however, over the years this platform has earned more popularity than it had ever imagined. With its increasing demand it is now used in more than 150 countries around the world

Attracting the younger generation, this platform has more to offer than you would have imagined. It is now being observed as an essential marketing tool that many businesses can implement for better traffic and results. Throughout our blog, the main topic of discussion would be how to do marketing on TikTok


The platform essentially has two main areas:

  1. The ‘For You Page’
  2. The ‘Following Page’

The moment you install the app and open it, you are directed to the ‘For You Page’. This page lists some of the trending videos and names of video creators. Further exploration of the app will also teach you how to follow people to see trending videos and content. However, something unique about this app is that you do not have to follow people to experience the app, all you need is the will to explore the app on your own. No matter how good it is, the question that will linger in your mind is that is TikTok good for business? Let’s find out!


If you are one of those business owners who believe in implementing newer methods of marketing, TikTok could be a good option for you. There are essentially four ad formats that you could implement in your TikTok business model

  1. INFEED NATIVE CONTENT: TikTok videos last for 9 – 15 seconds only and, therefore, the length of the native infeed videos must be within 9 -15 seconds. The content gets displayed in full screen and also has the option to be skipped much like Instagram stories. They also have multiple features like website clicks or app downloads. The effect the video has on the audience is assessed by the number of clicks, impressions, CTRs, play duration, video interactions, etc.
  2. BRANDING: In this section images, GIFs, embedded links, videos, etc., can be used to be connected to website landing pages
  3. HASHTAGS: This type of ad is used when brands choose to use promoted hashtags. In this category, the hashtag challenge contains a link that directs users to the original challenge page, here they get to see the details of the challenge and the featured instructions. These challenges can be assessed through video interactions, clicks, etc.
    For example: In 2018, the famous fashion brand, Guess, partnered with TikTok to introduce the #InMyDenim challenge. This was an excellent brand awareness stint that brought about huge success for the brand globally

  1. BRANDED LENSES: One of the new and promising features of TikTok that is becoming increasingly popular is the brand lenses. Just like Snapchat, this has 2D, 3D lenses for photos and videos


TikTok is a good platform for businesses to build their user base. They can easily enjoy organic advertising techniques and TikTok marketing campaigns to display their products and services. Introduce a challenge on your product or service and get back valuable marketing ideas

TikTok deals with the younger generation, and so, uploading appropriate videos directed towards the younger generation can be an effective marketing tool for your business

Creating fun content on TikTok is another way of drawing attention to your brand. Coming with your own content is the easiest and the cheapest way to promote your business. Also, for videos, you don’t need very polished and finely shot videos, using a Smartphone for the videos would also be of equal importance on TikTok. Hence, a tension-free, easy and affordable medium of marketing for your business. However, remember, to keep the videos, light-hearted, simple and easy-to-understand

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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