Increase Relevant Traffic to Site with Local SEO

Local SEO

If you are getting overwhelmed with the term ’local SEO’ let me assure you, it is nothing different that you did not know of before. It implies to SEO strategies used by smaller businesses on a regional level as opposed to the national or global level. While national SEO concentrates more on ranking in searches across the country, local SEO focuses on appearing on SERPs in a specific location. Local SEO strategies endeavor to market your brand, products and services to local leads and customers

Optimizing local SEO means added website traffic, leads and ultimate conversion, this is usually because the SEO strategy is more relevant to the local customers. Furthermore, according to a study in 2017, around 35% of all search traffic is local. Without expert local SEO, you company can lose out on a good amount and relevant traffic to your website

To implement local SEO strategies, follow the below-mentioned tips to make your local SEO successful:

  1. Focus on Your Google My Business Account: To get started with implementation of local SEO strategies, you need to first create a Google My Business (GMB) account where you can claim your business. This instantly establishes your presence on the search engine for free and displays your business on Google Maps. Eventually your brand gets authenticated by Google and becomes visible for the searchers
  2. Gather Reviews from Customers: Getting positive reviews from your happy customers does not only boost your confidence as an entrepreneur but also optimizes your Google My Business account, thereby, encouraging more local customers to look up for you and avail your services or products. Thus, increasing traffic many folds!
  3. Go for Voice Search: Voice search is steadily becoming a popular idea that most companies are following as a successful SEO strategy. In local SEO it is important to optimize voice search to see the difference between typing a search item and speaking it out. Usually people use long-tailed keywords when searching on voice search as opposed to a regular searches. This gives more clarity as to exact requirement of the searcher. Thus, adhering to the needs of the customers and catering to them accordingly, thereby, increasing relevant traffic
  4. 4. Write Local Content: Make sure that the content you are uploading is based on local stories and events. This is perfect for grabbing attention of local customers. So, write local content-based blogs, articles, create videos, etc. Even when writing content for your website, remember to add pages dealing with local items to connect with your customers better

If you are a budding entrepreneur and looking for a way to market your business, digital marketing can be the right option for you. Make the most of local SEO strategies by availing expert services from professional SEO agencies in Kolkata. Put your best foot forward and make your business a success in a well-planned and strategized way. Good luck! Connect with us for best Local SEO solutions

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