Keeping Your Customers as Happy as Can Be

Keeping Your Customers As Happy As Can Be

On each episode of this season of the Goal Talk podcast, I interview a marketing or management expert to bring small business owners and marketers the information they need to successfully grow their businesses.

Last week, I interviewed Scott Mesite, one of WordStream’s resident digital marketing experts to discuss everything Facebook Ads. Just like our episode about the Google Ads auction with Kirstina Simonson, this episode was centered around how Facebook chooses each ad and how advertisers can target their audience in the most effective way. We also tackle the high-level differences between the advertising on social media versus advertising on search, as well as the changes that need to be made within an account to optimize for both. If you haven’t heard last week’s episode with Scott yet, you can listen here.

This week’s topic: Keeping your customers happy with customer marketing

One of the biggest mistakes we see made by companies, both B2B and B2C, is stopping their marketing efforts after the sale. While of course marketing is pivotal to earn customers for your business and get the word out about your offer, it’s equally as important to continue to build a relationship with customers after you have completed the sale. Whether your product is something that can be repeatedly purchased by your customer or is a one-time buy, these insights are valuable for all marketers as they help with improving retention, bettering your product to fit more customers’ needs, and helping your business earn referrals.


This week, I sat down with WordStream’s resident customer marketing champion Kim Castings to discuss exactly what customer marketing means and how you can build a truly customer-first business. Throughout the episode, you’ll learn:

  • What customer marketing means, and how a company can truly be customer-led.
  • Some examples of companies that do customer marketing really well, plus what we can learn from them.
  • Differences between how B2B and B2C companies can approach being customer-led.
  • The most effective ways of staying in touch with a customer after a sale.
  • Types of data companies should be collecting to be successful in customer marketing.

We’ll cover all this and more. 

An important note about the episode: This interview with Kim was recorded before we’ve felt the majority of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. These insights are mainly focused on tactics available within the traditional marketing landscape, so some options will not be available to you or your business at the moment. Regardless, customer marketing is a really important aspect of making a successful business any time, and it will make all of the difference in retention and gaining new customers.

You can find this week’s episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as your favorite podcast app. Also, don’t forget to watch new episodes on our YouTube channel, follow the podcast’s Twitter account for episode releases, ask the hosts questions, and join in on the conversation.

About the podcast

The Goal Talk podcast is all about giving small business owners and marketers the information they need to succeed. From advertising tactics that help you personalize your message for your customers to management styles that will help your employees perform at their full potential and feel satisfied in their role, we’re sharing valuable takeaways to help you and your business flourish by interviewing the experts and sharing their insights. Listen here.

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