Structured Data Markup: 5 Things You Need to Know!

Structured Data Markup

A pretty contemporary concept of structured data markup has been ringing in the SEO arena recently. Something that our SEO experts based in Kolkata are endeavouring to implement in their SEO practices as well. Now, what is this structured data markup? It may be hard to believe but sometimes even search engines find it very difficult to decipher web content. In such cases a structured data markup comes to extreme help. It assists search engines to not only crawl the websites but also comprehend them

Web crawlers do not have minds of their own, hence, what may seem logical to us; humans, may appear meaningless to them. In such a case it becomes difficult for the search engines to give accurate results. The simpler and more structured the data is, the easier it would be for the web crawlers to understand. Structured data is added directly to the HTML page. Search engines use this data or structured pieces of information to generate corresponding results

You must be thinking, how to identify a structured data? Well, it’s easy. The piece of information that appears along side a meta description or website content is usually the structured data. For instance, if you are searching for a doctor, you will get search results with all the information about the doctor along with additional information like, reviews, ratings, location, visiting hours, etc. This leads to a higher ranking on the SERPs. In case, your business is still not using structured data markup as a key SEO practice, get in touch with our professional SEO agency in Kolkata to get a structured approach to your business

If you are still deciding and there are some queries and doubts that are keeping you back from using structured data as an SEO practice; here are some FAQs that may give you a clear picture.

#1: What is Google’s Structured Data Markup & How can I start using structured data in my business?

A: Although Google has free tools to help you start with your structured data markup, however; it is of additional advantage if you have a sound knowledge of HTML coding. There are various handy tools that assists you to do a structured data markup on your own. There are a series of fields that you need to fill up in order to get the desired results. Though it seems easy but having an experienced SEO personal always helps. You can check here

If this seems double ditch for you then, hiring an SEO expert would be the right choice to make. Our professional SEO experts based in Kolkata are coming up with innovative ways of making structured data markup useful for your business

#2: Does using structured data mean that keywords would take a back seat?

A: Keywords have always been important in driving SEO approaches and bringing up sales and revenue. However, the role of structured data essentially is to make search results more accurate and easier to obtain for the customers. So, be it a keyword or a piece of information, through structured data markup, the usage of these important data becomes useful 

#3: Why must I use structured data to get good SEO results?

A: Structured data makes it easier for search engines to understand what your website is all about. It is almost like having a conversation with the search engines and telling them, what your website is all about so that your brand ranks higher in the SERPs

#4: Rich Snippets?

A: A rich snippet is a term used for structured data markup that site developers add to the already existing HTML. This further helps search engines to understand what information is contained in the web pages. Following is an example of Rich Snippets. Here you can identify them as:

Content Type, Content Title, Description, Time of Posting the content (it could be Blog, Web page content, Articles etc.) as seen in the below image


#5: How does a rich snippet affect SEO?

A: A rich snippet does not affect SEO rankings directly, however, it does affect SEO indirectly by making the page indexable and providing accurate descriptions of the page or the content for the google bots or the spiders to scan the site effectively and understand the structure of the site for not only better indexability but also for putting up the relevant data for the searched query for its consumers to read

Hope now making up your minds in using structured data markup wouldn’t be a difficult task to do. If you have more queries, get in touch with an expert SEO agency in Kolkata to get all your doubts sorted

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