Things to Know About Dynamic Search Ads

Things To Know About Dynamic Search Ads

What exactly are dynamic search ads?

Dynamic Search Ads or DSAs are ad formats that are available in Google Ads. These allow advertisers to find customers searching precisely for what the advertisers offer. These types of ads are usually used by advertisers who have a well-developed website or websites with large inventory. The reason for this being that DSAs use your website content to target users rather than keywords. They efficiently generate ad headlines and landing pages that are relevant to the search performed based on the information derived from the website. The main focus of this blog post will be to explain how DSAs work, their advantages and how you can create your very own DSA in Google Ads

When do DSAs get shown?

The moment a user searches for a term that is connected to the titles, phrases, etc., used in the website, DSAs start using these phrases to create an ad. The details that creates a DSA headline and URL landing page is directly taken from the website. However, you will need to write an appropriate description line for the ad

For example: Let’s say you are the owner of a famous Chinese restaurant. A potential user searches on Google for noodles and fried rice, and comes across your ad with the same headline. The moment the user clicks on this ad, he/she will be directed to the landing page of the website with details of the menu

What are the benefits of using DSAs?

  1. Relevant: Since these ads generate by picking information and details from the website, they result in being highly relevant for both you and the customer. This relevance reduces your cost considerably
  2. Saves Time: Dynamic Search Ads are easy to set up and have no connection with keywords, this makes it faster for the ads to get noticed in the market compared to other alternatives
  3. Covers Keyword Gaps: DSAs can be used to fill up keyword gaps that may be missing from your keyword campaigns. This means that, ads will show for keywords that you aren’t targeting in the first place. This allows you to reach a wider market and capture more traffic. Additionally, DSAs may help you find new keywords to target
  4. Keeps Up with Website Changes: With the use of DSAs regular website changes like adding or removing of new products become easier. Accordingly, it updates the Google Ads keywords and ads


The process of creating a dynamic search ad is same a normal search ad, however, the process of creating it is a little different. You will have to log into your Google Ads Account

#1: After you enter Google Ads Account go to All Campaigns>Campaigns>Blue plus button

#2: Add the goal of the campaign

#3: After choosing the goal, click on search and next

#4: Add a desired campaign name, and then choose whether you want your ads to be displayed on Google Search Partners and the Google Display Network. However, it is not mandatory to tick any of these boxes to run DSAs

Then click on “show more settings”

Don’t forget to add your desired location targeting, language, ad campaign budget, bidding strategy, etc.

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