How to Craft an Irresistible Value Proposition

How To Craft An Irresistible Value Proposition

Last week, we launched our newest project, the Goal Talk Podcast. Aimed around bringing small business owners and marketers the information they need to successfully grow their thriving business, each episode features an interview with a marketing or management expert on vital topics for digital marketing success.

In last week’s premiere episode, I sat down with WordStream’s Senior Visual Designer Kate Lindsay and UX Designer Jed Robinson to discuss the components you need to create a website that’ll work for your business. They offered expert advice on how to approach building your site, what components are necessary, and what design best practices to put into place to make your site successful. If you haven’t heard that episode yet, you can listen here.

This week’s topic

Now that you have the insights you need to get your site up and running, you need to tell people why they should consider your offer. That’s where your value proposition comes in.

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Value propositions are an important aspect of bringing any product or service to the market, as it explains the value users can expect and why they should consider you over your competitors.

The key feature of value propositions is that they can be used both internally and externally—internally, they are a rallying call for the reason everyone is working on that project, while externally they inform your target audience about why your product or service is essential to them.

For this reason, value propositions are incredibly important to establish for your different products or service lines as they’re being developed, brought to market, and advertised.

WordStream’s Senior Product Marketing Specialist Elaine Stone and I sit down to discuss:

  • What a value proposition is
  • Why your business really needs one
  • Tips for writing one that works for you
  • Specific examples of great value propositions

And so much more!

Throughout the episode, you’ll get valuable insights into just how much your value proposition will do for you from all aspects of the business. You can find this week’s episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as your favorite podcast app. Also, don’t forget to watch new episodes on our YouTube channel, and follow along on Twitter for episode releases and to join the conversation.

About the Goal Talk podcast

The Goal Talk podcast is all about giving small business owners and marketers the information they need to succeed. From advertising tactics that help you personalize your message for your customers to management styles that will help your employees perform at their full potential and feel satisfied in their role, we’re sharing valuable takeaways to help you and your business flourish by interviewing the experts and sharing their insights. Listen here.

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