SEO Trends In 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

SEO Trends In 2020 1

Are the SEO trends in 2020 going to be different than the previous years? What to include in SEO this year to get better results? What could be the most important SEO trends this year?

Are these questions occurring in your mind? Well then, this guide will answer all your questions in this blog. Keep reading!


Domain authority used to be all about links. However, now things have changed! Today, Google evaluates your site based on EAT. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This EAT is actually Domain Authority 2.0.

Here’s how to leverage your site’s EAT

  • Take the help of an expert content writer. Google always publishes content that is written by expert and legit writers
  • Your site should be transparent and clear in its approach. This would mean having the following pages in correct manner:
    • A comprehensive About Page
    • Easy to locate Contact Page
    • Simply arranged references and external links to sources
    • Privacy policy & terms of service
    • Author information on ever article
  • Get cited on many other authenticate websites. This will help Google identify you as an expert on the given topic
  • See if your site gets offsite mentions. This specifically increases your status in the eyes of Google


Although visual search is still not the most vital element of SEO, it may soon change given to the emerging trends that are planning to set in 2020

Here’s some important facts you need to know about visual search

  • Visual search is coming up at a greater speed than was expected. People are eventually getting engaged in visual searches then ever before. According the recent statistics:
    • Google Lens has already been used 1 billion times already
    • Pinterest gets 600 million visual search /month
  • Although visual search is relatively a new concept, it has already caught people’s attention. People are experimenting with the feature and getting good results
  • Also, this is a logical feature as people now prefer to search with the use of images. Example, for shopping, getting directions, identifying address/location, recipes, and many more. A visual search in these cases give accurate results
  • Image Search Engine Optimization solutions is the key to get noticed for visual search result


Online videos have become increasingly popular over the years. In fact, according to recent research, videos will take up 80% of online traffic by 2021. The demand for video is huge! Making video a part of the digital marketing strategy will be the most intelligent thing to do

So, let’s read how you can add video to your SEO trends this year!

  • Video featured snippets are absolutely the most trending idea this year. Getting a video content added in a video featured snippet would include:
    • Organizing content in specific sections. A clear segregation of section will help Google easily understand the content of the video.
    • Optimizing the video for Search Engine Optimization solutions will encourage Google to use the description, meta title and tags to understand what the video is about.
    • Providing transcripts for videos is a good practice. This further makes the content of the video clear for Google and YouTube.
  • YouTube is the most popular platform for people. In case you want to get maximum traffic for SEO in 2020, optimizing content for YouTube would be a good idea.


It seems like voice search will soon become the most happening aspect of digital marketing. In fact, it has already brought about a marked difference in the daily search results. Read the following:

  • Around 41% of adults perform, at least one voice search every day
  • Voice searched done by Google has increased 35 times since 2008
  • Around 20% of all searches done on mobile are voice searches

Having read and evaluated these facts, smart and trendy marketers are turning to optimize their voice searches for better results

Read on to see how voice search can be optimized for favorable results

  • Make sure that your content ranks high in the search results
  • Since most of the voice searches are question based, provide question and answer in your content
  • Try ranking in a featured snippet


According to recent study, around 11.52% of all search results have a featured snippet. And definitely featured snippets are getting popular and effective by the day. They have occupied the number 1 position as a digital marketing trend. However, what everybody would want to know: How is content made to appear as a featured snippet?

Here are the steps you could follow to easily link content as featured snippet

  • Find the right opportunity for featured snippets to appear. Look for keywords that already rank. This is because around 99.58% of featured snippets are from pages that rank as the number 1 page of a search result. So, in case you do not rank in the first 10 pages then your chances of ranking in featured snippet will become low
  • Adding a snippet bait can be of immense help. Now, what is that?!! A snippet bait is a content of 40-60 words that appears in the featured snippet section. These snippet baits with specific keywords help the content rank high in the featured snippet spot
  • Format content accordingly for featured snippets. If you want to rank for list snippets, use H2 or H3 sub-headers for every item. Google will pull these sub-headers and put them in Featured Snippets


Organic CTR or Click-Through-Rate is decreasing by the day. In fact, according to recent research, the CTR rate in mobile phoned have dropped by 41.4% since 2015. To combat with this, Google is over loading organic search results with answer boxes, ads, ‘People Also Ask’ sections and more

Let’s see what can be done to rank high in the SERPs through CTR

  • Add keywords to your URL. This is important because, keyword-rich URLs get 45% more click compared to URLs without keywords
  • Add emotion to titles. According to a study, emotional titles have high CTRs
  • Add meta descriptions for every page. This simple addition can increase CTR by 6%

So, what do think? Hope this guide of SEO trends in 2020 has been helpful for you. All the questions that you had in your mind regarding SEO this year can be easily answered by the implementation of the above-mentioned ideas and trends. Get in touch with local SEO agencies today. All the best for your venture!

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