Setting up a Successful Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter Ad Campaign

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also gaining importance as a social media platform that offers successful advertising options for businesses

In fact, recently, Twitter ads have shown an increase in user engagement rates for Twitter ad campaigns which had risen by 151% last year

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with some tips to follow for successful Twitter ads

Tip#1: Make the Ad Simple

  • Keep your ad short, crisp and to-the-point. There is no stringent character limit, however, sticking to a minimum ad length would be advisable
  • Shorter the ad, the more effective will it be in reaching to customers. Afterall, people do not spend more than two seconds in viewing the ad.
  • Keep it simple yet engaging with creative ideas and enticing content

Tip#2: Take it Easy

  • While exciting graphics, emojis can add fun in an ad, it can also be jarring for your customers if you go overboard. Add images if only they make your content stronger in its appeal

Tip#3: Make the Visuals Happening

  • Pay as much attention on the visual as you will on the content of the Twitter online ads
  • Use an array of visuals from photography to illustrations


Remember one thing while creating your ad. If you feel that the ad can go without the image you have selected, then be sure that you have chosen the wrong image for your ad. A good Twitter ad campaign must have a content and image combination that looks good and works good as well

Tip#4: Call to Action

  • Your ad is the perfect bait for your customers to look at and react/respond. The call to action bit of it is the hook that must latch on the viewers
  • Keep this direct and to-the-point. Let them know what they can do about the ad and what they can expect in return

Tip#5: Keep it Timely

  • Stick to the moment while creating the Twitter ad campaigns.
  • You can create ads that connect to events/holidays, etc., that are presently happening or coming up, this is called event targeting.
  • Keep yourself updated with what is going around you and, in the world, so that you can bring them up in your ads to target specific audience if your wish to

Tip#6: Keep a Watch

  • Other than the usual A/B testing, keep a watch on the messaging, specific copy, imaging and offers in your organic posts
  • See how much customers react and respond to the Tweet

Tip#7: Add Testimonials

  • Customer reviews and testimonials are effective in influencing responses for other customers
  • Positive reviews act as a proof that the product or service that you are posting about, are worth buying or trying out

Tip#8: Club Messaging and Brand Identity

  • Ensure that your Twitter ad creative conveys the message that your company/brand stands for
  • This will make the ads memorable and they will linger in the minds of the customers for a longer time

Hope these tips are going to be helpful for you in creating your next Twitter ad. In case, you need help, we are just a call away! Happy Tweeting!

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