Search Engine Algorithms Love a Good Technical SEO


Search engines work by first crawling billions of pages using their web crawlers also known as search engine bots or spiders. Now, what does the term crawling mean? A search engine crawler is a program or script that browses the World Wide Web (WWW) in a manner to provide accurate and updated data to the search engines

Now, once the SEO expert publishes the content and the same gets cached. Then the google bots come to survey the content. During the same they keep various parameters in mind, go through it and start indexing the content in the google data base in a structured manner known as the Index. This index, groups all the discovered websites along with relevant key signals that indicate what the URLs consist of. For example, the keywords used in the page, the topic the page covers, the freshness of the page, user experience, etc.

The most important objective of a search engine algorithm is to provide relevant and high-quality search results to its viewers and that to, as quick as possible. So, when a search is performed and a search query is entered, all information and pages that are considered important are identified and the algorithm ranks relevant pages as a set of results. Apart from the search query, search engines also use other relevant data points to provide results. These other data include location, language, prior search history, etc.

Professional SEO agencies optimize web pages to make the most of Google’s search algorithm. Google search algorithm based on its function can be categorised into the following:

  • Analysis: Google tries to understand what exactly are you searching for? With the help of Language Models – probability distribution over sequences of words. It enables distinguishing between words and phrases that sound similar, google interprets your search query. After it looks up its index, it provides relevant search results.
  • Searching: Google looks for webpages that match the query you entered. It not only looks up the index but also searches for websites that have relevant information and puts up the results in the SERP
  • Context: Sometimes two same queries can get two different results. This is because a variety of factors determine what search result Google will display. They include various factors location, search settings, prior search history, etc. For example, searching for “dentists near me” in Kolkata will give completely different search result as compared to someone looking for “dentists near me” in Delhi.
  • Accurate Results: Did you know; that before Google provides a result it evaluates the search item to provide the best suitable information possible? Yes, Google takes its work seriously to provide searchers with perfect results! As an example, if we search for “red party dress” google will display some popular ecommerce websites based on its search parameters. Later, as the algorithm changes or gets modified and the site fails to update its structure accordingly there is always a possibility for the existing ranking to differ or fall. As Google will evaluate the website and then give the proper ranking based on relevance, quality of content, keywords etc. which also involves follow up factors like dwell time on page or site by customers, bounce rate, visitors per page, devices from which traffic is coming among others. There will be other ranking factors as relevancy, band popularity, structure, mobile responsiveness of the website as well

However, be ready for newer updates, as the algorithms of Google are constantly upgrading

So, there you are! This is everything that Google does to provide best of results. For entrepreneurs, choosing the right SEO partner in this case will not only give them high ranking but will also make them visible on the Google search engine. More the visibility the better are the chances of getting higher traffic. If you are a business owner, then getting in touch with a leading SEO expert in the city for a perfect ranking website will be the ideal thing to do if you find it intimidating.

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