SEO Concepts for SEO Agencies in Kolkata

SEO Concepts For SEO Agencies In Kolkata

SEO is the basis of an effective and popular website. Around 51% of site traffic actually originates from organic search. This greatly affects the site’s overall traffic success. With affordable SEO agencies, SEO strategies can drive engagement, conversions and revenue

These basic SEO concepts are a good way to start working for successful SEO. Usually businesses avoid SEO because it may seem a hard task, especially when you will have to wait for weeks to see the desired results. However, with the best SEO agency in Kolkata by your side you could take a few steps everyday towards successful SEO for your business

Read below to know more about the basic SEO concepts that you would need to get going

SEO Concept 1: Whom am I targeting for my content?

To start with SEO, you will have to first know who the target audience is. Before posting your content, ask yourself, who are you exactly writing for? This understanding will help you create a customer profile and cater to it in an engaging manner. This you could do by checking your present and past customers. You could also do a market research to find out what exactly your client needs?

Know the type of content that you will need to cover in order to cater to your customer profile in the most engaging way. You could go for reports, case studies, white papers, blogs, etc.

SEO Concept 2: What type of content do people prefer?

Once you know your target audience, the next step would be to identify what exactly they would wish to read. This is where keyword research needs to be done. Once this is done, you can figure out the present trend of a keyword, its level of competition and the amount of traffic it can likely attract. You will also have to understand if the keyword is worth being used or not, this will give you an insight into the kind of content and information that have already been ranked for a particular topic

SEO Concept 3: How to write content that is easily understood?

For this you will have to create fresh and unique content with the customer as the central focus. The content that you will develop must add value to your readers. This will eventually lead to engagement. Think about the format of the content that you want to present for the customers. Try to catch the attention of the customers by adding features like bullets, headings, lists, etc., to make the content easily understood by the customers. The easy formatting will not only help in retaining the content but will also help the customers understand the depth of the information that you are providing

SEO Concept 4: How can my customers find my content?

Once your content is prepared, you will have to present the content in front of the target audience. You will have to implement a few best practices to make the content visible for the customers. Make sure to include the keywords throughout the content, so that even one search based on the keyword will be enough to bring forward your content for the customers to read

SEO Concept 5: How to create a good user experience?

Once you have enough visitors visiting your website, you will have to make the whole experience a pleasant one for them. You will have to see that the web page loads fast so that the customers are not made to wait. This will make them loose interest in the website. According to a study, an increase of 1 second of load time is enough to decrease conversion by 7%. However, there are ways to improve the load time by:

  • Using the necessary plugins
  • Initiating browser caching
  • Compressing big and heavy images

Keeping these basic concepts can be of great help for the affordable SEO agencies in Kolkata. As you will start experimenting with SEO on a regular basis, you will get better and deeper insights into your changing performance every month and year. Further exploration in this field will update your SEO trends and strategies and with passing time make you the master of the field

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