Increase E-Commerce Conversions On A Small Budget

When having an online business presence, the constant challenge to convert webpage visits into sales is real. A conversion rate resembles sales per visit and accurately represents how strong your e-commerce marketing strategy is to seal the deal.

With precious time and money being used on various online tools and techniques to draw an audience to a website, it is no surprise many online businesses have financial limitations when trying to increase e-commerce conversions.

Although spending money to improve your e-commerce conversion is a wise long-term investment, it does not mean it has to cost a small fortune. Here we have some easy and cost-effective ways how to increase e-commerce conversions on a shoestring budget.

Optimize for increased conversion rates

Optimizing your website for higher conversion rates should be a vital objective throughout web page optimization. Obviously, attracting a healthy audience to your web page from the search engine results pages (SERP) and link building is crucial as traffic is key to brand exposure, and conversion rates would be insufficient without it.

However, it is important not to focus purely on drawing viewers and ensure that your web page is optimized to seize a sale opportunity. As you are already paying for optimization services, optimizing for increased conversion rates will not add to your budget.

How to optimize for increased e-commerce conversion:

  • Use keywords that do not affect the flow of written content to confuse the reader.
  • Ensure all content has an underlying purpose of selling your product or service.
  • Remove any smoke and mirror tricks to fool customers as it’s usually a put-off.
  • Make the purchasing process quick and easy to prevent buyer change of mind.

Engage your audience with video content

Video content is a great medium that engages your audience and can convince them that your service and product are worth spending money on. Videos can easily be self-made using a smartphone and, if needed, a tripod and a microphone, suiting a shoestring budget. 

A video can also add personality to a business to develop a personalized relationship that builds customer trust and is easy to share to reach a broader audience. At the same time, Google and other search engines hold video content highly, promoting your page on the many search engine ranking pages, all improving e-commerce conversions. 

How to use video content to increase e-commerce conversion:

  • Add product and service presentations and demonstrations.
  • Use personal testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Live stream business events and product promotions to create excitement.
  • Record behind-the-scenes videos to market a personalized connection.
  • Film Q&A’s to answer customers’ questions to reduce purchasing hesitation.

Benefit from a strong social media 

A strong social media presence is a modern-day necessity and a super-economical way to increase e-commerce on a shoestring budget. There are numerous social media applications, and working the right one (or ones) for you to benefit your business brand, product, and service is a must.

Many social media users are continuously connected, meaning you have access to them 24/7. Therefore, creating a sales plan and implementing it across your social media apps should be a business priority to increase e-commerce conversions.

How to use social media to increase e-commerce conversion:

  • Share personalized videos to connect with your audience.
  • Write informative and convincing Blogs to sell your product and service. 
  • Use attractive info-graphics to liven up unappealing stats and data.
  • Write frequent posts to catch a user’s attention while they are browsing.

Connect with customers through reliable email 

No matter the continuous change in how we use the internet and interact online, one thing has never changed; reliable email. Clearly, email is not as glamorous as social media; email has a different purpose and is an excellent free method of communication with customers, essentially increasing e-commerce conversions.

A benefit of email is that users check their emails when they have time, as getting a customer’s time and attention is one of the biggest challenges in a marketing strategy. Emails also stay with the customer until it is deleted rather than just a fleeting moment like a social media post, potentially causing sales months after being sent.

How to use email to increase e-commerce conversion:

  • Send business newsletters and updates to keep customers in the loop.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys and market analyses.
  • Tempt customer sales with discount offers, codes, and promotions.
  • Build client base with new subscription incentives and cold email outreach.
  • Educate your email recipients about your product or service with blogs and reviews.

Use other people to influence the public

Using those around us can be a cheap or potentially free way to increase e-commerce conversions on a shoestring budget. Satisfied customers are often happy to leave reviews and testimonials, especially if your product exceeds their expectations and you deliver professional service.

Your employees are a valuable asset as they know your business product and service; therefore, they can help brainstorm ideas on increasing e-commerce conversions from an alternative perspective. They can also promote your business, and considering they are already being paid; it will not add to your modest budget.

Influencers and followers are another technique to draw new audiences, preach affirmations, and endorse your product or service. It is possible to offer incentives like product benefits or service discounts in exchange for their service to keep in line with your shoestring budget.

How to use other people to increase e-commerce conversion:

  • Organize hashtag and photo challenges for your followers to spread your brand.
  • Use an influencer to endorse your product or service with incentives as payment.
  • Add customer reviews and video testimonials to promote your product satisfaction.
  • Ask employees to come up with alternative ideas to increase e-commerce conversion.

Increase e-commerce conversion on a shoestring budget

These cheap and easy solutions can make a significant difference to sales without blowing out your marketing budget. Now you know how to increase e-commerce conversions on a shoestring budget, so don’t wait; implement them today and watch your business sales soar.


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