SEO Best Practices That You Must Follow

SEO Best Practices That You Must Follow

SEO agencies in Kolkata follow some SEO best practices to help business owners run their blogs, ecommerce stores, etc., effectively

In this blog, our aim is to cover these best practices and list them down for you to read and implement

1. Use of HTTPs

Using HTTPS make the pages on the website secure. The information sent between the visitor and server are encrypted to maintain privacy. Over the years this has proved to be the very vital Google ranking factor

You can verify if your website is already using HTTPS by checking the loading bar. If you see a lock icon before the URL, you know that you’re on the right track

If you don’t see such an icon, you will have to install an SSL certificate

Using HTTPS is a one-time job. The moment you install it in one page, every page automatically gets secured, this includes those pages that you would publish in the future

2. Make your pages load fast

The moment your website will take too long to load it will start losing out on visitors. That’s because nobody likes waiting for a page that takes so long to load. Page speed is also a Google ranking factor both for mobiles and desktops

Some factors that affect your page speed include: site code, server location and images

In case you want to test the page speed of your website, you could use Google’s Pagespeed Insights Tool. Once you plug in a URL, you will be given a score between 0 – 100 this will be followed by the improvement suggestions. However, please remember, with this tool you will be able to test only one page at a time

Some tips to improve your page speed

  • CDN: CDNs copy critical data like images to a network of servers around the world so that these are always loaded locally
  • Compressed images: Compressing image files decreases the file size, hence, helping the page load faster
  • Lazy-loading: This delays the loading of offscreen data until you need them. This means all of the images do not get loaded on the pages before they’re usable
  • Optimized theme:Choose a website theme that is well optimized and with efficient code. Before you use it, run the theme demo through Google’s Pagespeed Insights Tool to check

3. Choose a topic with search traffic potential

Keywords are critical components of SEO and that’s what a good SEO agency in India would know. You will likely put your effort, time and money for things that customers readily search for. Here keywords play a major role. Through them you can understand what your customers are exactly looking for

4. Use your target keyword in three places

Every topic has a main keyword that people use to search for their queries. In fact, keyword search is the most common way people look for whatever your page provides

There are three main areas that should carry keywords for better traffic. These include:

a) Title tag

The title tag must have the keyword. It is actually written to describe the page content precisely. Adding a keyword in the title tag specifies the search intent

b) H1 Heading

Every web page should have an H1 heading on the page which should include the target keyword

c) URL

As per Google, you should use words in URLs that are relevant to your web page’s content

5. Using a short; descriptive URL

According to Google you should avoid using long URLs as they intimidate searchers. For this reason, adding the exact target query as the URL may not always be the best practice

6. Using a title tag and meta description

Search engine optimization is not only about improving rankings but also about encouraging clicks. This is why effective title tags and meta descriptions need to be written as they both show up in search results. Ideally, your title tag should be under 60 characters and your description should be under 150 characters. Also, remember to use title case for titles and sentence case for descriptions and align the title and description with search intent

So, find an affordable SEO agency in Kolkata that follow the above-mentioned SEO best practices to provide effective search engine optimization results for your business. All the best!

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