PPC News: Keeping Pace with the Industry

PPC News Keeping Pace With The Industry

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Being a good digital marketer means keeping tabs on these changes so you’re marketing strategy can keep up too. This blog will cover some of the best places across the internet to find the brightest minds and most up-to-date news of the PPC industry. And hey, you’ve already made it here, which means you’re doing great so far!


Twitter is a good way to stay up to date on digital marketing news and follow industry discussions. If you haven’t checked it out already, our list of the top 50 most influential PPC experts of 2020 is the perfect place to find leading industry experts to follow. For hashtags, digital marketing newbies should start with these:

#paidsearch,  #paidsocial,  #digitalmarketing,  #B2BMarketing  and  #socialmediamarketing.

And of course, don’t forget to follow @ThinkwithGoogle and  @LinkedInMktg for product tips and updates. If you’re struggling to keep up on what’s most important on Twitter, SparkToro’s trending tool is a great one-stop-shop for finding the tweets getting the most attention.


Reddit is perfect for long-form discussions and troubleshooting.  r/PPC is an amazing resource for any PPC-er. It offers chats devoted to search, social, B2B, ecomm, lead gen, and general PPC tools, plus a wiki of resources. There, you’ll be able to troubleshoot any technical issue or bounce strategy ideas off of other experienced marketers. r/digital_marketing is another good resource that’s more news-focused than technical.


LinkedIn is the obvious platform to go looking for industry news and to connect with your paid peers. If you’re in PPC, there are a couple of LinkedIn groups you should definitely belong to. PPC Pro People is one where you’ll find many of you Hanapin/Brainlabs faves. Although a little broader than just PPC, in the Digital Marketing group you’ll find whitepapers, best practices, and industry reports. If you’re advertising on TikTok, or even if you’re not, TikTok Ads provides some insightful tips for anyone using video.


There are a massive amount of blogs out there for digital marketers, but I’ve included a few that are our favorites. At the top of that list is PPC Hero – you found us! But seriously, if you’re looking for a roundup of updates to paid platforms, keep an eye out for our own Will Larcom’s monthly industry updates. Tying for number one is the Brain Labs blog (hey – did you hear that we merged?). Some other great resources come from our friends over at WordStream and Search Engine Land, covering all things paid search and social. If your focus is just on paid social, Social Media Examiner is what you’re looking for, along with AdEspresso for Facebook marketers. And, of course, AJ Wilcox’s B2Linked blog (podcast? podblog?) is the place to go for all things LinkedIn.

Google Tools

Another great way to make sure you’re keeping tabs on anything relevant to your marketing strategy is through Google Alerts and Google Trends. Google Alerts is a really useful tool if you want to keep tabs on news in a client’s industry or if you want to see what people are saying about your brand. Google Trends is useful for monitoring search trends for brand or industry-related keywords over time. For both of these tools, you can have updates sent straight to your inbox.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the resources out there, but it is a great place to start if you’re looking to expand your PPC knowledge. And hey – maybe after reading all of these, you’ll be the PPC hero.

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