Marketing in Twitter: A Comprehensive Guide

Twitter Marketing

One of the most important social media platforms online is Twitter! It has over 330 million monthly users who actively use the platform

The main reason why users use Twitter so actively is to explore and discover something new. Keeping this in mind, it is important to review and plan how to set up an engaging Twitter account, especially to cater to audience needs

If you’ve been waiting to get started with your marketing stint, here’s the time to focus on Twitter marketing. Read the following guide to get a comprehensive idea


  • The first thing that you will need to do is create a Twitter account. You will need a profile name, username, bio, location, website, profile pic and header. Remember since it is your profile, the images you choose to add will be the ones to define your profile. These are actually the first things that users notice about you. With Google’s schema markup you will be able to show your latest three tweets with an option to see two more
    • Username – Since this is the username that people are going to use to mention you in their tweets or response, it best to keep it simple. Your name or the name of your business would be ideal
    • Name – This is your actual name that will show in search results. In case you use a nickname for your username, you will have to clarify who you are
    • Bio – This is where you explain who you are and what you do. You will get 160 characters to describe yourself in a Twitter marketing Keywords may be useful for searching within Twitter and will also explain to users who you are to your followers
    • Location – This is extremely important if you want to optimize for local SEO. Adding your location will make you searchable, especially for customers looking for local businesses in their area
    • Website – Twitter marketing allows you to add your website to your profile. The website link that you add in the bio is the one used here. In case you have more than one website, you could promote both of them
    • Profile Pic – Try and put a picture that is related to your business. May be a headshot of your personal page or your company’s logo for a business page. Usually, Twitter profile pics are automatically cropped to be circular in shape. Also, file sizes are limited to 100 KB. Remember this while selecting a picture for your profile
    • Header Image – Your header image should ideally be 1500×500 pixels, the ideal file size being 10 MB. The image will be cropped at the top and bottom


In 2017, Twitter doubled the character limit of tweets from 140 to 280. Despite the long character limit, there are some abbreviations frequently used for Twitter marketing

  • CC: Carbon copy
  • DM: Direct Messages
  • FF: Follow Fridays
  • TBT: Throwback Thursdays
  • WCW: Woman Crush Wednesdays
  • HT: Hat Tip
  • RT: Retweet


Usually businesses use Twitter for three specific reasons:

  1. To Spread Brand Awareness: Interacting on Twitter is a good way to spread awareness for your brand among users
  2. To Provide Customer Service: You can use Twitter as a good customer service platform
  3. To Connect with Influencers: Through Twitter you can find new content and people. Connecting with these influencers is the best way to grow your audience

Follow the above-mentioned tips to build a Twitter profile that will improve your marketing abilities as a business owner

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