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Are you looking for ways to further strengthen your customer base? Then perhaps you don’t need to look very far. Maybe what you need is to revisit some of your old customers and bring them back to life. 

The dynamics of winning back customers can be tricky. 

You need to identify the possible reasons why they chose to become inactive. You also need to determine the factors that will bring them back to the fold.

And when it comes to rebuilding your lost connection, one of the most effective ways of doing so is through a win back email campaign. This is a strategy that involves re-engaging inactive subscribers or customers.

However, there is a proper way of crafting a win-back email wherein you don’t sound like hard-selling to your customers. But how exactly do you do that? 

Continue reading below for the answers.

Examples of Successful Win Back Email Ideas

Before we discuss the steps and elements of a subtle win-back email, let us first look at some of the most effective ones that came out recently. First, there is Duolingo’s short but timeless re-engagement email. 

It opens up with the phrase “We haven’t seen you in a while” in bold letters. Right below is an image of their official mascot that appears to be crying. 

Below it, they invite the visitor to start learning a new language in minutes. Completing the email is a call to action (CTA) button saying “Get back on track.” A call to action is a marketing term that refers to strategies and tools encouraging consumers to further engage with the business.

Another excellent example of an effective win-back email idea is that of Grammarly. Their email prompts inactive users to reactivate their accounts. 

The message says “You’ve Just Unlocked: The Wrinkle in Time Badge.” It goes on to say “you previously installed Grammarly on your browser back when you were really into writing things.”

It then tells that user that it’s high time to “come back and continue writing awesome things now.” And much like the Duolingo email, it came with a CTA button at the bottom.

The Key Qualities of a Win-Back Email

To come up with a subtle but effective win-back email campaign, you must first understand the key qualities of a good win-back email. The campaign involves a series of emails, each one containing unique qualities and content. 

For starters, utilize compelling subject lines. This means your subject line must pique the curiosity of the email subscribers. In turn, it should compel them to click on your email.

It should also come with a body that also compels them to act. And when it comes to the action, the message needs to come with a CTA button to facilitate the action.

As for the CTA button, it must be visible and straightforward. 

Work on Your Subject Lines 

Let us go back to discussing your subject line. Since it is the first thing customers will see when they open their inbox, you need to keep it short and sweet. 

Also, use a sender name that is familiar to them. Make sure to use an email address that comes with your brand name.

Furthermore, consider including their name in the subject line. By personalizing the subject line, you are raising the chances of the customers opening and reading the email. Also, you are making them feel that they matter to you. 

Additionally, avoid using all caps in your subject line. Keep in mind that responding in all caps is like shouting at your customers.

Last but not least, always put your subject line to an A/B test. This will give you an idea of what your customers will likely respond to.

The First Email: The Rebuilding Phase

For starters, the first email should focus on rebuilding your relationship with your inactive customers. Hence, you want to remind them about your brand and what you’re offering.

Reintroduce your brand by showing them some of your latest products. Make sure these products can benefit them the most.

In case you don’t have anything new in your product line, use one of your best-selling products or services. When creating a template for your initial email, be sure to use an exciting tone.

The Second Email: The Re-Offer

As for your second email, you want to use it to make a stronger offer. This is the time when you can fire a special offer especially if the customer didn’t respond to the first one. 

It can be an upgrade to a regular product or even a discount on a premium item. And since they are existing customers, make sure to check on their previous purchases. 

Revisit your customer data and use it as a guide. From there, determine the product that you think they will personally use.

The Feedback Email

The feedback is something that you can incorporate in your second email. It can also be your third. Here, you want to get the sentiments of the customers for giving you the cold shoulder. 

Here, you want to get to the bottom of the matter as to why they didn’t respond to your previous emails.

If they respond to this email, then your hopes of reviving them remain alive. If they respond and tell you the reason why they became inactive, act on it accordingly.

Send an apology email if necessary. If not, give them a special discount.

Keep in mind that when writing these emails, you need to keep a conversational tone. This will keep you from hard-selling your customers, which may turn them off. 

The Final Email

As for your final email, this is where you inform them that you are unsubscribing them from your email list. You will send this email if they did not respond after the second or third email.

Why is this step important? This is because they are doing you more harm than good. Keeping them in your mailing list will only affect the quality of your list. 

And if they respond after this final email, consider it as a bonus.

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Creating a subtle yet effective win back email is something all businesses should learn. Not only will it help build your client base, but it will also develop the way you take care of your clients. But if you have too many tasks on your plate, we can help ease your burden right away.

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