The Role of Content Marketing During Corona Virus Pandemic

The Role Of Content Marketing During Corona Virus Pandemic

As the case of Coronavirus pandemic has become a global problem that is affecting everyone across the globe, everything starting from health to normal life happenings to business is getting severely crippled. So much so that conferences like IBM’s Think, SXSW and Adobe Summit have got cancelled due to COVID-19. Now, many enterprises and their marketing teams are thinking of how to keep their businesses running amidst this global emergency. The role of digital marketing in healthcare industry is now becoming even more important with passing time


Usually, 30-40% of marketing budget is generally kept for trade shows, travel, expenses, etc. With the Coronavirus affecting the global budget, marketers are thinking how to redistribute this budget. The need to avoid large gatherings is making marketers avoid the risk of arranging large events. In fact, this situation is compelling them to turn to content marketing to stay in touch with their customers

Therefore, keeping up with content marketing efforts to keep constant communication with customers, will be the right thing to do. In this view, IBM has come up with a great content marketing idea. Since, their conference at San Francisco got cancelled they have come up with a new digital conference that is scheduled to happen in May. For this event, IBM is solely dependent on interactive content that will in itself prove to be engaging rather than a large event that would risk the lives of many


The biggest role that digital marketing plays in healthcare industry will now play is to keep you connected to your customers without having to travel or come in direct contact with them. With an interactive and engaging content marketing strategy, your relationship with your customers will remain uninterrupted even during the Coronavirus pandemic

Your focus should now be on digital lead generation channels. In fact, as per many marketers, increasing digital expenditures at this moment can increase lead volume, however, quality may vary. Now, here many marketers may argue that the quality of leads in trade shows are events may also vary, but remember as long as the leads are carefully handled, lead generation will increase without having to depend on events, conferences or trade shows

As more and more companies are cancelling their events and shutting down everything to avoid risking lives during this pandemic, they should actually stop worrying and follow IBM’s footsteps! In doing so, the brands will get the scope to globally display themselves and increase engagement, thus proving the importance of content marketing during this situation. Digital engagement will give the brands the opportunity to deliver much more than they otherwise would, and that to, through the use on effective content marketing tools. However, focus on delivering content that customers usually seek for. Content that simply entertain, inspire, educate and inform!

In this challenging situation, the Coronavirus outbreak has made it challenging for marketers to step out of their comfort zones and look for other, digital marketing strategies for healthcare rather than the traditional mediums. Depending on content marketing strategies and delivering through the online platforms prove to be the most important way to reach out to customers during the coronavirus pandemic

Just for your information, here are some conferences and summits that have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic over the past two months

  • Adobe Summit, Las Vegas
  • EmTech, Asia, Singapore
  • Facebook Global Marketing Summit, San Francisco
  • Facebook F8 in San Jose, California
  • Google News Initiative Global Summit, Sunnyvale, California
  • Google I/O in Mountain View, California
  • IBM’s Think, San Francisco
  • Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
  • REV2020, San Francisco
  • Shopify’s developer conference, Unite, Toronto
  • South by Southwest, Austin

Whatever the situation, both health and business wise, we will have to keep fighting against this virus. The main focus should be on maintaining a safe and protected environment where marketers are constantly working towards identifying newer digital marketing strategies for healthcare to bring about business opportunities globally

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