Simplicity – The Best Policy for SEO & Others Factors for a Great Content!

Content Writing For SEO

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burnett

Simplicity is the key to good writing! Simple, short and sweet. These three “S” define what good content writing for SEO can be. Writing is an art that needs a lot of innovation. However, in the process of making it creative and inviting one often forgets the objective of writing the article or blog in the first place. What we started with? What we researched about? As the best SEO agency in India, our goal and sole purpose of writing the content for SEO.

Following are some points that will help you draft a great content for your article:

  • Attracting and Interested relevant Heading: Writing your content should begin with an attractive and alluring headline – something that is researched and worked upon with great expertise!
  • Opening Paragraph: After the headline is sorted, the first challenge that a content writer must overcome is the introduction paragraph. Yes! Indeed! After an innovative headline you are giving the readers a reason to read further. Shouldn’t that be something they can get latched on to? Well, that is the sole purpose of writing, right? Keeping the first paragraph to-the-point would be the ideal thing to do.
  • Straight with simple sentences: Long and rambling sentences would only confuse the readers and distract them from the crux of the matter that you are dealing with. Hence, be to the point and simple sentences.
  • Clarity of writing: Also, if they don’t get clarity while reading, they might not want to read further in which case you are losing out on regular visitors.
  • Difficult words: Avoid using difficult words and phrases! Use words that can be easily comprehended by the readers. Remember, you may be dealing with “English language” every day, checking dictionaries, grammar, synonyms, etc., but your customer may not have the time to do the same. In such cases they will be looking for content that is easily available, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand.
  • Be Positive: While writing simple, also remember to incorporate positive words, terminologies and subject matter. Using negative phrases can have an adverse effect on your content’s visibility, thus, affecting traffic.
  • Relevant Keywords: Make sure to use relevant keywords while writing. Using keywords, does not mean that you forcibly use it in a sentence. Be very specific and be natural like places where it lacks required importance and relevance. Take your time, think and then link your keywords to your writing in a smooth way so that there is no obvious disconnect.
  • Last but not the least, remember, content writing for SEO is an art which should be presented in a simple way so that purpose of writing, communication, business and traffic is met in the most amicable way.


Although writing for SEO can seem like a challenge sometimes, making it simple is the only way you can reach out to customers easily.

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