Launching a new Publisher Center

Today we are announcing the launch of Publisher Center to help publishers more easily manage their content across news products at Google. Publisher Center merges two existing tools, Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center, improving their user experience and functionality.

Publisher Center’s new features include a simpler way to manage your publication’s identity, like updating light and dark theme logos. It also provides an easier way for those that own multiple publications to organize and switch between them, particularly with improved permission settings that make it easier to collaborate with colleagues. Additionally, publishers can now point to the URLs for their website’s sections instead of RSS to configure sections in Google News. Content for News will now come directly from the web, just as it does for Search.

Publisher Center launches today in the existing four languages of the previous tools (English, Spanish, French, and German) and will expand to more languages soon. Learn more here.


As a new visitor, you need to create an organization and define your settings.

If you previously had an edition in the former Producer tool or a source in the old Publisher Center, you should see your organization and publication(s) in the new Publisher Center. Read more about the changes on Publisher Center.


Below are the basic features publishers can use to personalize their publication.


The “Settings” tab can be found in the left panel of the homepage. It includes 3 tabs:


The below terms allow publishers to understand how the Publisher Center is organized and which content types can be submitted.

What not to expect from the Publisher Center

The Google News Publisher Center isn’t an authoring or a content management system (CMS). Your content (text, pictures, videos, audio) is created and managed elsewhere, and then is pulled into or linked from Publisher Center for post-production. Google News Publisher Center is also not a tool for producing online websites optimized for desktop web browsers.

Google automatically considers any content published on the web for inclusion in Google News; there’s no need to “apply.” However, only content that complies with our overall content policies and requirements will be eligible to appear:

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