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It certainly didn’t start out this way. You had an affordable yet competitive minimum advertised price (MAP) and were selling really well.

But at some point, your price suddenly dropped — a lot.

Maybe someone started offering your product at such a low price that they snatched the buybox. Maybe Amazon followed suit and slashed prices to win back the buybox.

The result: The low margin minimized Amazon’s profit so much that they decide not to re-order your product. *Your product now “Can’t Realize any Profit” — it’s CRaP.

Your revenue takes a nose-dive.

What if you had known about the price drop sooner? You could have taken action instead of helplessly watching your business slip away.

That’s why we are excited to present Price Monitoring: Our new feature release for Vendors and Agencies.

Amazon Vendor Price Monitoring Map Alert

Key Highlights:

  • Pricing history — See how your prices change over time
  • Customize and analyze your Minimum Advertised Price (also via bulk upload)
  • MAP-Alert: Receive a notification when your Minimum Advertised Price is undercut

Understand the history of your pricing

How low did your price drop? When did it happen? If you lost the buybox — who offered it cheaper? Find out who undercut your prices and identify historically vulnerable products.

The Price Monitoring Feature lets you see Amazon’s price as well as the lowest seller price (with or without shipping costs).

Full control over your Minimum Advertised Price

Your MAP sets the tone for your brand and keeps the peace with other (re-)sellers — after all, you don’t want them to complain about other sellers receiving better purchasing conditions.

To stop seller complaints and potential damage to your brand, you need to know: Was my MAP undercut? By how much, and for how long? Or conversely: Is the lowest price actually above my MAP?

The Price Monitoring Feature allows you to upload your Minumum Advertised Price for all your products in bulk. It will track any changes that happen to your MAP. Use the column view to change individual prices.

No more surprises: Take immediate action with the MAP-Alert

Get in touch with your vendor manager the moment your MAP is undercut. The MAP-Alert notifies you within the tool and via email as soon as a seller drives down your price. The vendor manager can make sure that Amazon will continue to your order your product — despite temporarily low margins.

Great for agencies: Save time and satisfy your clients by producing automatic reports about who lowered which prices over time.

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What does it all mean?

Right now, you are a slave to the moment — all you can see is that someone lowered your price. You have no idea about the extent of this activity or who has been playing with your buybox. Worst case: Your product turns CRaP, and it’s too late for you to do anything about it.

Now you can take action — The Price Monitoring Feature is already included and ready to go. Simply log in to your Sellics Vendor Edition (or Agency Edition) and open the Buybox module. Not a Sellics customer yet? Try it for 14 days — it’s free, no credit card required!

Rescue your revenue: Understand your price changes and contact your vendor manager as soon as your price is undercut. Amazon will continue to order from you. Rest easy: The Sellics MAP-alert means you will never miss a price drop again.

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