Infographic: Why Content Is the Future of Healthcare Marketing

When I talk to healthcare marketers, I often hear the same adage— that healthcare marketing is 20 years behind the times.

When it comes to content, that’s kind of true. While industries like travel, financial services, and tech have embraced content marketing for over a decade, healthcare lags behind. In our State of Healthcare Content Marketing report in June, we found that 63 percent of the healthcare companies on the Fortune 1000 had either a limited or no content presence on their website.

Simultaneously, however, fast-growing health-tech upstarts like Oscar, Epic, and athenahealth are investing heavily in content and getting a key competitive advantage, driving tens of thousands of shares on individual pieces of content—with their content success accelerating in the pandemic. They’re finding a lot of success through original research and data visualization in particular.

These upstarts heavy investment in content makes sense; it’s a playbook that top tech companies have used for years, and there’s also an incredible SEO opportunity at hand. Google handles one billion searches related to health every day. If you can create content that ranks well organically and reaches people at the buying stage, you can drive results that would have cost you millions of dollars via paid.

In the process, these innovative healthcare startups are spurring the rest of the industry to catch up.

Dive into our infographic below, and for more, check out the full report and access our healthcare content trends webinar on-demand.


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