Infographic: Your Digital Career Opportunities

A digital marketing team management tool to help marketers of any level make long-term professional development plans for their career

Whether you are looking to plan your future career or are managing a team, it’s worth having an idea of the latest career opportunities in digital marketing.

That’s why we’ve created our Digital Careers Family Tree, so you and anyone on your team can see potential career paths and establish the training needed to reach the next level of career progression.

One of the joys of the digital workplace is how many disciplines that can fall under an individual department. For example, content creation is often a hub filled with people with widely different disciplines, ranging from writing and proofreading to video editing, photography, data analysis, web development, and strategy coordination.

By establishing a clear end goal, workers can choose which available disciplines to develop, rather than having the breadth of options cloud their long-term plans.

You can learn more about the digital skills you can develop and score your current skills gap with our Personalized Learning Plan.

Investing in continuous professional development (CPD)

For marketing managers, it is essential to invest in the continual training and professional development of staff.

Probationary periods and regular reviews are useful indicators of how well an employee is performing, but just as important are meetings focused on developing their skills and responsibilities. This means discussing what kind of position they want to progress into, so you can accurately assess the gaps in their knowledge and create SMART goals for them aim for before performance reviews.

Regular training is a standard feature of a company’s selling points to employees, but these do not always extend past maintaining an employee’s competencies and into a state of professional development. This can push employees to develop their skills outside of working hours, making them more likely to seek an opportunity elsewhere as their association between their current company and the idea of professional fulfillment weakens.

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