How to Win Customers from Your Competitors


Currently, there’s a lot of content on the Internet. So much so, that it’s easy for your website content to get lost amidst all of your competitors’ content.

So, what can you do to stand out? Many digital marketers are resorting to black hat SEO marketing techniques (e.g., keyword stuffing) to win customers over. While these techniques can certainly boost your website traffic by outranking your competitors, these practices are generally frowned upon in the SEO industry.

Why? Well, aside from being unethical, the problem with black hat SEO techniques is that they can often lead to massive disappointment and increased bounce rates when users don’t find what they’re looking for on your website.

The trick to preventing this from happening and expanding your online customer base is to use more widely accepted white hat SEO strategies that can help you garner more organic traffic and beat your competitors. With a prominent SEO agency in Toronto by your side, it’s easier than you think.

Here are a few excellent web marketing tips to help you achieve your goals.

Create Search Intent-Oriented Content

Over the years, Google’s integration of artificially intelligent and machine learning algorithms has become incredibly sophisticated to the point that users can unknowingly interact with automated customer service agents in live chats without even realizing it.

These artificially intelligent algorithms are equipped with the humanistic ability to comprehend complex and nuanced search terms and phrases that go beyond simple wording. They can understand what’s known in the SEO industry as search intent. Essentially, search intent is the purpose of specific search queries. Why did the user enter certain search words? What do those words mean? Are there any other implications of certain types of phrasing?

These are all complex thought processes that, previously, only humans were capable of mustering. As technology continues to become more advanced, so does the humanistic thought process of machines. The objective here is to create a more nuanced and precise search experience that puts high-quality, informative, related search results in the zero ranking position for optimal user satisfaction.

The onus falls on content creators to understand and anticipate these search intents and create content that relates directly to them.

Use the Appropriate Keywords

Comprehensive keyword research and optimization is an essential component of building and maintaining a solid local SEO strategy. Use tools like Google Trends and Google Analytics to see what topics, products, and specific services are currently trending across various regions of your industry.

The chances are very high that your competitors are performing the same kind of keyword research. Examine which keywords are ranking well and in which specific areas. If certain keywords that pertain to your business are ranking particularly high on SERPs in one or more of your service areas, then make sure that you find organic ways of including them in your content as much as possible. Avoid keyword stuffing and cloaking at all costs because users can see through this right away and they will get frustrated by it.

Use keywords that enhance your content without seeming like they’re too forced.

Add More Personalized and Branded Content to Your Website

Your website is an overall reflection of your brand. Make sure you’re sending the right brand messaging to your users right off the hop. You can accomplish this by including a variety of informative pages such as service pages, product pages, landing pages, and industry-related static pages.

Indicate whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company or both. That way, users will get a good idea of the type of products and services they can expect from your business. Furthermore, choose the appropriate categories in your Google My Business listing, so that Google will appropriately categorize your organization and gear your listings towards related keyword inquiries.

Prioritize customer retention tactics over acquisition. Both are important, but your existing customers shouldn’t feel like you’ve dropped the ball once you win them over. Cultivating existing customer relationships and creating positive experiences is arguably the best way to retain and expand your customer base.

Focus on E-A-T

In SEO, E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust. These are all essential components when it comes to building strong customer relationships. Regardless of your industry, you need to establish brand as a trusted and authoritative expert in your field to gain the confidence of your customers.

The most effective way to do this is to create engaging and informative content that’s purely based on well-researched facts. To further cement your standing as a trusted industry authority figure, always be sure to include links to your sources and make your research process completely transparent.

Work on Your Metadata

Like the content itself, metadata provides another opportunity to optimize your website and increase your brand’s search engine ranking. What is metadata?

Metadata is essentially data about data. Yes, you read that right. It’s the data that accompanies the data that’s presented in your main content piece or article. Examples include author name, publication date, modification date, and even a brief description or overview of the content. Including these types of metadata help search engines crawl through your content more easily and present it on SERPs in relation to specific search queries.

For instance, including the publication and modification dates (if the latter is applicable) can help boost your rankings for relevant searches in which the user has set a specific date range under Google’s search settings.

Optimize Your Call to Action

Calls to action can take on a number of iterations in digital marketing literature. Basically, these are brief prompts that urge users and customers to take a specific action. It could be anything from contacting your business to make inquiries or place an order to entering into a sweepstakes where the incentive is to win a prize in exchange for user information.

Calls to action are incredibly effective in that they allow users the opportunity to make their own choices in terms of how marketing campaigns will impact them directly.

Expand Your Brand Outreach through Social Media

As all web marketing service providers know, the key to attracting the most new followers and customers is to be active on a number of social media platforms. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram effectively can help you reach out to a much wider customer base through targeted advertisements, posting content, and direct interactions with online users.

Hire a Local SEO Agency to Manage Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

As a leading local SEO agency in Toronto, Numero Uno Web Solutions has built up a strong reputation for helping e-commerce businesses increase their online customer outreach and revenues through digital marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.

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