Unlocking Your Employee’s True Potential

Unlocking Your Employee’s True Potential

On each episode of this season of the Goal Talk podcast, I interview a marketing or management expert to bring small business owners and marketers the information they need to successfully grow their businesses.

Last week, we started in on our digital marketing deep-dive by getting into detail about how the Google Ads auction works. And who better to take me through it than WordStream’s in-house Google Ads account manager, Kristina Simonson. Throughout the episode, we went through everything from how Google determines which ad to show, how Google determines how much you’re going to spend, which metrics are the most important to track, and more. If you’re just venturing into the world of advertising online, this preliminary Google Ads episode is a great one to listen to. If you haven’t heard that episode yet, you can listen here.

This week’s topic: How to identify and foster high-potential employees

As a manager or a business owner, you likely have a team of individuals reporting to you. Sometimes, you’re able to identify those who are highly engaged, high producing, and express the drive to do more than what their job currently entails. Those individuals can be classified as high-potential, and require a specific type of guidance for the relationship to work for both them and your business. So how do you identify and empower your employees that may be high potential?

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In this next management focused episode of the Goal Talk podcast, we dive more deeply into the specifics around being an effective manager for your employees, and how you can realistically approach fostering a high potential employee to be as successful as possible.

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Lucy Lemons, WordStream’s VP of People Success to discuss:

  • What it means to be a high potential employee.
  • How to identify a high-potential employee on your team.
  • Tips for employees to “manage up” if they’re not feeling supported.
  • How managers can find a balance between challenging and supporting employees.
  • How WordStream approaches high potential employees.

Throughout the episode, Lucy and I talk through all of the above topics as well as give specific examples and tools to use to be an effective manager when working with high potential individuals.

You can find this week’s episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as your favorite podcast app. Also, don’t forget to watch new episodes on our YouTube channel, and follow the podcast’s Twitter account for episode releases, ask the hosts questions and join in on the conversation.

About the podcast

The Goal Talk podcast is all about giving small business owners and marketers the information they need to succeed. From advertising tactics that help you personalize your message for your customers to management styles that will help your employees perform at their full potential and feel satisfied in their role, we’re sharing valuable takeaways to help you and your business flourish by interviewing the experts and sharing their insights. Listen here.

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