The Use of Google Ads in PPC Advertising

Google Ads Budget

As was discussed in the previous blog, I am sure you remember what PPC was? To refresh your memory, PPC is Pay-Per-Click advertising that is an online advertising system that allows advertisers to pay every time a person clicks on an online ad. It is by far the most popular form of advertising among small businesses. Now, there are many tools for PPC management services that expert digital marketing agencies in Kolkata use, however, Google Adwords is the most notable one.  This is true because of Google’s reputation definitely but also because business owners are allowed to control their costs

Google Ads is not only a PPC platform but also an effective tool that can be used as an advertising template for online ads. To use this platform first you need to make a Google Adwords account, set relevant keywords, craft the advertisement through high-quality and suitable content and then place your bid per click and set a daily maximum spending. Once the ad is ready, you will need an approval from Google, however, the process is an easy and quick one. After this, the ad is launched

Now, there are many sites that would want to host your ad. When these sites place your ad and a link is clicked, a part of the Google Adwords payment is directed to the owner of the site through Google Adsense. This we will be discussing in coming knowledge blogs

This process of placing a PPC ad through Google Ads, is as easy as it sounds. Even a least tech-savvy person would be easily able to launch a PPC ad with the help of Google. It provides online tutorials that give step-by-step details of the process that proves useful for anyone who wants to create a Google Adwords account.

Other than the amount you’ve bid for your keywords, other aspects could influence your ad’s ranking as well, such as the ‘quality score’, which uses the agreed cost per click (CPC)

Google also allows you to choose your position preference. Using this option, you can choose the highest or the lowest positions suitable for your Google AdWords ad. In case you do not choose a position, your ad will not be displayed. This can also be done for specific ads or ad groups

Using Google Adwords makes it easier for you to estimate how many clicks you can expect for the ad displayed and how much the online ad can cost. At some point of time if you would want to stop or pause a PPC campaign, that would be easy too

Thus, it can be rightly said that PPC is a vital part of online advertising and marketing and can be an effective way of displaying ads at a reasonable price compared to offline media ads. Not only this, but it is also an effective way of increasing traffic for your website. Our PPC management team based in Kolkata makes use of Google Ads to come up with suitable PPC campaigns for websites keeping objectives like lead generation, increasing brand visibility, increasing traffic flow to the site to support your SEO initiatives, boosting your sales for products and services, increasing e-book downloads or even mobile app downloads. There is so much that can be done with implementation of right google ads strategy (will be discussing various types of google strategies industry wise in our upcoming posts)

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