Optimizing Your Content for Ranking in Google Search Results (SERP)

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With the growing demand for digital marketing, no matter what industry your business belongs to, you have to find newer and better ways of improving online visibility. Companies with regularly updated and technically optimized websites look for newer ways of improving Google search results for their companies

One of the best and the safest ways of doing this is SEO optimization. Optimizing not only the site but also the content for search engines like Google, Bing etc. Doing this, puts you one step ahead of others in this market of stiff competition. However, remember it is an on-going process in which one has to stay alert and adapt with changing trends constantly. In this case, getting in touch with your local SEO experts would be an ideal thing to do. With proper guidance and help you will be able to do much more with SEO optimization than you had imagined before!

How can you improve Google search results?

#1: Build a solid foundation – Start by working on your website structure first. No matter how great the content, you are putting up; Google will not notice your SEO efforts if your website is not properly structured. The moment your website is difficult for users to navigate it would mean that it is equally difficult for Google to read and crawl, this negatively affects the search engine rankings

To get rid of this, rather, serious problem, all you will need to do is; make your website user-friendly and mobile responsive. It should be built in such a way that users find it easy to navigate through the website and access all the pages with ease. Also, remember, not only desktop users, but also mobile users should benefit from your website. Meaning, your site should be equally navigable by users of all digital mediums. A professional SEO agency will be needed to guide you through these nitty-gritties of SEO optimization

#2: Conduct audits regularly – If improving Google search results is you’re “A list priority”, then you must conduct regular technical SEO audits to find out where exactly do you stand in terms of Google search rankings. It is of utmost importance that you know what your site lacks and you work towards clogging these loopholes and making your site rank higher on the SERPs. Do a comprehensive study and check various aspects of your website. These include, crawl errors, indexing issues, server hosting speed, etc. If all this sounds overwhelming, take a deep breath and rely on your SEO agency. A good agency will guide you through all these aspects making the process nothing but easier for you

#3: Do a thorough keyword research – Remember keywords are the essence of structured and integrated SEO optimization. It is one of the most important ways to improve Google search results for your brand. Finding right keywords could actually be the most appropriate way to improve your Google search rankings. Some ways to identify the right keywords would be to:

  • List out topics that could be related to your business. Relevant topics can be a major source of keywords or relevant ‘words’ or ‘phrases’ that would act as frequent search points by users. What is frequently searched by customers should be what your users want and thus, the main point of highlight
  • Put on your thinking cap and think hard to come up with key phrases that fall into topic categories you have listed before. This process will give you the keywords that most users use to search your products/services
  • Once you have more or less listed the keywords, try to mix it up with long-tailed keywords. These are mostly words or phrases that are typically longer than general keywords, but more specific and to the point. This helps in being most relevant to what your searcher is looking for. Adopting this type of keywords would give you a balanced approach towards SEO

#4: Put up content that emphasis on keywords – The better the quality of the content that you have put up, the better the chances of your brand ranking high on Google search results. Not only quality, but the content must also be well-researched, well-written and must add value to the users’ interest. Also remember these tips:

  • Consider making your content longer than it used to be before. According to recent studies, longer the content, higher will its ranking be. As people spend more time reading the article
  • Make sure that the content is engaging for the readers. The more interesting the content is, the more likely it will be pulled up by interested readers. And the more frequently this happens, the higher will be the ranking on Google

#5: Take a look at your links – Both types of linking – internal and external, impact search engine optimization. Fix broken links if there are any. These could be links to pages or content that are no longer used. If these are ignored, they can have adverse effect on the search results, thus, affecting ranking. Once these broken links are fixed, work on link building, while doing so, pay keen attention on the anchor text and link keyphrases to it

Even though you will be guided by expert SEO professionals, being aware of what needs to be done to improve Google search results would be a good idea. After all, its your website, being the owner, its more of your responsibility than anyone else’s

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